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Documentary Exposes Mormon Financial Contributions to Prop 8


8: The Mormon Proposition is a new documentary about the involvement of the Church of Latter Day Saints' involvement in the passage of Proposition 8 in California. It's written, and directed by Reed Cowan, produced by Cowan, Chris Volz, and Steven Greenstreet, executive produced by Bruce Bastian, and narrated by Dustin Lance Black.

The trailer dropped yesterday. Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Prop 8, Hubble, Ruben Diaz, Abdellah Taia, White Knot


New York State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. takes credit for poor marriage equality polling numbers, predicts bill won't come to floor by end of session.



Vampire takes his chances in the sunlight.


Let's Pets Get Physical!


Guy Ritchie working on film adaptation of Guys & Dolls? "The director, best known for his London-based crime films, is said to have roped in movie hardman Jason Statham to show off his vocal talents in a reworking of the classic musical, which originally starred Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra."


Kathy Griffin, Lance Bass and other celebs take to the streets of L.A. to protest Prop 8 decision.


Drew Barrymore speaks at Prop 8 protest.


AIDS prevention campaign: sexual promiscuity written in the pubes.


Hubble Telescope healthy, solid after repair: "We've got a whole new telescope. We've got four new instruments. Two of them dead, now alive. These are truly the best of times. Not the worst of times."


Phyllis Lyon recalls her life with the late Del Martin as Prop 8 is upheld.



Gay Moroccan author Abdellah Taia tells all: "Taia has defied Moroccan society's don't-ask, don't-tell attitude toward homosexuality — and prison sentences that are still on the books in the North African kingdom — to write five autobiographical novels about growing up poor and gay in the northern coastal city of Sale. The novels, peppered with sexually explicit passages, have catapulted him to fame in his native country and made him the de-facto poster child of its budding gay rights movement."


Make Me a Supermodel fix: Jonathan Waud.


Right whales return to former whaling ground.


Chris Brown: "I ain't a monster."



Levi's joins White Knot movement for marriage equality: "Our design team was seeking something that would resonate beyond just fashion but also fit with our white product theme."


Hero of the day: Duckman.


Grand Theft Auto IV creators to release new title - The Ballad of Gay Tony.


San Francisco's thin blue gay line.


Paul Oakenfold says titles of new Madonna singles are "I'm Sorry", "Broken", and "Celebrate".


8: The Mormon Proposition. An interview with director Reed Cowan: "Truthfully, this film started out as an exposé on the problems of gay teen homelessness in Utah's 'Zion' and an examination about WHY otherwise loving parents would kick their kids out on to the streets just because their kids are gay.  But as the weeks and months unfolded in our project, I began seeing that history demanded our project be larger in scope.  Slowly, but with great force, our focus shifted to what I believe is the 'touchstone' of Mormon ideology regarding homosexuality...and that is exclusively Mormon efforts to get PROP 8 on the ballot in California and see its passage.  It's the case against Mormons and what I believe has been a decades long work to damage gay people and their causes.

Gays Affected by Moroccan Govt Crackdown Over Moral Values

Agence France-Presse reports that Morocco has begun a state crackdown on feminists, gays, and those practicing Shiite Islam in order to sustain the state's control over moral values in the run-up to elections set to take place this summer:

Morocco "The government's initiative extends to the moral sphere with the interior ministry declaring in a statement Saturday that it was determined to confront, 'with vigour and in the framework of existing legislation all activities, writings and books seeking to attack the moral and religious values' of Moroccan society. Government sources say this is a counter-attack against articles in the press calling for greater tolerance of homosexuality in Morocco. The government regards homosexuality as contrary to social values and Islam, and Islamists, in particular the Justice and Development Party (PJD), have condemned the campaign and called for firm action. Newspapers report that about 20 gays were recently arrested in the centre of the country. A French feminist organisation was earlier this year refused permission to open a branch in Morocco. Fouzia Assouli, a women's rights campaigner, said the new emphasis on moral values was linked to local elections due to take place in June and the government's determination not to give Islamists an issue around which to rally."

Last week I posted that a furor had erupted over a seminar on sexuality that was scheduled to take place. Authorities blamed British and Spanish activists for assisting locals in organizing the event.

News: Kevin Spacey, Pope AIDS, Tattoo, Baz Luhrmann, Denmark

 roadTireless self-promoters Ted Haggard and wife Gayle to appear on Divorce Court. Gayle: "This is part of Ted's journey. It's made him a better man. I see what has happened as a divine rescue."

