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Budapest Court Overturns Police Rejection of Gay Pride March

The decision by Budapest, Hungary police to withdraw permission for a Gay Pride march based on a request for an extended parade route that would take the march in front of parliament has been overturned by the Budapest Metropolitan Court.

Budapest AFP reported: "The extension would have taken the march in front of parliament, where marchers planned to protest against Hungary's controversial media law and the upcoming new constitution, both perceived as detrimental to the cause of gay rights, Steigler said.The Rainbow Mission eventually modified its request so that the march would have stopped short of the square, as proposed by police. But by Friday, permission for the entire march had been withdrawn, citing a disproportionate disruption to traffic, Steigler said."

Organizers suspected the rejection was politically motivated.

Human Rights Watch applauded the court's decision:

"The Budapest Metropolitan Court's decision on February 18, 2011, to allow an extended route for a gay pride march was an important victory for freedom of assembly in Hungary, Human Rights Watch said today... 'The court's decision was a victory not only for the  community of lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people, but for the right of all Hungarians to freedom of assembly,' said Boris Dittrich, acting director of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights program at Human Rights Watch."

The march is scheduled for June 17.

Budapest Pride Application Rejected by Authorities

Authorites have withdrawn their permission for a Gay Pride march in Budapest, Hungary. Organizers claim the rejection of their application is politically motivated.

AFP reports: Budapest

Last week, the organisers of the march applied for an extension to their usual downtown route, which police had earlier accepted.

The extension would have taken the march in front of parliament, where marchers planned to protest against Hungary's controversial media law and the upcoming new constitution, both perceived as detrimental to the cause of gay rights, Steigler said.

The Rainbow Mission eventually modified its request so that the march would have stopped short of the square, as proposed by police.

But by Friday, permission for the entire march had been withdrawn, citing a disproportionate disruption to traffic, Steigler said.

"We suspect that the decision was politically motivated... a lot of things have happened in politics since the last march," he commented.

Budapest Pride has been threatened last year and the year before by right-wing nationalists, but has been spared violence both years by a massive security detail. 

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 road The governor of Mexico's Jalisco state, Emilio Gonzalez, on marriage equality: It "grosses me out."

Jared  road Jared Padalecki's character on Supernatural has been to hell and back and  returned with this body.

 road Mariah Carey's track list for her upcoming album "Merry Christmas II You" is her early Xmas gift to her fans.

 road The first thing that one should ask themselves when looking at this new picture of Aaron Carter is:"That's what 22 looks like?"

 road This is why Mark Zuckerberg should like The Social Network.

 road Astronaut Scott Kelly, who is currently the next commander at the International Space Station, will be joined by his identical brother Mark next year making them the first blood relatives in space.

 road The poor showing for Eliot Spitzer's new show on CNN might be good news for Katie Couric who is rumored to consider moving from CBS to the cable news station.

 road Glenn Beck will take time off from his televison and radio gigs for some medical tests in a hospital "out west."

Modern  road GLSEN honored Modern Family at the Respect Awards last night. Jesse Tyler Ferguson took the time to talk about the recent spate pf suicides: "I think an event like this echoes the sentiment that we need to change. This cannot continue happening."

 road Wal-Mart is selling a children's book wriiten by an ex-gay that teach kids how to fight off their homosexuality. Doesn't sound very effective.

 road Josh Duhamel is "pissed" about the poster for his new movie in which he's pictured in his skivvies.

 road Apparently if you own an iPhone you're more likely to support Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. Sounds pretty bogus to me.

 road Hungary's sludge spill may not be over just yet.

The University of Southern California gets the world's largest collection of gay and lesbian historical documents form ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives.

Subway 'Escape' Routes Provided for Budapest Pride Marchers


Walk With Pride, which has been documenting various Gay Prides around the world, posts its latest feature on Budapest Pride, which took place on Saturday with no serious incidents.

Budapest's Pride, which has seen violence in the past, was spared it last year as well by massive security detail.

They note that groups of extremist anti-gay skinheads, some as young as 16, began showing up early along the parade route.


Safe escape routes into the subway, which had been blocked off specifically for parade participants by police, were provided at the routes end. Riot police were also stationed at every exit.

Watch some raw video of the parade, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Road Gay (but celibate) nominee Rev. Jeffrey John is probably out of the running to become Bishop of Southwark in South London.

Road Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council is praising Gov. Linda Lingle of Hawaii for vetoing civil unions. BTW, he's on the record calling for homosexuality to be criminalized and for gays to be deported from the United States.

Road LeBron James branded a "cocksucker"—in a bad way—by Gawker.

Road The psychic octopus (no sentence should ever begin this way, but there it is) who successfully predicted the outcome of all the German World Cup matches has received death threats.

AndresrMUNTANE4VES4Road Jon Kortajarena, Andrés Velencoso and more of the world's top male models get naked (NSFW) for V Magazine.

