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NEWS: Silvio Berlusconi Resigns, Republicans Debate, Cats Sell, And The Bombast Of Kylie Minogue

Road Farewell, Berlusconi! What a long, ridiculous trip it's been!

An impromptu orchestra and choir gathered outside the presidential palace, where Mr. Berlusconi resigned, playing the “Hallelujah” chorus from Handel’s “Messiah.”

Hundreds of spectators gathered outside, shouting “buffoon” and “go home” to a polarizing leader once loved by many, making Mr. Berlusconi the very embodiment of the Italian saying that the tenor is applauded until he is booed off stage. Some in the crowd were popping bottles of champagne. And cars and mopeds in downtown Rome waved Italian flags and honked their horns in celebration, as they do when the national soccer team wins.

... Fulvia Roscini, 47, a nurse, had brought her 8-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter outside the prime minister’s office on Saturday evening. “We came here because I wanted my kids to see this,” she said, “to see that another country is possible and is already here.”

Road The powerful bromance of Silvio Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin.

'Sup, Silvio,
I’m sure you are feeling worse than a dying elk today. And I know that hanging at my birthday party helped cheer you up during that whole mess with the 17-year-old. So I decided to put a little something together for you. It’s a photo gallery of us. I wrote down memories with each photo, like they do on Facebook. I hope it brings you happiness.

Road Speaking of which, does Vladimir Putin remind you of sex? He will.

Road "Ex-gay" academia falls deeper into disrepute.

Road The Times live-blogging of the ramblingest, most disorganized Republican debate yet ...

Road ... which was sponsored, in part, by white nationalists.

Road Bill O'Reilly's book about Lincoln banned from Ford Theatre.

Catvertising Road No doubt about it: Catvertising is the next big thing.

Road Gorgeous! Astounding! "Beat It" played by 15-year-old Korean guitar whizz.

Road These footballers have scannable skulls.

Road Barney's goes Gagadelic.

Road Confession: "But after nearly four decades on earth, I have managed to miss out on one of the most essential components of human nature: romantic love."

Road If you heard the leaked Madonna single, guess what? You're not a true fan.

Road Kylie Minogue to release package of greatest hits with orchestral acompaniment. Live industry preview AFTER THE JUMP! [HT: Oh No They Didn't]

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News: Liberal Rally, Archie, Gay Youth, Tyra Banks, Moscow

 road Former "Family Values" Australian MP David Campbell on the sex scandal he was caught in this summer: "People keep asking about (the scandal), but I'm keeping quiet because it's had no influence on my decision (to resign)."

 road Project Runway contestant Mondo Guerra comes out as HIV positive during an episode of the show.

Lm  road Tens of thousands show up at a liberal political rally in front of the Lincolm Memorial. Unlike last month's, this rally is thankfully Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin-free.

 road Great news: A post-Yuri Luzhkov Moscow brings the first gay rights protest to that city in years.

 road CNN fired Rick Sanchez for bigoted statements. No doubt he'll turn up elsewhere soon.

 road Korean mothers take out ad against a show aired on SBS that features a gay storyline: “If my son becomes gay and dies from AIDs after watching ‘Life Is Beautiful’, SBS must take responsibility!”

 road Tom Cruise in disguise as a Russian soldier in Mission: Impossible 4 in Prague.

 road The Archie Comics’ issue of Veronica that features the debut of Kevin Keller sells out - a first for the comic book company.

 road Tyra Banks' head gets webbed. Tyra

 road 500 people remembered Anti-gay bully victim Seth Walsh in California last night.

 road Tyler Clementi's parents speak: "Regardless of legal outcomes, our hope is that our family's personal tragedy will serve as a call for compassion, empathy and human dignity. Needless to say, public attention has been intense. The outpouring of emotion and support from our friends, community and family -- and from people across the country -- has been humbling and deeply moving."

 road 13-year old Asher Brown, who killed himself last week, is laid to rest.

 road Rihanna might soon be a married woman.

 road It looks like Chord Overstreet will not be Chris Colfer’s boyfriend on Glee. That leaves Darren Criss as the likely possibility.

Gay South Korean Actor Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

South Korean actor Kim Ji-hoo took his own life earlier this week, the Korea Times reports.

JihooA note at the scene read: "I'm lonely and in a difficult situation. Please cremate my body."

Kim was 23: "Police said his suicide reflects public prejudice toward gay people and their difficulty in succeeding in the entertainment industry. Following the announcement of his sexual orientation, Kim's management agency did not renew his contract and many TV programs and fashion shows cancelled his appearances. His blog was bombarded with numerous messages denouncing his sexual orientation. 'He underwent many professional and personal difficulties following his coming-out,' Kim's mother said during police questioning."

Gay Actor Found Dead in Apparent Suicide [korea times]

Ghost of the Berlin Wall Reappears


A new installation has gone up in Berlin adjacent to the Brandenburg Gate. "Vanished Berlin Wall" is an illuminated art piece by Korean Artist Eun Sook Lee that will be up until November 9, the anniversary of the wall's destruction.


She said that she hopes, in addition to reminding German's of the wall that divided their nation and the world, it will also remind some of the political situation in Korea.


Korean Gay-Themed King and the Clown Submitted to Oscars

Kingandclown_1_1South Korea has chosen the gay-themed The King & The Clown as its official submission for Best foreign Language Film at this year's Academy Awards:

"Lee Jun-Ik's film about an effeminate male clown caught between the affections of a 16th-century tyrannical king and the love of a fellow performer, became the unexpected all-time highest-grossing film in the republic early this year - it was reported that one in four South Koreans saw it in cinemas."

The King & The Clown received much hype last year not only because of its high box office but because its gay theme is something of an anomaly in Asian cinema. Gay Korean actor Hong Suk-Chun was quoted as saying, "While I was sitting in the theater, I thought, Oh, my god, director Lee, thank you so much."

And because it came out shortly following the massive attention that greeted the success of Brokeback Mountain, many in the media compared it to that. However, one Towleroad commenter responded that those comparisons are unwarranted:

"As an expat living in Korea for my 5th year, partnered with a Korean and on a first name basis with Hong Sukchun, I feel like I really should comment...the attention 'The King and His Clown' is getting as this 'gay' movie is misplaced. I've seen the movie and it's beautiful and really interesting but unfortunately NOT a gay movie. Based on a true story, King Yongun does a number of violent and bizarre actions. Watch the movie to learn about Korean history and culture. But if you watch it hoping to see the Korean version of Brokeback Mountain, take it from me, you'll be sorely disappointed."


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