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Paris Hilton Called Out by Drag Queen, Booed at Gay Club in Milan


There was momentary confusion and a lot of booing at the Borgo del Tempo Perso club in Milan where Paris Hilton appeared last night. The event was called Join the Gap, and was organized by the gay rights group Arcigay. 

After being asked by a drag queen if she would hold up a sign the said "No Homophobia" and she appeared to refuse or misunderstand, instead calling for the music to begin, she was roundly booed by the audience.

She later agreed to hold the sign, and everything was better again.

Gays in Italy have recently been targeted by homophobic violence. Hundreds protested earlier this month in Rome after bomb attacks in the city's gay district.

Watch Hilton's appearance, AFTER THE JUMP...


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News: Volcano, Andy Cohen, Generation Gap, Neda, Apple, Bruno


Letter to Obama from People for the American Way calls for him to make major speech on LGBT equality and to move Congress to act.



International Space Station gets lucky shot of erupting volcano.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck sued.


Watch What Happens: Andy Cohen to host weekly live late night talk show.


Boy Culture's visit to Broadway Bares. The event raised over $800K.


Iranians mourn Neda: "To those who knew and loved Agha-Soltan, she was far more than an icon. She was a daughter, sister and friend, a music and travel lover, a beautiful young woman in the prime of her life. 'She was a person full of joy,' said her music teacher and close friend Hamid Panahi, who was among the mourners at her family home Sunday, awaiting word about her burial. 'She was a beam of light. I'm so sorry. I was so hopeful for this woman.'"



It's men's fashion week in Milan.


Barna Study: "People who portray gay adults as godless, hedonistic, Christian bashers are not working with the facts. A substantial majority of gays cite their faith as a central facet of their life, consider themselves to be Christian, and claim to have some type of meaningful personal commitment to Jesus Christ active in their life today." (study)


Anti-gay informercial Speechless: Silencing the Christians, which was stifled in Michigan, resurfaces in California and North Carolina.


NYT goes inside Apple: "Employees working on top-secret projects must pass through a maze of security doors, swiping their badges again and again and finally entering a numeric code to reach their offices, according to one former employee who worked in such areas. Work spaces are typically monitored by security cameras, this employee said. Some Apple workers in the most critical product-testing rooms must cover up devices with black cloaks when they are working on them, and turn on a red warning light when devices are unmasked so that everyone knows to be extra-careful, he said."


New York mag on the gay generation gap.



Austria pissed at Sacha Baron Cohen over Bruno: "So it comes as no surprise that some local media are not happy with seeing Austria become 'the new Kazakhstan', thanks to Herr Bruno. Now these 'fears have become a reality', reads an article in the tabloid newspaper Österreich."


Rapper Eve to appear on Glee in the fall.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have twins through surrogate mother.


60,000 U.S. inmates sexually abused each year: "Inmates who were short, young, gay or female were more likely to be victimized than other inmates."


Manhattan synagogue makes $10K off Westboro Baptist Church protest: "Leaders of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, a West Village synagogue that caters to gays and lesbians, didn't want to ignore a planned visit by members of the rabidly anti-gay and anti-Semitic Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church. Instead, they asked supporters to pledge a dollar or more for every minute that six protesters stood near their synagogue hurling epithets and holding signs that read "God Hates Fags" and "Jews Stole the Land." The final haul after 50 minutes: $10,000."

Foursome: Dolce, Gabbana, Jesus Luz, and Sylvester Stallone


From the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan via Made in Brazil. Click to enlarge.

More backstage photos at Design Scene.

Football Star is (Almost) Fully Exposed in a Milan Boutique


Andrea Vasa, a defender for Milan's local football club Brera, is currently living in the new Dirk Bikkembergs boutique in Milan in an attempt to fully immerse customers in a star athlete's luxury lifestyle.

Vasa3 "Selected by Dirk Bikkembergs himself, Andrea now lives in the flagship store under the eyes of the store’s clients. Among the shelves and clothes hangers exposing the items that are for sale, Andrea’s personal clothes can be found, as well as the pictures and books he chose to take with him to his new home.Andrea lives in the apartment at Via Manzoni 47 in total freedom. He can invite family and friends and can count on a housekeeper, who will tidy up his living quarters at set times or upon demand. His role is to be admired alongside the sunglasses, shirts, jackets and football boots. Visitors can come and have a look at his wardrobe. Before going out, Andrea will take a shower in a relax room papered with pages from Gazzetta dello Sport, compose his outfit for the following occasion, preen himself in one of the silver trophies, step into his Porsche and drive it out through a massive window that doubles as a garage door."

Unfortunately, the shower is the only portion of the apartment that's covered.

Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via outsports and deadspin)


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David Beckham's Ass is a Good Luck Charm


David Beckham scored his first goal for AC Milan over the weekend causing a rush for his ass by teammates:

"The 33-year-old football ace was seen getting groped by his AC Milan team-mates, Andrea Pirlo and Clarance Seedorf during the Serie A stars game against Bologna at the Renato Dall'Ara wasn't just a case of cheeky behaviour, the pair were congratulating midfielder Beckham - and also touching him for luck after he scored his first goal for the club he is on loan to for three months. An AC Milan insider said: 'Everyone knows Beckham has a golden touch and he has proved that since he arrived. 'Italy is a superstitious country and people often touch things for luck - the players are doing the same with Beckham and touching his bottom because he is seen as a lucky mascot.' Pictures of the players touching the bottom of Beckham were published in several Italian newspapers, all with the headline: 'Now he is a lucky talisman.' Since the former Manchester United player arrived in Milan, the side has not lost a match both in the Italian league, nor in a friendly."

The Spoiler notes that Beckham also appears to have picked up an Italian accent. Watch the clip, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Anthony Gallo and Andre Douglas for DSquared2


DSquared2 has utilized backstage shots from their runway show of various models, including Anthony Gallo and Andre Douglas, for their S/S 09 campaign. You may remember the beefy runway shots of Gallo and Tyson Beckford from Milan earlier this year.

One more ad from the campaign, AFTER THE JUMP...


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