Spacey  roadCompanion can't pull Kevin Spacey away from  Big Penis Book  in London.

 roadDetails on that book here.

 roadACLU files suit against high school in Corona del Mar, California for cultivating homophobic environment, charging violations of state and federal equal protection laws and citing cancelation of Rent musical as evidence.

 roadNathaniel Frank's investigation into the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, Unfriendly Fire, reviewed by the NYT.

 roadFuror erupts over seminar on sexuality in Morocco: "Moroccan observers said it was unlikely that Moroccan authorities would allow the association to hold such activities and blamed foreign support. Moroccan sex researcher Hassan Serrat said Moroccan homosexuals are a small group and cannot organize such activities on their own. 'They are definitely getting foreign support especially from British and Spanish gay rights associations,' he told"

Poofters  roadAnger after UK tattoo parlor advertises numbing cream "exclusively for poofters".

 roadProject Runway contestant arrested for assaulting boyfriend with a laptop (and possibly apples, water, and a cat as well).

 roadAre you jealous of RuPaul's boogie (possibley NSFW)?

 roadHuman rights groups demand investigation into murder of Colombian LGBT activist Alvaro Miguel Rivera, who was killed by unknown men in Cali, Colombia on March 6.

 roadMore gay book awards announced. Publishing Triangle lists its nominees. Main fiction selections have zero overlap with this year's nominees in the Lambda Literary Awards.

Pope  roadVatican revises Pope's statement on condoms and AIDS: "According to journalists present, he originally said the AIDS problem 'cannot be overcome with the distribution of condoms which, on the contrary, increase the problem'. But in the Vatican's version, his words became: 'The scourge cannot be resolved with the distribution of prophylactics; on the contrary, the risk is of increasing the problem.'"

 roadBaz Luhrmann struts his beefcake.

 roadAnti-gay hate crime on University of Cincinnati campus: "Cincinnati Police have reported two felonious assaults that occurred on March 6, 2009, at 4:20a.m. in the 2500 block of Clifton Avenue. The victims were walking home when one of the victims stopped to talk to the suspects, who were friends from high school.  Upon hearing that the other victim was a homosexual, the suspects became aggressive and attacked both individuals." Student protest today.

 roadDenmark gives adoption rights to same-sex couples.

 roadMassachusetts anti-gay group brags about halting civil unions in Hawaii.

 roadThe latest from Aussiebum.

 roadJake Gyllenhaal may have put a ring on it.

 roadNYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who has avoided New York on past St. Patrick's Days because of the parade organizers' discriminatory policies toward gays and lesbians, writes about her holiday this year, at the White House: "I told him and Mrs. Obama that I was the first Irish, first woman, and first openly gay Speaker of the New York City Council. I told the President how grateful the Irish-American Community is for his strong and continued support of the peace in the North of Ireland. I then expressed my desire that he support issues of full LGBT equality, and suggested that a good early action would be to support a recent federal court ruling in San Francisco, requiring benefits to be extended to the same sex partners of court employees."

Egypt Targets Gays in Effort to Out-Moralize Islamists

Arrests and abuse of gays have become commonplace in Egypt. Similar crackdowns are happening in Kuwait and Morocco (and likely plenty of other places) as well:

Cairo"For three months, the Egyptian police have embarked on periodic sweeps of streets in central Cairo to clear them of presumed homosexuals. The raids, independent observers and human rights activists say, reflect not simply official disgust. They're part of an effort by governments throughout the Middle East to out-moralize Islamic parties that have denounced the perceived depravity of Arab societies under autocratic rule. Homosexuality is not illegal in Egypt, though it is a convenient target, said Hani Shukrallah, executive director of the Heikal Foundation for Arab Journalism in Cairo. 'Meaningless crackdowns have become a regular thing,' Shukrullah said. 'If not gays, devil worshippers. If not devil worshippers, apostates. The government needs to outbid Islamic opponents as guardian of morals.'"

Those who follow this site will remember the post about Egyptians being arrested for being HIV-positive and the tortured they endured. You see, torture and abuse are considered of higher morality than love for another person if that person happens to be of the same gender.

Gays in Egypt besieged by wave of suppression [iht]

Morocco Court Upholds Convictions of Six Men Jailed for Homosexuality

Calling them "prisoners of conscience," Amnesty International has called for the release of six men imprisoned for homosexuality after a court upheld their convictions brought down following an alleged "gay wedding" in the northern city of Al-Qasr Al-Kabir last November.

MoroccoReuters reports: "The six were arrested in late November after rumours spread that a party they had held in the northern town of Ksar el Kebir was really an illegal gay wedding. The national press pounced on the story, and Islamist groups condemned what they saw as an attack on public morals and demanded an official investigation. Hundreds of angry residents marched through Ksar el Kebir to demand 'justice' and put pressure on the authorities to hand out harsh sentences. The six men were found guilty and given jail sentences by a lower court last month. They had all pleaded not guilty. The appeal court upheld a 10-month sentence against the party's alleged organiser, identified as F., for homosexuality and the illegal sale of alcohol, defence lawyer Mohamed Sebbar said. The five others had their jail terms cut to between two and four months from between four and six months, he said. All six had pleaded not guilty to the charges. 'It's a very severe judgment because this case is empty,' said Sebbar. 'There is no proof that these men practised homosexuality in the affair of Ksar el Kebir.'"

Said Amnesty's Benedicte Goderiaux: "We're also concerned for their safety. Some of them should get out of prison within about 15 days -- what will happen to them after all the public threats against them?"

Morocco court upholds jail for 6 for homosexual acts [reuters]


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