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News: Maine, Carmen Rupe, Poison, Scott Fujita, Algae, Lady Gaga


Maine feels isolated in marriage equality battle. Help them out here.



Bio-fuel algae high-rise ascends in Boston.


Bitch-slapped over wood: bring this gay interior design duo to America!


Tom Ford's A Single Man to open in limited release on December 11.


The NYT profiles AIDS activist Sean Strub.


Gay divorce case: Right-wing Texans valiantly try to preserve a same-sex marriage. "As Evan Wolfson of Freedom to Marry says, 'the irony is that the antigay forces are so opposed to gay relationships they won’t even let us out of them.’'"


T.R. Knight talks about Parade and life after Grey's Anatomy: "I just want to be lucky enough to work, and to work with people I admire. I love acting. I love doing work that is challenging -- and slightly terrifying."


Zac Efron twinks out on Nylon Guys magazine.



Carmen Rupe, New Zealand's top drag queen, turns 74: "She opened a string of businesses throughout Wellington - coffee lounges, nightclubs and brothels. But for the first time, they were places that were openly gay and indiscriminating. 'Treated everyone the same, no one was better than the other, whether you were socialite society or down the gutter you know you're all the same to me,' says Carmen."


U.S. Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry talks to Out & Equal Workplace Advocates in Florida.


Viggo Mortensen steps out with his murse.


Taylor Lautner gets wet and shirtless for Rolling Stone.



Lady Gaga gets an eye job.


More on Cheyenne Jackson and 30 Rock.


New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Fujita is not only a friend to the gays, he's also a shirtless stud.


How gay PR man Howard Bragman helps actors say, "I'm gay."


Poison plot in the UK: "A gay man tried to poison his lesbian neighbours by putting slug pellets into their curry after he was accused of kidnapping their three-legged cat. Gary Stewart, 37, had been at loggerheads with Marie Walton and Beverley Sales for months. But things looked brighter when he made a peace offering of some curry, claiming he had ordered too much from the Indian takeaway. When the women started to eat, they found the curry studded with slug pellets. They called the police and Stewart was arrested."


Maine education commissioner asks Attorney General to settle whether the state's marriage equality law will affect schools: “The commissioner felt it would be helpful to put this issue to rest."

Police Dept. Puts Officer on Leave Over Alleged Porn Past

News of Hollywood, Florida police officer and HGTV Design Star contestant Michael Verdugo's alleged participation in gay bondage porn videos was reported earlier this week, and the news of his possible involvement has led to his suspension on administrative leave from the police department:

Verdugo"Verdugo joined the police force in 2001, five years after the movie was filmed. 'He's a great cop with a distinguished record of serving this community for many years,' said Al Milian, Verdugo's attorney. Milian would not deny or confirm Verdugo's possible involvement in the film. 'I think every police officer during their career are subject to investigations. The overwhelming number of allegations are always found to be unfounded,' Milian said. Milian said that ever since Verdugo's sexual orientation was revealed in 2004, he has dealt with discrimination and harassment. 'I think when you have a certain lifestyle in the 21st century, you're always going to be subject to heightened scrutiny,' Milian said...Milian said he is prepared to defend Verdugo's record and outstanding contribution to the community."

Here is what got him in trouble (it's most definitely NSFW).

Verdugo's finalist audition tape for Design Star, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gus Mattox Still Working with Wood, and Building his Future


The New York Times looks at how Tom Judson, who many of you may know as porn actor Gus Mattox, leapt from his adult film retirement in 2005 to a career in house-flipping in upstate New York, renovating homes with a talent he learned using his own handiwork skills and some books:

Judson"Mr. Judson's new business, Acme Housing (slogan: 'Yesterday’s Homes ... Today!'), came about accidentally. He bought a 700-square-foot cottage in Cairo, N.Y., in 2005 for $50,000, renovated it and moved in before realizing that he could not really keep two houses in the area. So he sold the Cairo cottage for $110,000 and headed back to the woods. 'Seeing the profit I made from the sale was my Aha! moment,' he said, and he realized 'that this hare-brained scheme might just be something to make money from.' The Cairo project was followed by a bungalow in Coxsackie, N.Y., which he bought in late 2006 for $72,000, quickly gave a quaint Arts-and-Crafts-inspired makeover and sold the next spring for $161,000. Much of the pleasure he takes in the work, he said, has to do with 'taking a house that most people consider not worth saving and giving it a new life.' He went on: 'I’ve passed on quite a few houses because, even though there was money to be made, I didn’t think I’d enjoy working on them. You know, if being responsible were a priority of mine, my résumé of the past 30 years would be totally different.'"

