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Former Aussie Olympian Ian Thorpe in Love with Someone


Thorpe told Australia's Sunday Telegraph: "There is (someone special in my life), but they don't live in this country."

Interesting choice of pronoun.

"He described the relationship as a 'newbie' and said it was going well. Thorpe, who is preparing to travel to the Beijing Olympics to honour sponsorship commitments, has previously been linked to a bevy of women...The 25-year-old's sexuality has also been the subject of speculation, with persistent claims the gold-medallist is gay. However, Thorpe has denied this, saying that the subject was nobody's business."

Ian Thorpe Extinguishes Olympic Flame, Ever so Briefly [tr]
Ian Thorpe is Still Not Gay [tr]

Ian Thorpe Extinguishes Olympic Flame, Ever so Briefly


Canberra, Australia was the last leg of the Olympic Torch relay and, as you can see from the video below, the site of demonstrations similar to those around the rest of the world, with vocal pro-Tibet protestors poised to do whatever they could to put out the Olympic flame.

However, as SameSame notes, Australia's most famous Olympian, Ian Thorpe, momentarily did their work for them as the flame was accidentally extinguished briefly by the swimmer. To the dismay of many, however, it wasn't on purpose.

That clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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road.jpg Huffington Post's Barbara Ehrenreich on Hillary's nasty pastorate: "You can find all about it in a widely under-read article in the September 2007 issue of Mother Jones, in which Kathryn Joyce and Jeff Sharlet reported that 'through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the 'Fellowship,' aka The Family.' Sean Hannity has called Obama's church a 'cult,' but that term applies far more aptly to Clinton's 'Family,' which is organized into 'cells' -- their term -- and operates sex-segregated group homes for young people in northern Virginia. In 2002, writer Jeff Sharlet joined the Family's home for young men, foreswearing sex, drugs, and alcohol, and participating in endless discussions of Jesus and power.

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road.jpg Australian Olympian Ian Thorpe against boycott of Beijing Olympics over Tibet crackdown.

road.jpg The gay divide in doctor's advice: " Gay men are much more likely than straights to consult a medical specialist, while lesbians are more reluctant than heterosexual women to go to a family doctor -- if they even have one. The study for Statistics Canada found 29% of gay men consulted a medical specialist in a one-year period compared with 19% of heterosexual men."

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Hbroad.jpg Hubble telescope detects first-ever organic molecule on a planet orbiting another star: "Hubble found the tell-tale signature of methane in the atmosphere of the Jupiter-sized extrasolar planet HD 189733b. Under the right circumstances, methane can play a key role in prebiotic chemistry – the chemical reactions considered necessary to form life as we know it. Although methane has been detected on most of the planets in our Solar System, this is the first time any organic molecule has been detected on a world orbiting another star."

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road.jpg Katherine Heigl's fiancé may one day repeat the words of Princess Diana: "There were three of us in that marriage."

Thorpe_2road.jpg Aussie Olympian Ian Thorpe cleared of doping charges leveled on him in May 2006. Investigator: "The evidence available does not indicate the use of performance-enhancing substances by Mr Thorpe. He has no case to answer."

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road.jpg New York Times to end paid content service "TimesSelect" at midnight Tuesday: "The Times said the project had met expectations, drawing 227,000 paying subscribers — out of 787,000 over all — and generating about $10 million a year in revenue. 'But our projections for growth on that paid subscriber base were low, compared to the growth of online advertising,' said Vivian L. Schiller, senior vice president and general manager of the site, NYTimes.com. What changed, The Times said, was that many more readers started coming to the site from search engines and links on other sites instead of coming directly to NYTimes.com. These indirect readers, unable to get access to articles behind the pay wall and less likely to pay subscription fees than the more loyal direct users, were seen as opportunities for more page views and increased advertising revenue."

Meteorcraterperuroad.jpg Meteor that struck Peru on Saturday causes mysterious illness among villagers: "Residents complained of headaches and vomiting brought on by a 'strange odor,' local health department official Jorge Lopez told Peruvian radio RPP. Seven policemen who went to check on the reports also became ill and had to be given oxygen before being hospitalized, Lopez said. Rescue teams and experts were dispatched to the scene, where the meteorite left a 100-foot-wide (30-meter-wide) and 20-foot-deep (six-meter-deep) crater, said local official Marco Limache. 'Boiling water started coming out of the crater and particles of rock and cinders were found nearby. Residents are very concerned,' he said." More...

road.jpg Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic lashes out at lenient sentence given to UK gay bashers who attacked her friend in July 2006: "I am really horrified and disgusted that, in particular, the one person who instigated this attack did not get sent to jail. She seems like a true menace and someone who is quite capable of doing this type of thing again. I was really shocked when I found out what had happened."

Ian Thorpe is Still Not Gay

Ian Thorpe, seen here attending the World Swimming Championships in Melbourne over the weekend, told Good Weekend magazine that speculation about his sexuality began when he was a teenager and was an attempt to smear him:

Ian_thorpe"I became a gay icon when I was 15, which was a little bit weird. When I was 17, everyone had started that speculation about me, though I didn’t hear about most of it. I don’t have a problem with being a gay icon, it’s not a big deal to me. But I think the gay speculation, along with when I was accused of taking drugs in 2000, was an attempt to pull me down from the top. Some people think it’s an insult to say, ‘Oh I think he’s gay’, but I don’t take it that way. I’m not gay. I’m lucky that within myself I don’t care enough to get worried or upset over it."

Australian website Same Same reports that the magazine asked Thorpe, hypothetically, if he were gay, would he come out? Said Thorpe: "I have no idea, because I’m not gay. I don’t think anyone should have to be asked that question. You don’t have to come out and declare you’re straight. It shouldn’t be a big deal today, but people still get hang-ups over it."

The swimmer also dismissed comments that his fashion choices put his sexuality into question: "Guys are just guys, girls are just girls, all of us are different. Some guys are more in touch with their feminine side, interested in design and quirky things, some are blokey blokes."

Thorpe, who announced his retirement last November, attended the World Swimming Championships in Melbourne over the weekend as an observer, not a participant. He's currently preparing to produce and host a series of shows on Australia's FOX network on climate change and environmental issues.

Ian Thorpe: I'm Not Gay [same same]

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Ian Thorpe Leaves Models Gasping

Antm1 Antm2

Where do Olympic swimmers go after they retire?

Ian Thorpe made a surprise guest appearance as a judge on Australia's Next Top Model...

"Gasps were heard from the bevy of beauties who discovered him on the judging panel alongside Alex Perry, Charlotte Dawson and Jez Smith during the weekend filming of the catwalk contest. It is understood the preened and buffed fashion plate 'had a fantastic time' working on the show, lending his extensive advertising and sponsorship experience to the 'know your product' theme of the episode."

And Ian does love his fashion.


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