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Robyn, Hot Chip, and Sufjan Stevens Turn in Gorgeous Covers of Arthur Russell Classics: LISTEN


A tribute to the late composer, cellist, and all-around musical genius Arthur Russell, mostly known for his successes in underground dance and disco, is set to be released on October 21. Russell died of AIDS-related causes in 1992 after a career which included collaborations with Talking Heads, Philip Glass, Allen Ginsberg, and Bootsy Collins.

Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell features contributions from Hot Chip, Cults, Scissor Sisters, Sufjan Stevens, Phosphorescent, José González, and Blood Orange, among others. The release is the latest from the Red Hot organization which dedicates itself to fighting AIDS through pop culture.

Swedish pop/dance princess Robyn offers an upbeat cover of "Tell You (Today)". Check it out after the jump, along with equally gorgeous covers of "A Little Lost" by Sufjan Stevens and "Go Bang" by Hot Chip.


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Sam Smith Covers Tracy Chapman's 'Fast Car' - VIDEO


The singer who also recently covered Whitney Houston's hit, "How Will I Know?", performed his own take on Tracy Chapman's classic, "Fast Car" for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge. The result, as Beyonce (or Barbra) might say, is butter. 

Watch and listen, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Maroon 5 Debuts Gorgeous New Ballad, 'My Heart Is Open,' Featuring Gwen Stefani: LISTEN


Towleroad is abuzz about Adam Levine this morning, though not without reason. The smooth-talking, reality TV-hosting crooner is hitting the airwaves with a new single from his band's latest album V and it happens to be a lovely, beautifully-sung duet with rocker Gwen Stefani. Their partnership may seem like an ill-advised publicity stunt for The Voice at this point (remember Stefani's embarassing mispronunciation of "The Colbert Report" when she and Levine presented at the Emmys?), but this song, "My Heart Is Open," is anything but. Co-written by Sia, there is genuine yearning, emotion, and vocal talent behind the somewhat stock lyrics.

Take a listen, AFTER THE JUMP... 

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Russia Cancels Anti-Gay Eurovision Alternative - VIDEO

Conchita wurst

Russia has canceled plans to hold it’s own drag queen-free Eurovision alternative, reports Attitude.  

The “Voice of Eurasia” - which originally ran in the Soviet era between 1977 and 1980 - would have consisted mostly of countries from the former Soviet Union.

Following this year’s Eurovision, Communist Party deputy Valery Rashkin said that the “madness” of Conchita Wurst’s win had exhausted Russia’s patience.

In a statement at the time, the country’s Slavic Committee said:

“Conchita Wurst's Eurovision victory symbolises the complete collapse of the European Union's moral values. We do not need Europe!”

However, although the show’s producers will not hold the event next month due to the current “political situation” in Russia, they are still planning to host the contest in 2015.

ICYMI, watch Conchita’s magnificent Eurovision performance, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sam Smith's Hit Album Inspired By Love For A Straight Man


Sam Smith has has made it known that his album In the Lonely Hour was inspired by an unrequited love for another man. What he neglected to mention until his recent interview with The Sun was that the other man was straight. Said Smith:

Nothing ever happened between us. I know he loved me too, but not in that way. When I wrote the record I was just really heartbroken - all I wanted to do was go to the studio and write about this guy who I fell in love with.

The result was a chart-topping debut album and being told by Beyoncé herself that his voice is "like butter." Not bad for a bit of heartache. 

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Pentatonix Does A Sam Smith Mash-Up: VIDEO


The a capella group Pentatonix has debuted a new video that mashes up two songs that feature out gay singer Sam Smith, "La La La" and "Latch", to create an aca-awesome hybrid, "La La Latch."

Watch and listen as the group makes two songs into one, AFTER THE JUMP...

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