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News: Bareback Sex, Gay Dogs, Sarah Palin, Apple, Aliens

 road Kylie Minogue's boyfriend's Andrés Velencoso is stripped bare for the cover of Vanity Fair Espana.

Boom  road Boom Boom Room Update: "Some residents in Laguna Beach are pushing for historic status for a building that for decades housed an iconic gay bar that they consider central to the city's history. The Boom Boom Room, they argue, is an important element of gay life that requires memorializing, a place where Rock Hudson for decades held court.

 road Study by the New York City Department of Health: "Only 23 per cent of women required their male partners to use condoms during anal sex, compared with 61 per cent of gay or bisexual men."

 road Not "gay enough" to work in an adult sex shop

 road Gay dog, guide dog: What's the difference?

 road Jake Gyllenhaal is looking a little pasty these days.

Daniel-craig-2xist-underwear-05 road Sarah Palin makes an unsuccessful attempt at humor during a speech in liberal Eugene, Oregon: “I eat granola. I eat a lot of organic food. I have to shoot and catch a lot of my organic food before I eat it."

 road Gawker might be in trouble with the law for possession of a prototype of the new iPhone.

 road Daniel Craig's underwear plays a game of peak-a-boo.

 road Stephen Hawking thinks that aliens might be smarter than us: “I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there are aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.”

 road Gay surfers can stop surfing the net for a place "to meet and socialise online:" That place now exists.

 road Tragic: Tornado rips through Mississippi killing 10.

 road This is how Bobby Trendy dresses for an afternoon stroll in Beverly Hills.

The O.C. is a 'funding powerhouse' for California gay marriage ban

Donors in California's Orange County, despite being home to fading gay getaway Laguna Beach, have contributed nearly a quarter of the money collected to implement Proposition 8, the California amendment that would define marriage between a man and a woman, effectively banning gay marriage in the state.

OcThe OC Register reports:

"Orange County donors have contributed $1.6 million for Proposition 8, a November ballot initiative that would amend the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, eliminating the right of same-sex couples to marry. Donations from here to support Prop. 8 constitute 24 percent of the $6.8 million raised statewide, according to campaign finance records filed with the California Secretary of State through Aug. 28. Orange County's portion accounts for 15 percent of the $10.9 million that had been raised nationwide in support of Prop. 8."

The San Jose Mercury News reports on the decision-making going on around the ballot measure, with many couples opting to get their marriage in before the vote and others holding off for fear of disappointment, although California Attorney General Jerry Brown has said that Prop. 8 won't be retroactive.

Laguna Beach is California's First City to Oppose Gay Marriage Ban

Laguna Beach City Council voted to oppose Proposition 8, the anti-gay November ballot measure that would limit marriages in California to those between a man and a woman:

Laguna"Mayor Jane Egly and Councilmember Toni Iseman made a jump to bring the opposition before the council as an item in hopes of being the first city in the state to oppose the proposition. Mayor Egly reminded members of the public present at the council meeting that because of the Brown Act, only two members of City Council may bring an item before the rest of the council, and assured the audience that the entire council supported the opposition."

Laguna Beach's Historic Boom Boom Room Has its Last Dance [tr]

News: Al Reynolds, Tel Aviv, Rent, Tucker Carlson, Attitude

road.jpg Kathy Griffin ordained into the clergy of the Universal Life Church so that she can marry a straight couple: "People asked if I was concerned that I might upstage the bride. But Elka didn't have to worry. I'm wearing a green gown I wore to the Golden Globes a few years ago - which got me on one of those 'Worst Dressed' lists!"

Alreynoldsroad.jpg Star Jones divorcing Al Reynolds: "They hadn’t been seeing eye to eye for months and had already spent a great deal of time apart. Finally, Star decided it was over. She told Al at the end of January that he had 30 days to get his act together or ‘get out.’"

road.jpg Not over yet: Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal to reprise their roles in Rent for 2009 national tour.

road.jpg Security camera developed that sees through clothing: "A camera that can "see" explosives, drugs and weapons hidden under clothing from 25 metres has been invented. The ThruVision system could be deployed at airports, railway stations or other public spaces. It is based on so-called 'terahertz', or T-ray, technology, normally used by astronomers to study dying stars. Although it is able to see through clothes it does not reveal 'body detail' or subject people to 'harmful radiation', according to the designers. 'It is totally and utterly passive - it receives only,' said a spokesperson for Thruvision."

road.jpg Robbie Williams says he has seen three UFOs and wants to study them when he retires.

road.jpg Paper reports on gay life in Afghanistan: "There are no organised gay associations in Afghanistan, but contrary to many Western countries, men can freely walk the streets holding hands. This was especially shocking for foreign troops who became fascinating for the Afghan men. Armed and ready to engage in conflicts with Al-Qaeda, the only conflicts the foreign troops had were with local men who only wanted to stroke their hair. 'It was hell. Every village we went into we got a group of men wearing make-up coming up, stroking our hair and cheeks and making kissing noises,' 20-year-old Corporal Paul Richard uttered."

Brideofpalestineroad.jpg The underground drag queens of Tel Aviv: "In an effort to carve out a space for themselves, Palestinian drag queens gather every few months at a club in the heart of Tel Aviv to take part in underground shows. These parties offer a rare forum for them to explore complicated and convoluted ideas about sexuality, politics, nationalism, militancy and religion. They're forging their identities at the center of what some consider an occupying power. The Palestinian nationalists among them recognize the irony in the fact that Israel has become their sanctuary. 'I didn't choose this place; it's the place that I found I could be myself in,' said M, a 24-year-old Arab-Israeli woman with short black hair who's performed at the club. 'That's my only refuge.'"

road.jpg Cyndi Lauper asks Britney Spears to join her on the True Colors tour which starts on May 31.

road.jpg What's Justin Timberlake's problem with women?