Road What it's like to enroll in Glenn Beck's Beck University. First course: Faith 101.

Road The Outrate Online Short Film Festival 2010 is under way. (NSFW ads.)

Road Homophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, Mel Gibson can add "wifebeater" to his résumé. Allegedly.

6a00d8341cabbe53ef0133f2224721970b-400wiRoad The video for "Crossfire"—Brandon Flowers's first-ever solo single—premieres in the U.K. today.

Road GLAAD is after The View, specifically appealing to Barbara Walters over Sherri Shepherd and guest host D.L. Hughley's misinformed remarks that HIV is more prevalent in black women due to the number of gay and bisexual black men on the downlow.

Road Gay men seeking asylum in the U.K. should be "free to enjoy themselves going to Kylie concerts and drinking exotically coloured cocktails." Nice thought, but probably not the main reason they fear returning to their home countries.

Aaron_schockRoad The Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor gay-themed film I Love You, Phillip Morris was screened at The Budapest Gay Pride Festival on July 4. (Anyone see it?)

Road Republican Rep. Aaron Schock—who is absolutely not gay—is once again celebrated for his good looks. As a legislator, he makes a great fitness model.

Road The California governor race is all tied up. Which is good news and bad news for both Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman.

Road Gay activist Peter Rosenstein endorses D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray in the Washington, D.C., mayoral race. He'd previously worked as an advisor to Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, but "it's another sign that many longtime local Democratic and civic activists are coalescing around Gray because of concerns about Fenty's personality and governing style."

Road A supplements supplement.

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 road  iAd: Apple rumored to launch new mobile ad platform.

 road  Hutaree: Nine members of Michigan-based Christian militia indicted.

Tales  road  Tales of the City theatrical adaptation by Jeff Whitty and Jake Shears with direction by Jason Moore to premiere at American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco in May 2011.

 road  Lindsay Lohan tests new method of ingesting blow?

 road  Gregory and Jonathan are in second place for the Crate & Barrel Dream Wedding contest and there are just days to go...

 road  Pope defiant on Palm Sunday in face of sexual abuse charges.

 road  Little Chatroulette Bastard.

 road  Johnny Weir to appear at Equality California fundraiser.

 road  Michelangelo Signorile to host LGBT leadership Town Hall from XM Studios in Washington D.C.: "The panel will include: National Gay & Lesbian Task Force executive director Rea Carey; National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling; Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese; Servicemembers Legal Defense Network executive director Aubrey Sarvis; former Clinton White House advisor on gay rights Richard Socarides and blogger and activist Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend."

 road  Watch: Rihanna sings three of her hits at the Kids Choice Awards.

Schwartz  road  Male model fix: Danny Schwartz.

 road  U.S. Marshalls arrest final two suspects in July 4 2008 beating of gay men in Salt Lake City: "Agents arrested Ricky Peace and Lisa Aiono Friday. The two are part of a larger group charged with beating David Bell and Daniel Fair on the Fourth of July in 2008. Members of the group claim they attacked the men because they thought Bell and Fair had kidnapped their children. However, Bell and Fair say they were only helping the kids during a party and think the attack happened because they are gay."

 road  Hungarian Constitutional Court affirms registered partnerships for gay couples.

 road  Australian gay man wins most of late lover's estate, 15 years after his death: "Cushieri died on December 15, 1995, aged 42. Mr Burton, who was then 32, did not contest the terms of the will. As he told the Supreme Court last week: 'I thought I would be dead. It wasn't important for me, whether I owned the property or I didn't own the property. The chances of living were very, very slim.'


David Joseph DeGrio: gay man running for Minneapolis Public School Board.

Event  road Event Horizon: who's watching you.

 road Bullied NY teen settles lawsuit with school district: "Jacob is now 15 and says school officials did virtually nothing to stop bullies who picked on him because he acted differently from other boys. Under the settlement, the district agreed to implement changes to protect students from harassment and to pay $50,000 to Jacob's family."

 road  500 participate in Mississippi AIDS walk.

 road  Glee's Mark Salling does Flaunt magazine.

Chlapowski road  Former Specialist Jarrod Chlaplowski: HRC sends in reinforcement to defend against attacks from Lt. Dan Choi that the group is more concerned with social status than social change.

 road  Fire Island real estate market response to sale of resort: yawn.

 road  Top gay travel apps for the iPhone.

 road  Affleck and Damon together again at American Cinematheque Awards.

 road  Magnets and morality: scientists disrupt brain's moral compass.

 road  Airlines losing 3,000 bags every hour of every day: "There is some good news though - 96.6% of all bags do manage to reach their owner - eventually. This still leaves over 800,000 bags that end up going unclaimed. Bags that never arrive are often simply abandoned by their owners, or fall victim to theft at the airport. After six months, all unclaimed bags are donated, sold or destroyed. "

 road  Exit Through the Gift Shop: Banksy film to debut in New York, L.A., and San Francisco on April 16.


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