Sure beats traveling the country doing local theater productions of "Making Porn" which seems to be the route of other gay adult film stars.

Acme Housing [official site]
Now Rated R (for Resale) [nyt]
(via fleshbot site NSFW)

All the World's a Stage: Kevin Sessums


The NYT's "Habitats" column takes a look inside the studio apartment (and accompanying life) of Kevin Sessums, who has been covering the theater for us here at Towleroad. Have a look yourself and don't miss his latest reviews.

Marc Jacobs: Naked in Paris with a Poltergeist Tattoo


In the next installment of the naked fashion designer series, Marc Jacobs disrobes in his Paris apartment for W's "art issue" which features an interview with the designer and a collection of photos:

"As he sits in his Paris apartment on a midsummer afternoon, Jacobs is surrounded by eight John Currins, six Richard Princes and six Ruschas, plus an assortment of Elizabeth Peytons, Damien Hirsts, John Baldessaris, David Hockneys and Lisa Yuskavages, not to mention a small but growing collection of Fifties Scandinavian handblown glass birds. 'Typical addict behavior,' says Jacobs with a half smile. 'I just got this bug. I started going to galleries, and I kind of went mad.' Jacobs, whose struggles with drug and alcohol dependency are well known, sees his new passion for contemporary art as a (relatively) healthy habit, one he intends to indulge for the foreseeable future."

Mj2 Mj3

The interview also makes note of Jacobs' second collection:

"As Jacobs fills his walls with art, he is also using his own body as a canvas: His growing tattoo collection, which started with a little heart on his left shoulder, is itself almost exhibition-worthy. The newest additions are the French words OUI and LUI in bold graphics on each forearm, and, in the middle of his back, Carol Anne from Poltergeist, mesmerized by a glowing TV screen. ("Stay away from the light," Jacobs intones with mock solemnity.)"

Now that's a tattoo I'd like to see. Unfortunately, it's not among the photos.


Marc Jacobs [w]

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams Talk Home, Family, Coming Out

The NYT today runs a Joyce Wadler profile of Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, the successful furniture designers who "divorced" five years ago after being together for 14 years. The article takes a look at their Jim Bartholomew-designed Manhattan apartment and the view Gold says it took him "30 years to get," and it also navigates the ins and outs of running a successful business with a once-romantic partner and how properties and possessions are handled after a breakup. The article also ends just as it gets going:


"Mr. Gold has said that when he was 14, he decided that if he couldn’t 'cure' himself by the time he turned 21 he would kill himself. By the time he was in college, he was so depressed that his father, unaware of the reason for his depression, sent him to a psychiatrist.

'I uttered the words, ‘I think I’m gay and I want to be cured,’ ' Mr. Gold says.'I remember him saying, ‘I can’t cure you of that, but I can work with you about how to live with it.’ He taught me this was the way it was and it was O.K. Of all the lucky things in the world that happened to me, I feel lucky that I got to go to a psychiatrist who told me it was O.K. Because in those days, the early ’70s, I could just as easily have hit a psychiatrist who said it was not O.K. If you grow up in Taylorsville or Hickory, N.C., they’re going to send you to some quack doctor who’s not really a doctor, to try cure your homosexuality.'

Being able to tell his parents that he was gay was still difficult for Mr. Gold. At 24, he blurted it out to his mother on the phone when he called one Sunday morning. Still half asleep, he told her he was going to St. Thomas for a week with his friend Michael. 'She said, ‘I don’t understand why you do everything with Michael — why can’t you get a girlfriend?’' Mr. Gold says. 'I said, ‘My idea of a girlfriend is Michael.'

There were tears and an argument, but these days Mr. Gold’s parents, both 86, are very accepting. When he called to tell them that he and Mr. Williams had decided not to be a couple anymore, his mother demanded to know if they would still be able to see Bob. Which is exactly the way Mr. Gold felt it should be."

Amicably Split, and Still Sharing [nyt]


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