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Russian LGBT Support Group Attacked with Toxic Gas; Injuries Reported


Two people have been injured following a toxic gas attack on the offices of LGBT organization Maximum in Murmansk, Russia.

Violetta GrudinaAccording to QueerRussia, activist Violetta Grudina (right) was injured in the April 13th attack.

Although police were called to the scene, they did not carry out an investigation at the time.

Grudina said that she was asked to come to the police station the following day and that an investigation may now be underway.

Police have also indicated that a witness noticed some suspicious activity in the area prior to the attack but did not take any action on the report at the time.


Yesterday unknown people attacked the office of the Murmansk LGBT organization Maximum. Two people were injured. On...

Posted by Russian LGBT Network on Tuesday, 14 April 2015
In January, the founder of Russia's version of the "It Gets Better" campaign was been fined 50,000 rubles for violating the country's "gay propaganda" law.

Chicago Uber Driver Charged With Assault After Dumping Kissing Gay Men From Cab: VIDEO

Shadi Ramini

A Chicago Uber driver has been charged with aggravated assault/use of a deadly weapon and battery after kicking two men out of his cab for kissing, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The incident happened on April 1st when Mahdi Hared was driving Shadi Ramini (above) and Seth Day in the Margate Park neighborhood.

Uber-germany_injunctionRamini and Day allege that Hared drove off as Day was getting out of the car. Day suffered scrapes and bruises on his arms and torso, and road burn on his lower back.

Following the incident, Hared filed a police report claiming injuries. It appears that his passengers are unlikely to face charges.

The now former Uber driver was charged with one count of aggravated assault/use of a deadly weapon and battery.

In a statement, Uber said:

"No rider should ever have to go through an experience like this. Not only is this Chicago taxi driver's behavior unacceptable, it's in clear violation of Illinois' non-discrimination law and Uber's zero-tolerance discrimination policy as outlined in our code of conduct.”

Watch a report on the incident, AFTER THE JUMP...

In June of last year, Chicago couple Steven White and Matt McCrea were kicked out of a taxi for sharing a closed-mouth second-long kiss.

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Bullied Transgender California Teen Dies In Apparent Suicide: VIDEO

Taylor Alesena

A Fallbrook, California trans teen who spoke on YouTube about being the victim of bullying has taken her own life, reports ABC 10 News.

In a video posted last November, Taylor Alesena talked about her loneliness at Fallbrook High School, saying "I've lost friends - tons of friends - and it's been hell.”

Max Disposit, executive director of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center in Oceanside, said that Taylor was constantly cyber-bullied and called names in school but nothing changed when she complained to counselors.

The Fallbrook Union High School District issued the following statement:

"One of Fallbrook High School's students tragically passed away during the spring break, on Thursday, April 2.

“We are attempting to honor the family's request for privacy while also helping our students and staff who have been impacted by this sad event. The district has had counselors on site to support our school community.

“Fallbrook High has a continuum of appropriate services (social, emotional, academic) to ensure every student is supported and successful at Fallbrook High School. It is never easy when something like this happens, but we are working to move forward together and stronger than before."

Last month 16-year-old North Carolina trans teen Ashlyn Haffner died close to his family’s Indian Trail home when he stepped into the path of an oncoming vehicle, the same way Ohio transgender teen Leelah Alcorn died in December of last year.

Watch an ABC 10 report on Taylor’s death, AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Lost In America' Is A Heartbreaking Expose Of Youth Homelessness: VIDEO

Lost in America

"My dad hates gays," said one youth in the teaser for the new documentary Lost in America. "My dad's tried to kill me once or twice."

It is estimated that there are between 1.3 and 2.8 million homeless youth in the US, 40 percent of whom identify as LGBT.

5,000 homeless kids die on the streets every year as a result of assault, illness or suicide.

Meanwhile, there are only 5,000 beds available for homeless youth nationwide.

Currently seeking crowdfunding for post production work, watch a trailer for Lost In America, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mat Staver: Intolerant 'Terrorist' LGBT Activists Want To Wipe Out Christians - LISTEN


With end times close at hand, anti-gay Christians are falling over each other comparing LGBT activists to terrorists, reports Right Wing Watch.

Upping the game on Wednesday was our old friend Mat Staver of listed hate group Liberty Counsel, who said that dealing with gay rights activists “is like dealing with terrorists, negotiating with people who have a zero-sum game and they don’t want you to exist.”

Staver continued that the LGBT community won’t stop until it receives “special, protected, preferred status. If they get that” he warned, “boy are they going to come and hammer you hard with it.”

“Their agenda doesn’t stop until they are completely dominating anybody who ultimately does not not only agree but promote and affirm their lifestyle. Their agenda will not stop, it will ultimately result in fines and prosecution. This is an intolerant agenda.

"It is like the Palestinians and the Israelis: the Palestinians in Gaza don’t like the Jews to exist in the land, so no matter how much land you give them for so-called peace, it doesn’t really satisfy them. There is no satisfying this radical agenda, they don’t want you to exist. If you do exist, they want you to promote and applaud their sinful lifestyle.”

Listen to the interview in full, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Irish Senator Says Same-Sex Marriage Referendum Money 'Would Be Better Spent On HIV Testing' For Gay Men: VIDEO

Jim Walsh

Irish Senator Jim Walsh has suggested that the money being spent on the May referendum on same-sex marriage would be better used on HIV testing for gay people, reports the Independent.

Walsh resigned from opposition party Fianna Fail last week after attacking sections of the Children and Family Relationships Bill which extends guardianship and adoption rights to same sex couples and others.  The bill passed on Tuesday with 122 amendments. Walsh had tabled a failed amendment calling for IVF methods to be primarily made available to married heterosexual couples.

Following his resignation on May 25th, Walsh said that he could not support Fianna Fail’s stance on sex marriage referendum and legislation allowing gay couples to adopt.

Speaking in government upper house prior to resigning, Walsh said he had recently met a gay man who suggested that government spending in support of same-sex marriage referendum should instead “be used to provide free HIV testing to people who are homosexual, where there’s an increase now in the numbers affected by HIV, it would be far better expenditure of money.”

Earlier this year, Walsh said there are “dangerous, vicious elements within the gay ideological movement”.

Watch Walsh talk about homophobia and his fantasy "gay ideological movement," AFTER THE JUMP...

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