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NEWS: Afghan Tragedy, A Political Termination, The 'Pregnant Man' Speaks

OccupySpecific Road Occupy Wall Street costs a woman her job ...

Road ... and a young woman gets pimped at Occupy New Hampshire.

Road Death in Afghanistan:

At least 12 Americans were killed when a Taliban suicide car bomber attacked an armored shuttle bus in Kabul on Saturday, military officials said.

The bombing was the single deadliest assault on Americans in the capital since the war began ...

Road Rick Perry praises those trying to roll back same sex marriage in New Hampshire.

Road Go-Go Dancer appreciation week!

Road It's okay to sky-dive while doing it.

Road Dear god! What happened to Jared Leto?

Road iPhone 4S -- battery issues?

Road Famed "pregnant man" Thomas Beatie to give interview, show off kids.

Road Joan Rivers says there's no gay men at Occupy Wall Street.

SantorumFamily Road Earth's population hits 7 billion next week. How big is that?

Road New York's snowiest October ever.

Road Ellen DeGeneres dishes on the nastiness of would-be American Idols and the difficulty of coming out.

Road Rick Santorum's family values. (See his new campaign ad here. Sorry -- I'd embed it, but the Santori have disabled that function.)

Watch: Jared Leto's First Hugo Boss Commercial


Jared Leto is the new face of Hugo Boss' fragrance HUGO. Here's his first spot.


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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #865

APP-ETIZER: News anchor made to lick an iPad on April 1.

DANI SHAY: Lesbian looks like Justin Bieber.

CAT VS DOG: A slo-mo slapdown.

NIRVANA: Jared Leto channels Kurt Cobain.

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News: Real World, Maryland, Earthquakes, Matt Drudge, Lady Gaga

 road True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgard goes for a run in the daylight.

Realworld  road The trailer for the umpteenth season of MTV's Real World features one cast member who has dabbled in gay porn (and he's not the one to the left).

 road Thirty years after the Toronto bathhouse raid and subsequent protests: "If gay people had run for the shadows in 1981, if the found-ins had pleaded guilty, if those who marched on that first cold February night had simply stayed home, Canada would be a very different place for gay people today."

 road Arkansas might be the new California, seismically-speaking.

 road New television campaign with emotional message supporting marriage equality to launch on Valentine's Day in Australia.

 road More photos of Chris Evans as Cpt. America.

 road 10th annual Gay Pride Festival to take place in Phuket, Thailand later this month.

 road Matt Drudge finally gives in to Twitter.

Gaga  road Lady Gaga tweets a photo of her cover for Vogue.

 road Maryland Senate only four votes away from voting for a bill that would bring marriage equality to that state: "The bill needs 24 votes to pass in the chamber. A Washington Post survey in recent days found 20 senators who have publicly committed to supporting the bill and another six who say they remain undecided."

 road David and Victoria Beckham might bring a girl into their brood.

 road Network anchors Brian Williams and Katie Couric exit Cairo and head back home to NYC. Other journalists, like Anderson Cooper, remain.

 road Never before contacted tribe apparently discovered in the Amazon: "'We're trying to bring awareness to uncontacted tribes, because they are so vulnerable. Governments often deny that they exist,' said Tess Thackara, Survival International's U.S. coordinator. 'We're releasing these images because we need evidence to prove they're there.'"

 road Sarah and Bristol Palin fail to trademark their own names.

 road Terry Richardson and Jared Leto can't stop taking pictures together.

News: Dave Franco, Tunisia, John McCain, Mark Zuckerberg

 road The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn, has a weak opening at the box office.

Dave  road Like his brother, there are times that Dave Franco can very much echo James Dean.

 road Meet Lesley Pilkington, a Christian therapist who claims she can make you straight: “We say everybody is heterosexual but some people have a homosexual problem. Nobody is born gay. It is environmental; it is in the upbringing.” She's at risk of losing her license in the UK.

 road Jared Leto rocks a fuchsia piggy hat.

 road USA Networks awards $5,000 grant to a gay rights activist whose son was killed in a hate crime in 2007.

 road Government figures arrested in Tunisia amid that country's unrest.

 road Black Swan's Natalie Portman wins Best Actress at the Critic's Choice Movie Awards.

 road RIP: British actress Susannah York.

 road 17-year-old from Nebraska crowned Miss America, hopes to register as an independent next year.

Markhome  road Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg's new modest home.

 road John McCain's words of praise for the President for his speech about the Tuscon shooting: "Obama gave a terrific speech Wednesday night. He movingly mourned and honored the victims of Saturday's senseless atrocity outside Tucson, comforted and inspired the country, and encouraged those of us who have the privilege of serving America."

 road Tuscon shooting victim arrested after threat.

 road The city of Boston has spent $12,000 to retrofit one of their ambulances to accommodate the increasing number of obese patients. Additions include a hydraulic lift and a stretcher that can hold up to 800 pounds.

 road Milan "Menswear Fashion Week" preview.

Jared Leto is Proud of His Skirt


Yesterday, Jared Leto tweeted this photo of himself in a skirt, with the message "real men wear skirts."

As if anybody was going to look at the skirt.

(via dlisted)


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