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British Diver Tom Daley: 'I Really Appreciate My Gay Fans'

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It's been a good week for Tom Daley fans. On top of his soon-to-be-released 2014 calendar, the Olympic diver recently told an interviewer that he "really appreciate[s]" his gay fanbase. And we certainly appreciate you too Tom.

Check out some choice images from the calendar and Tom's Instagram, AFTER THE JUMP...

The calendar will be available in September

Tom Daley 2

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Introducing the #Instastuds: The Gorgeous Gay Men Who Are Taking Over Social Media

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With apps like Instagram giving users the ability to crop and filter their photos to near-professional results, its no surprise that the social media site has quickly become a psedo-Vogue for the general public to flaunt their very own glamorous style and sex appeal.

And now there's a term for the gays taking full advantage of these social media platforms to harness their own eroticism: the #Instastuds. Mike Albo over at New York sums up how these guys are not your run-of-the-mill shirtless hotties, but rather something much more alluring and unobtainable:

The #Instastuds are different than your average hot selfie-taking guy or women on Instagram - the ones who will occasionally post a photo of a sunset, their cat, or a casual lingerie shot in their apartment. These men are more relentless and artful: They pose gorgeously in photo after photo, channeling their inner Steven Meisel, their images as well-selected, aspirational, and powerfully seductive as an underwear or fragrance ad campaign.

Flaunting themselves on Instagram, they are also all proudly and openly gay...But at the same time, they all look fairly heteronormative: hunky, sporty, the kind of guy who would call himself "masc & musc" in a hook-up app and would never take a photo of himself at Drag Brunch. And all are careful to avoid appearing like they are doing this just to get laid. By showing that, they would be revealing that they are vulnerable and have needs, and an #Instastud can never look unsatisfied with his life. 

You can check out the full article and more photos of these self-published studs HERE.

Nick Jonas on His Shirtless Selfie: 'It's Been a Pretty Hilarious Reaction' — AUDIO


Nick Jonas talks to the Ryan Seacrest Show about the viral shirtless Instagram selfie that lit up the web this week:

“There’s a lot of people running around without their shirts on these days, so I just didn’t want to add to the noise, but I felt like as a diabetic … it’s twice as hard for us diabetics to stay in shape. I’ve met a lot of diabetics recently who have come to me and said, ‘Thank you for being so vocal about fitness and health’ because it’s helping them. I just wanted to give some inspiration to those people … It’s been a pretty hilarious reaction.”

He also talks about where he is in the photo, and when he'll post his next one.


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Ashton Kutcher is Steve Jobs in the First Instagram Movie Trailer: WATCH


Open Road Films has released what's being hailed as the first Instagram movie trailer for Jobs, its Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher. The film is out in April 2014.


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Do You Recognize These Guys from Instagram? - VIDEO


Though these seem to be of the "bro" variety, I'm sure the gay Instagram-verse has a few overlaps as well as 'types' of its own.


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Neil Patrick Harris Joins Instagram: 'Welcome to the World as Seen Through My Eyeholes'


No doubt NPH's Instagram will be a source of delight and amusement for many. His first photo:

At our great friends, Becky Baeling & Kris Lythgoe's murder mystery wedding. The game, as they say, is afoot.


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