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Facebook iPad App Discovered Lurking Inside iPhone App


Tech Crunch has exposed the long-awaited Facebook iPad app, and discovers it's just about ready to go. A whole set of images of the app is HERE.

News: Great White, South Africa, Hillary Clinton, Minnesota

 road Some Republicans are hoping New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will run for the presidency in 2012.

Shia  road Shia LaBeouf sucks on a lolly.

 road Palm Beach County has granted same-sex domestic partners in Palm Beach County the right to take unpaid leave if they need to care for their partner at the same time securing their jobs for when they return.

 road Great White spotted feeding on a dead whale off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.

 road Dick Cheney still thinking about the possibility of a heart transplant.

 road Take a look at production stills from the Footloose remake.

 road Horrific: 13-year-old lesbian the latest "corrective rape" victim in South Africa. The Human Rights Watch responds: "The vicious nature of the assault is a potent reminder that these attacks are premeditated, planned, and often committed with impunity."

 road David Beckham unhurt after a car accident on LA's 405 freeway.

 road Vanessa Redgrave on the time she found her husband in bed with her father.

White house  road An Orthodox Hasidic newspaper, which never prints images of women for fear they might be "sexually suggestive," has photoshoped Hillary Clinton out of the historical White House Situation Room photo.

 road The story of Mother's Day.

 road The ACLU has demanded that a Minnesota school district:"This is not a case where overbroad filters are accidentally filtering out LGBT websites. These filters are designed to discriminate and are programmed specifically to target LGBT-related content that would not otherwise be blocked as sexually explicit or inappropriate."

 road The launch of the new iPad 2 in China causes a fistfight in Beijing.

 road Any parenting advice given by Dina Lohan should be taken with a grain of salt.

Watch: a 1994 Newspaper Industry Clip Predicting the iPad


A 1994 video produced by Knight-Ridder that touts the future of tablet computing.


(gawker via buzzfeed)

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Watch: Jesse Jackson Jr. Attacks the iPad


iPad owner Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) blames the iPad for killing American jobs.


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Watch: iBoy


What's next from Apple? An iPad-centric parody from Israeli TV.


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News: Sidney Lumet, Betty White, iPad, Earth's Gravity

 road Rare pink diamond is expected to go for as much as $12 million at Christie's in New York.

Sl  road Sidney Lumet, who directed such film classics as Dog Day Afternoon and Network has died at the age of 86.

 road Betty White advises movie stars to be grateful for their great careers: "I cannot stand the people who get wonderful starts in showbusiness, and who abuse it. Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen, for example, although there are plenty of others, too. They are the most blessed people in the world and they don’t appreciate it."

 road Real Housewives Of New Jersey‘s Dina Manzo gets her own reality show.

 road Egyptian protests in Tahrir Square begin anew.

 road Donald Trump will pick a fight with just about anyone so long as it gets him the attention he deserves.

 road Charlie Sheen gets booed off stage again.

Earth  road Scientists create a very cool-looking map of Earth's gravity field.

 road Time magazine on what it takes to be a gay icon.

 road Nashville grants gays more rights: By a vote of 21-15 the Nashville City Council passed an “anti-discrimination” ordinance on April 5 making it illegal for companies that do business with the city to discriminate in their hiring policies based sexual orientation or gender identity.

 road Snooki and The Situation will each rake in $100K for each episode of Jersey Shore.

 road Dave Franco joins the cast of the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie.

 road iPad problems: "Apple has confirmed that a "small number" of Verizon iPad 2 users are having connectivity problems."


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