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Jared Leto Gets Shirtless, Patriotic: PHOTO


The Dallas Buyers Club actor on Instagram: "Me. My sunglasses. And ol glory."

News: Stevie Nicks, Zac Efron, Boy Scouts, Benghazi


What you really wanted for Christmas? Jared

RoadSinger/songwriter Vanessa Carlton got married. And Stevie Nicks officiated

RoadAre gay marriage bans in jeopardy? Some say "not so fast": "'I wouldn't say [the Windsor ruling] is the death knell for marriage exclusion through the rest of the states, but I think it does initiate the next round of marriage equality victories,' said Bill Eskridge, a professor at Yale Law School and a constitutional law expert who has authored many works on legal issues facing same-sex couples. 'My prediction is that there will be a very fair number of judges who will be persuaded that marriage equality should prevail,' he added."

RoadThe residency has begun

RoadAnd the stars showed up to get a piece of her.

RoadIn case you missed it, the trailer for Zac Efron's raunchy comedy That Awkward Moment that features a scantily clad (and work unfriendly) Efron dealing with some consequences of taking a certain little blue pill. 

RoadBoy Scouts to open ranks to gay youth come January 1: "'My hope is there will be the same effect this Jan. 1 as the Y2K scare,' said Brad Haddock, a BSA national executive board member who chairs the policy implementation committee. 'It's business as usual, nothing happens and we move forward.'"

RoadTina Fey has a new show in the works about a "woman who escapes a doomsday cult and starts life over in New York City." Sadly, she won't be in this one. 

RoadFellow funny lady Rashida Jones has also sold a show with a somewhat wacky bent:"The half hour comedy [set to air on HBO] is called Claws and is described as a midnight-dark workplace dramedy-noir about a nail salon in Florida and the strange, dangerous women who work there."

RoadFeathers appear to have been the exception rather than the rule with Dinosaurs.

Abandoned RoadThe 38 most haunting abandoned places on earth.

RoadIs Facebook losing ground with teens? "Researching the Facebook use of 16-18 year olds in eight EU countries, the Global Social Media Impact Study found that as parents and older users saturate Facebook, its younger users are shifting to alternative platforms. 'Facebook is not just on the slide - it is basically dead and buried,' wrote Daniel Miller, lead anthropologist on the research team, who is professor of material culture of University College London. 'Mostly they feel embarrassed to even be associated with it. Where once parents worried about their children joining Facebook, the children now say it is their family that insists they stay there to post about their lives.'"

RoadU.N. Peacekeepers arrive in South Sudan: "U.N. warns that despite efforts to organize a ceasefire, tensions remain precariously high."

RoadNY Times reexamines Benghazi terror attack, finds no evidence of a link to Al Qaeda. "Interviews show militia and insults to Islam fueled assault."

Jared Leto Talks to Jon Stewart About Playing Trans Woman in 'Dallas Buyers Club': VIDEO


Jared Leto sat down with Jon Stewart last night to talk about his critically-acclaimed performance as a trans woman in Dallas Buyers Club. Leto yesterday was awarded Best Supporting Actor by the New York Film Critics Circle.


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Movies: Dallas Buyers Club

Leto & McConaughey have great bristling chemistry in "Dallas Buyer's Club" 


"Silence = Death" was a particularly genius political slogan for AIDS activists in the 1980s. Potently succinct, righteously angry, and, best of all, both literally and spiritually true. The conversations it prompted about systemic gay oppression, political complacency, the importance of frank sexual discussion, and gay liberation -- particularly in regards to the fight against HIV and AIDS -- surely saved countless lives. But isn't it a curious thing that HIV/AIDS in the arts and entertainments still remains so tied to gay-only narratives of roughly a ten year window from the early 80s through the early 90s? Time to tell new stories from fresh perspectives?

Enter DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, one of the first AIDS dramas (that I can recall at least) that is not about the gay community. Matthew McConaughey stars as Ron Woodroff, a hard-living homophobe electrician. When we first meet him he's having a drug-fueled three way with two women behind the scenes at the rodeo. While we're watching him getting it on, he's watching a man getting gored at the rodeo. This opening sequence arguably shoves the entirely less useful 'Sex = Death' argument in your face, but the film quickly finds its footing as an involving drama about a man who doesn't know what's knocked him out and also is too damn stubborn to stay down.



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Jared Leto Landed Movie Role By Flirting With Director


Jared Leto revealed to TV how he believes he won the role of Rayon, the transgender AIDS patient he portrays in the new film Dallas Buyers Club: good old-fashioned flirting.

There was Skype meeting set up with the director (Jean-Marc Vallée). It wasn't really an audition but it was kind of an audition - underneath it all. But I decided to use it as a test, really, for myself, to see what I had to offer. So I said hello via Skype. We were in Berlin...I said hello and reached out and grabbed some lipstick started to put it on and his mouth fell to the floor as I started to explore the character. I was wearing this jacket. I unbuttoned it, had on a little pink furry sweater and pulled it down over my shoulder, proceeded to flirt with him over the next 20 minutes and then woke up the next day with the official offer. A girl's gotta new what a girl's gotta do, baby.

He also brought up the possibility that he may have turned down a major role in an unnamed blockbuster superhero movie: "I may or may not have turned down some superheroes. I don't look that great —I thought I didn't look that good in tights, but now I know, actually."

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Jared Leto Discusses His Transsexual Character In 'Dallas Buyers Club' - VIDEO


Jared Leto stopped by Conan O'Brien's show last night to share what it was like playing a transsexual character, Rayon, in the upcoming film Dallas Buyers Club. The film also stars Matthew McConnaughey as a cowboy struggling with HIV and Jennifer Garner as a doctor helping administer the then new drug, AZT.

On the transformation into Rayon:

RayonJARED: It was intense. I mean I lost between 30 and 40 pounds, was wearing high heels every day and as you can see, tons of other things as well. I waxed my entire body. My eyebrows included. But it was kind of nice. It was a period piece so I didn't have to do Brazilian, you know?

CONAN: That's right, it takes place in 1986.

JARED: Not exactly a 70's bush.

On the on-set reaction to his character:

JARED: I mean it's interesting, funny as I look around the set and see some of the guys working here. It was always like the biggest, toughest guy who was the first to offer his hand to me.

CONAN: Like they opened doors to you?

JARED: Or asked me to dinner. Stuff like that.

Check out the full interview AFTER THE JUMP...

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