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Hal Sparks Marries Smith and Pyle in Mock Ceremony at Kitson


Queer as Folk's Hal Sparks married Smith & Pyle band members Missi Pyle and Shawnee Smith in a faux ceremony at L.A. retailer Kitson recently. The ceremony was a promotion for the "All Love Is Equal" T-shirt line by Revenge Is... E!'s Giuliana Rancic hosted the event. The T-shirt benefits Love Honor Cherish, one group behind the initiative effort to Repeal Prop 8 in 2010.


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Hal Sparks Shows His Bones at International Mr. Leather


Hal Sparks provided entertainment at the International Mr. Leather 2007 competition which took place in Chicago over the weekend. Sparks' wardrobe, unfortunately, did not include a pair of assless chaps.

Mikel Gerle (center), Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2007, was crowned this year's winner. Rob Grant (left), Washington State Mr. Leather 2006, was named first runner up. Bill Hoeppner, Mr. Ramrod 2006, was named second runner up. More than 1,700 attended the contest, in which 52 contestants from five countries competed.

Sparks was later taken into a back room and flogged for wearing last year's Halloween costume.



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