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Someone Shipped Anti-LGBT Pastor James David Manning A Bucket Of Poop: WATCH

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Somewhere out there there is a person--or group of people--who sat down, thought some very deep thoughts, and then decided to defecate into a bucket and deliver it to noted homophobic pastor James David Manning. Understandably the pastor is none too pleased at the package sent to him by “demon-possessed sodomites.”

“What a sicko group of people,” he lamented in a recently published YouTube video. “And by the way, you know, when I use the term ‘sodomite’ that includes lesbos, trans--crossdressers, transgender, dykes, bulldaggers...all that. So don’t think I’m just talking about men.”

As foul as sending someone a container full of feces is, it’s not exactly difficult to understand how Manning’s rhetoric might have driven someone to commit such a distasteful act. Over the past few months Manning’s made a name for himself with a series of bigoted tirades and offensive messages posted on the sign of his home church the Atlah World Missionary in Harlem.

While there’s nothing particularly novel about anti-LGBT sentiment coming from a conservative Baptist church, Manning’s screeds against queer people have ranged from being mildly declasse to being full on delusional. Late last year the pastor repeatedly warned his congregation to avoid Starbucks because of all the gay semen mixed in with the lattes. More recently he seems to have developed an unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber, whom Manning is convinced is actually a transgender man.

Listen to pastor James David Manning recount his recent encounter with a special delivery from a fan AFTER THE JUMP...

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Harlem Hate Pastor Says Justin Bieber Is A Transgender Man, And It's President Obama's Fault: VIDEO


The world's most entertaining anti-gay hater is at it again, delivering perhaps his most hilariously insane diatribe yet. 

Harlem pastor James David Manning, who recently admitted he's been tempted by gay sex, now seems to have a strange fascination with Justin Bieber's torso. In fact, Manning is convinced that Bieber is a transgender man who cut off his breasts and probably regrets it.

Manning blames churches, the media and politicians — including President Barack Obama — for leading people like Bieber to believe that they can choose any "sexual orientation" they want. But Manning vows to protect the children in his flock from those influences by chasing every "sodomite" and "lesbo" with the "chariots of fire." 

Here's a transcript: 

Bieber"I want people to hear this so they can understand that you and I are not lunatics, we're not haters, we're not filled with evil. They need to know that these young girls, if we don't stand like you and I are standing and preach, they can be led or influenced to cut off their breasts once they get into puberty. They can be led to have operations like Justin Bieber. They can think that the best choice for their life is to cut off their breasts, and go through this period that's so pervasive in television and everywhere else, and then by the time they reach the age of 20 years old, they look and say: 'I wish I had never cut off my breasts. I wish I had nee mutilated my flesh. I wish I had never mutilated my penis. I wish I had not done that. I was just young, and the people in the church or the people in the media said or gave the impression that I had the right to choose any sexual orientation that I wanted to choose, and so I cut off my penis, or I cut off my breasts, but now I'm 20 years and I wish that I hadn't done that.' I will not as a pastor allow that to be said by any child that's under my leadership or under the sound of my voice. I will chase every sodomite, I will chase every lesbo, I will chase every political leader with the power of God, with the chariots of fire, that these children be not misled by people in congregations, and people in business or in politics like Obama, that are influencing these children to throw their lives away the way Justin Bieber threw his life away, and then at 20 years old can't grow their breasts back, at 20 years old can't grow their penis back. People need to wake the hell up and see what's going on in our world. They need to understand just how diabolical this devil and evil spirit is."

Last week, Pastor Manning appeared on The Young Turks and defended his statements that gay people should be stoned to death, acknowledging that he agrees with ISIS and the Taliban on the issue. He also elaborated on his claim that Starbucks puts gay semen in lattes, and confessed to some homosexual urges: 

"Absolutely, no doubt about it. I spent three and a half years in prison, and I tell you that I saw a lot of that activity going on in prison. It was just the order of the day, par for the course. ... I was tempted, but I didn’t yield to temptation, by the way. You need to know that. Make sure you publish that, as well.”

Who knows, perhaps someone who served time with Manning will come forward with a conflicting account.  

Watch video of Manning's rant about Bieber and his interview with The Young Turks, AFTER THE JUMP ... 

