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NEW MUSIC: St. Vincent, Kate Tempest, SOAK, Colour of Spring, Brash Flair, Girl Detective


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St. Vincent: “Bad Believer”

St. Vincent (above), aka Anne Clark, unexpectedly scored the most successful album of her career - and a Grammy nomination - with last year’s release of her self-titled 5th album. Unexpected because Clark remains something of a fringe artist, not so much when you actually hear the album, undoubtedly one of the stand-outs of 2014.

Just released is a brand new song “Bad Believer” which will be featured on a forthcoming deluxe edition release of St. Vincent, which features four new songs and a DARKSIDE remix of “Digital Witness”.

The new tracks include recent US Record Store Day only single “Pieta” and “Sparrow”, and the previously Japanese-only track “Del Rio”.




Kate Tempest: “Bad Place For A Good Time”

A56a0f40-fbcb-4906-b0a2-b69edc0a25e7-620x372London-based rapper, singer, poet, novelist and Mercury Music Prize nominee Kate Tempest is back with a haunting, stripped back new piano-led track about life in the city.

Last year, on top of releasing album Everybody Down - each track correlates with a chapter in his novel The Bricks That Built The Houses - without a doubt one of the best albums of the year, Tempest was selected for the Poetry Society’s Next Generation Poets. In 2013 she won the Ted Hughes prize for Brand New Ancients, her self-performed epic poem set to a live score.

Rap but not as you know it, Tempest oozes the brooding confidence that came from nowhere on Everybody Down.



Listen to new tracks by SOAK, Colour of Spring, Brash Flair and Girl Detective, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Andy Butler Wants You to Know 'You Can Shine' - AUDIO


Andy Bulter of Hercules And Love Affair has a new track out from his upcoming two-track solo EP called You Can Shine. He has released the first track, "You Can Shine" featuring Richard Kennedy, on Soundcloud, and it showcases a dark techno beat overlaid with some falsetto gospel-style vocals. Butler released a statement on the project, saying:

Whilst Hercules has a collaborative, collective approach, “Shine” goes for a more direct approach, a stomping, uplifting club 12″ but it’s me so it will still have something of Hercules about it. I wanted to tap into the gospel tradition, for there to be a testifying quality to the record. Richard and I talk in the lyrics about putting ego aside and allowing people around you to shine. You shine when you acknowledge other people’s shine, even, if you will, the creator’s shine. I hope we’ve created something new. House is often soulful but you very rarely hear a big gospel-inflected voice paired with booming, doomy techno.

The EP is out on vinyl on 2/23, on Beatport on 3/16, and on iTunes and other digital retailers 3/30 via Butler’s label mr. intl. You can shine along with Butler and Kennedy in the audio track AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay R&B Singer Matt Palmer Battles Unexpected Heartbreak in 'Break Up' - VIDEO


Premiering exclusively on Towleroad is the music video for gay R&B singer-songwriter Matt Palmer's new single "Break Up".

Serving as the opening track on Palmer's latest EP Stranger Than Fiction, "Break Up" shows Palmer struggling to move on after his relationship comes to an unceremonious end via text message. Interspersed throughout the video are scenes of shouting couples, objects being thrown, and other hallmarks of messy break-ups. Be warned: the song itself is also hella catchy. 

The video was directed and produced by Ryan Patrick Bartley, who also directed Palmer's "Teardrops" music video from last year. 



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Sam Smith Announces Split from Boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel: VIDEO


Sam Smith has apparently split with his boyfriend Jonathan Zeizel.

Ziezel_smithSmith made the announcement, which was documented by Vine user Merna, during a concert last night in Toronto, before launching into his break-up track "Like I Can".

Zeizel and Smith met on the set of the music video for "Like I Can". The clip was released in December. Soon after, Smith revealed the two were dating, and documented the lovers' New Years Eve holiday in Australia on Instagram.

Said Smith before the song, "This song is very special for me today, as I’ve actually had to do a very similar thing with someone I’ve been seeing.”

Smith told reporters backstage after the show:

"Hopefully I will find someone soon and when I do I think it will be a bit more difficult to sing songs because I will want to sing happy songs. Right now when I’m on stage I feel like it is good for me, it is like therapy every night. The music comforts me.”

Smith later sulked on Instagram, writing: "Sometimes you just need to lay in bed with a glass of red wine and a football T shirt and listen to Joni Mitchell. It's been a sad day. Beautiful show, but sad day x"


Queer Chicano Culture And The Reclamation Of 'Maricón'

Maricon Collective

Rudy Bleu, Carlos Morales, Manuel Paul and Michael Rodriguez: these four men are all from east of the L.A. River, are all in their 30s, all Latino, and all gay. They also all have a fondness for Chicano-inspired art and music, which drove them to create their art and DJ collective, Maricón Collective.

"Maricón", for the unfamiliar, is the Spanish word for "faggot", with all of the same hateful connotations. Rodriguez says, "Growing up, I never wanted to be [called maricón]; I didn't want to relate to it. We grew up in very machismo families and it was always looked down upon." 

The quartet named their group as a way to reclaim the term and turn it around to focus on something positive. Maricón Collective hosts dance parties, picnics and brunches throughout L.A. and provides a focus on queer Chicano art and music. Their first party last April was such a success that they wound up with booked weekends for virtually the entire summer, turning into throwbacks of the "Backyard Boogie" parties they knew while growing up, complete with a friendly and familial vibe.

LA Weekly has a thorough rundown of the group from where they've been to where they're going, and you can follow Maricón Collective on their Facebook page and keep track of all of their latest activities.

Björk Surprise Releases New Album 'Vulnicura' Following Last Weekend's Leak: LISTEN


Björk released her new album Vulnicura on iTunes today, two months ahead of schedule, reports Digital Spy.

The surprise release comes following reports of a leak over the weekend.

CD and vinyl editions of the album will be available to buy in March, as originally planned.

The Icelandic singer will celebrate Vulnicura with performances at New York City's Carnegie Hall and City Centre in March and at the Governors Ball festival in June.

Explaining the story behind the album on Facebook, Björk explains:

"I guess I found in my lap one year into writing it a complete heartbreak album. Kinda surprised how thoroughly I had documented this in pretty much accurate emotional chronology... like, three songs before a break up [from artist Matthew Barney] and three after.

"So the anthropologist in me sneaked in and I decided to share them as such. First I was worried it would be too self indulgent, but then I felt it might make it even more universal. And hopefully the songs could be a help, a crutch to others and prove how biological this process is: the wound and the healing of the wound. Psychologically and physically. It has a stubborn clock attached to it. There is a way out."


With the glowing reviews coming in thick and fast, The Guardian says that by “switching the focus back to herself after the global concerns of her last two albums, Björk’s created a wounded, raw and, most importantly, human album and one that feels like her most vital since 2001.”

In lieu of public streams from Vulnicura, you can buy the album on iTunes and listen to tracks from auteur Lars Von Trier's 2000 Björk-starring death penalty musical masterpiece Dancer in the Dark, AFTER THE JUMP...

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