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Indiana Governor Refuses To Recognize Marriages, Pending Appeal

Mike_Pence,_official_portrait,_112th_CongressIndiana's ban on gay marriage was struck down on June 25 by U.S. District Judge Richard Young, and a stay was issued two days later on the 27th by the the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

This two-day window left enough time for hundreds of eager Indiana couples to get married. Unfortunately for most of these couples, their marriages are not yet legally binding.

On Monday, Mark G. Ahearn, General Counsel to Governor Mike Pence sent a memo to Indiana's executive branch. In it, Ahearn clarifies that while Governor Pence (pictured) first instructed courts to follow the ban overturn, once the stay was issued, all further marriage proceedings were halted.

The fate of Indiana couples who married before the stay hangs in the balance. The 7th Circuit Court has allowed only one couple to keep legal status for now, and it's on an emergency basis; the couple in question includes a woman with a terminal case of ovarian cancer.

The other couples, as IndyStar notes, face many uncertainties. Until the court resolves this matter, health benefits, tax filings, and visitation rights for the hospital are up in the air.

Check out the memo from Governor Pence's administration here or AFTER THE JUMP...

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Indiana Governor Pushes Lawmakers to Send Gay Marriage Ban to Voters This Year: VIDEO


Indiana Governor Mike Pence knows that because a sentence banning civil unions was struck by the House from the language of HJR3 last week, the bill, which would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage, will need to start its process over unless the Senate replaces the sentence. A rewritten amendment would need to pass two separately-elected General Assemblies before going to voters.

So now Pence is speaking to news media pleading with lawmakers to replace the sentence, WISH-TV reports.

Said Pence: “Let me say I support traditional marriage, and I expressed support for the resolution that the legislature passed during the last session and considered at the outset of this session.”


The Senate is expected to consider the bill around February 10.

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Signals Support for Anti-Gay Amendment, Will Speak to Hate Group

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is set to keynote a luncheon next week for the anti-gay Indiana Family Institute.

FlyerThe event is being held to help drum up support for the constitutional ban on gay marriage that is currently stalled in the Indiana House Judiciary Committee.

Jeremy Hooper over at Good as You writes:

Regardless of how self-satisfying the lunch, those of us on the right side of history will of course enjoy the most delicious dessert. That is a given.

But it's still downright stomach-churning to know that there are duly elected lawmakers/executives out there who are so adamantly against us that they are wasting this legislative time and goodwill here at this late stage in the marriage equality game. Not that it was ever right to do so, mind you. But now, when so many married gay couples are out there leading by example and cutting through the past two decades' mean-spirited fear campaigns, this 2014 push seems downright vicious. Spiteful. Vengeful in a really animus-driven way.

Pence also signaled his support for a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in his State of the State Address, WBIW reports:

He didn't directly call for the amendment's passage, but did warn legislators against suggestions the amendment be reworded, saying legislators should "resolve this issue this year once and for all." Any change in the amendment would extend the debate another two years.

Pence urged "a debate worthy of our people, with civility and respect" for those on either side of the issue.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence Admits Removing Pro-Gay Comments from Facebook, Apologizes

Indiana Governor Mike Pence issued an apology on his official Facebook page today after accusations that he and/or his staffers had deleted pro-equality comments from the same page following the Supreme Court decision this week.

The Indy Star reported:Pence

The commenters were responding to the posting Wednesday of Pence’s statement expressing his renewed support for putting a proposed state constitutional ban on gay marriage before Indiana voters in 2014. Some said they believe their comments were deleted simply because they opposed the governor’s position, not because they were disrespectful.

Pence said on Thursday that the comments were being deleted because they were "uncivil" but today Pence admits the truth.

Writes Pence today:

"I believe that civility and respect for the opinion of others is essential to the democratic process. I also believe in the Freedom of Speech. Over the past 24 hours, I became aware of concerns that comments responding to my statement of support for traditional marriage were being deleted from this Facebook page because they disagreed with my stated position.

Our longstanding policy, on this and other social media sites, has been to delete inflammatory comments that include name-calling, vulgarity or comments personally insulting to others. It was my understanding that the comments which were deleted all met this standard.

On careful review, it appear that this was not always the case and some comments were being deleted simply because they expressed disagreement with my position. I regret that this occurred and sincerely apologize to all those who were affected.

I have instructed our staff to review our policy and develop a standard of conduct similar to that of other elected officials and news organizations in the days ahead. We will post that policy prominently on this site. Hoosiers expect our public debate to be open and respectful and we will ever seek to live up to that standard. In agreement or disagreement, I respect the opinions and the freedoms of all the people of Indiana."

The censorship was being documented by an online site called Pencership.

Rep. Jackie Speier Rips Rep. Mike Pence During Abortion Debate: 'I Lost a Baby'


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) delivered an emotional and personal rebuttal during a debate over abortion last night.

The WaPo reports: "The debate was over GOP Rep. Mike Pence's drive to defund Planned Parenthood. Speier's outburst was triggered by GOP Rep. Chris Smith, who had read aloud graphic descriptions of abortion from a book only moments before."

Said Speier: "I really planned to speak about something else. But the gentleman from New Jersey just put my stomach in knots. Because I'm one of those women he spoke about just now. I had a procedure at 17 weeks pregnant with a child who moved from the vagina into the cervix. And that procedure that you just described is a procedure that I endured. I lost a baby. And for you to stand on this floor and suggest that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done cavalierly or done without any thought, is preposterous."


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Watch: Rep. Mike Pence Speaks Out Against 'Mainstreaming Homosexuality' Into the Military


MSNBC's Chris Jansing asked Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) to chime in on what's happening in the Senate on DADT, and reports from the Pentagon that service members and their families would have little issue with repealing it.

Said Pence:

"I would still have a problem with it because there’s no question to mainstream homosexuality within active duty military would have an impact on unit cohesion would have an impact on recruitment, an impact on readiness, that’s been established and written about and chronicled for many many years and I believe we need to continue to keep the focus of our military on the mission of the military. Don’t ask don’t tell was a compromise back in the early 90s, it’s been a successful compromise we ought to leave it like it is and and not run the risk of impacting the readiness of our military or recruitment for our military because of an effort to advance some liberal domestic social agenda."


(via the new civil rights movement)

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