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Harlem Hate Pastor Doubles Down on Claims About Gay Semen In Starbucks' Lattes: VIDEO


Hate Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH church in Harlem is back and this time he's doubling down on his previous allegation that Starbucks puts gay men's semen in its lattes. According to Manning, Starbucks is doing this because gays who frequent the popular coffee retailer believe semen "'flavors up' the coffee 'and it makes you think that you're having a good time drinking that cup of latte with the semen in it.'" 

While Starbucks is likely none too pleased with this, it appears a prankster has had a little fun at Manning's expense, sending Manning a "lawsuit" (alledgedly sent on Starbucks' behalf) claiming defmaion and other actionable injuries. Manning is not taken in. If anything, he insists this prank underscores the potency of his assertions about Starbucks and their gay semen lattes:

They do put semen in their lattes. They do you know. Most of it is synthetic. It has a synthetic quality to it but they do. They haves tested out. And like any entrepreneur looking for an edge like Coca-Cola during the years of its early marketing of Coca-Cola put cocaine in its drinks and people loved that...Starbucks is on the ropes...I am floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. And I'm not going to let this story go. I'm not gonna let it go. 

As for the "lawyers" who issued the "lawsuit" to Manning? "Go to hell. Or Let's go to court. I've got Starbucks by the keisters."

Manning closed his rant with a warning to women--don't drink starbucks or you might get pregnant:

If you're drinking Starbucks, watch out if you're a woman. You might just get pregnant by drinking Starbucks. Because they've got some pretty potent semen in their drinks. And you will go home and tell your husband that you're pregnant and he'll say, 'But we haven't had sexual intercourse in years! Where did you get pregnant? Is it an immaculate conception?' NO! It was one of Starbucks' lattes that impregnated you! Me? I'm James David Manning, everybody. I'm the lord's servant."

Watch the video for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Starbucks Using Gay Semen in Lattes, Says Harlem Hate Pastor: VIDEO


Earlier this week we reported on the activists who served Starbucks outside Pastor James David Manning's Harlem hate church ATLAH after Manning claimed that the coffee company is "ground zero" for Ebola because "upscale sodomites" frequent the joint.

Manning has now stepped up his twisted claims in a video alleging that Starbucks is using "sodomites' semen in lattes."

Manning says that the reason all these "untoward types" (meaning, gays) hang out at Starbucks is because the semen "flavors up" the coffee "and it makes you think that you're having a good time drinking that cup of latte with the semen in it."



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LGBT Activists Offer Free Starbucks Outside Harlem Hate Church: PHOTO


Liz Jackson and some additional Harlem-based LGBT activists took action this week outside the Harlem hate church, she writes, at HuffPost Gay Voices:

Less than a week ago, Starbucks released its very first LGBT commercial.

Not long after, James David Manning, the pastor of Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church in Harlem, claimed Starbucks is "ground zero for Ebola" because of its LGBT appeal. Atlah, located in the heart of Harlem, boasts a prominent sign that displays hateful and homophobic messages such as "JESUS WOULD STONE HOMOS."

So a group of us got together and decided to protest this new Atlah message in the most loving way we know: with free Starbucks coffee!

More images at HGV.

Harlem Hate Pastor Claims Starbucks is 'Ground Zero' for Ebola Because of 'Upscale Sodomites' - VIDEO


James David Manning, the "Jesus Would Stone Homos" Harlem pastor who previously warned gay marriage would lead to Michael Sam marrrying a nine-year-old boy, is now sharing with the world his crackpot views on ebola and Starbucks. 

Said Manning:

Starbucks coffee stores are in fact ground zero for spreading ebola and other diseases because of the clientele of Starbucks -  generally upscale sodomites who frequent Starbucks who sit there with their computers. Its a meeting place, they exchange a lot of body fluids. Hands shaken, a lot of contact. 

Manning went on to make the incredulous claim that Dr. Craig Spencer, NYC's first ebola patient, went to a Harlem bowling ally the night before he was rushed to the hospital because the it was "a meeting place for sodomites"

Later, Manning spewed more birther nonsense about President Obama and how he's using the spread of ebola to order nationwide marshal law. 

If you care to listen to the ramblings, you can do so AFTER THE JUMP...

And if you missed our post earlier today about Starbucks' new ad featuring Drag Race stars Adore Delano and Bianca del Rio, check that out HERE

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