Boomroad.jpg Tireless battle to save Laguna Beach's Boom Boom Room goes on: "Supporters of a beachside nightclub that catered for half a century to Hollywood's gay stars are hitting its owner with a blizzard of yellow postcards urging that the shuttered bar be reopened. Supporters, including 'Brady Bunch' co-star Florence Henderson and former National Basketball Association player Dennis Rodman, have sent about 500 yellow postcards emblazoned 'SAVE the BOOM!!!' to [owner Steven] Udvar-Hazy's Los Angeles office..."

road.jpg Tucker Carlson's show gets dumped: "The official announcement, expected tomorrow, will include details about who will replace Tucker at 6pmET as well as other political programming additions. Sources say the network is going to beef up its schedule with more NBC News talent."

road.jpg Olympic ambassador and former British silver medallist hurdler Colin Jackson: I'm not gay. " “I don't mind having people say what they like in that circumstance. I know that I am not but I don't think it's for me to be going round screaming it from the rooftops. I think it's just rubbish. It makes no real sense to me. It's quite strange and bizarre but people say what they say."

road.jpg A gay and lesbian hotel brand with Attitude.

News: Vanity Fair, Matt Foreman, AIDS Self-Medication, Eric Dane

road.jpg New Republic editor James Kirchik questions legacy of National Gay & Lesbian Task Force's outgoing executive director Matt Foreman: "He was an outspoken opponent of the war in Iraq. He fought against privatizing Social Security. He stood foursquare against the erosion of abortion rights. But what any of these issues have to do with lobbying for gay rights -- presumably Foreman’s job description -- is beyond me. His job description, though, was the problem. Foreman, after all, is just a symptom of the larger problem with NGLTF: It's a garden-variety liberal interest group posing as a gay rights organization."

Spearsroad.jpg Rolling Stone on Spears: an American tragedy.

road.jpg "100 Reverends" to march in Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade to apologize for the church's hostility to LGBT people, but not everyone's happy about it: "Not everyone who is part of that approves of homosexual people, they’re just apologising for the way the church has behaved.We’re listed but we’re not going to be one of the main ones because that could be seen as too narrow."

road.jpg British Christian group lobbies against gays adopting children: "The decision to campaign against same sex adoptions comes after a city magistrate and CPA member, stood down over the issue. Andrew McClintock, 63, resigned from his position in the family courts after he was refused permission to opt out of cases that resulted in children being placed with same sex parents. Former city councillor Sid Cordle from CPA, said: 'People in Sheffield have a right to say if they were tragically killed in an accident and their children had to be adopted, then their children should go to a father and a mother.'"

road.jpg Grey's Anatomy doc Eric Dane has skin cancer scare.

Bb9_2road.jpg Two gay/bi men, Joshuah and Neil, join posse of 20-somethings for Big Brother 9.

road.jpg Gay ball marks the end of Brazil's Carnival: "Thousands of onlookers gawked as men in glittering miniskirts, evening dresses, bead-studded lingerie and feathered headdresses shimmied down a wide avenue to the sounds of ABBA's 'Dancing Queen,' for a party that would last until dawn Wednesday. After a week that saw everything from a scandal over a planned Holocaust-themed float — later nixed by a judge — to a samba queen's quest to set a world record for the most plastic surgeries, revelers spent Carnival's last hours dancing the samba behind street bands."

road.jpg Two Australian police officers may face prison after telling an inmate that his girlfriend was a transgender woman: "When he got out on bail he went around to her house and seriously assaulted her. Constables Tyrone Stacey and Brendan Ritson have pleaded not guilty to the charges. Back in September 2006 26 year old Jacobson was arrested under suspicion of theft. Constable Stacey looked up information on his girlfriend Brigitte Fell and discovered that her gender was actually male. Constable Ritson saw the screen and yelled out to Jacobson, 'You’re rooting a bloke.' When he refused to believe it the Police actually showed him written proof, saying, 'See, it’s a guy.'"

Vfhollywoodroad.jpg Vanity Fair cancels annual glam Oscar party amid writer's strike.

road.jpg In rare sell-out appearance, poet Mary Oliver charms Seattle.

road.jpg Time: Gay men self-medicating with experimental AIDS drugs. "'There's a philosophy in parts of the gay community that says its okay to take some risks in having sex,' says Dr. Dan Bowers, a senior partner in Pacific Oaks Medical Group in Beverly Hills, Calif., one of the country's largest private practices treating the HIV/AIDS community. Based on results of lab studies that suggest ARVs may confer some protective benefit when taken prior to virus exposure, some people have begun self-administering the drugs like a morning-after pill, in the hopes that the drugs' pre-exposure prophylactic benefits may apply after unsafe sex too. The antiretroviral drug tenofovir, for example, which was used in the recent Texas study, is often packaged as a potent cocktail with Viagra and Ecstasy or Valium, and sold in dance clubs for $100."

road.jpg Amy Winehouse buzzes back to Rehab.

road.jpg Log Cabin Republicans facilitate Laguna Beach resolution against anti-gay marriage amendment: "Working with the City Council, California Log Cabin Republicans helped secure a resolution at the city council meeting this evening reiterating it’s opposition to anti-marriage equality ballot measures. The vote was 5-0 in favor of the resolution and the position was to be conveyed to the California Supreme Court which is considering a lawsuit on marriage equality."

Laguna Beach's Historic Boom Boom Room Has its Last Dance


Despite efforts by Fred Karger and his activist crew to save Laguna Beach's Boom Boom Room nightclub that included pleas to actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney and a well-publicized calendar fundraising event, it was the end of an era as the hub of the Southern California coastal town's gay nightlife closed its doors at 2 am this morning.

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