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Ty Herndon Sings Moving Cover of Miley Cyrus' 'The Climb' At NYC GLAAD Awards: VIDEO


This weekend's GLAAD Awards in NYC saw many moving moments, not the least of which was a performance by out gay country singer Ty Herndon of Miley Cyrus' song, "The Climb." Herndon came out in November of 2014 telling People magazine of his decision to finally live out and proud, "I realized I had an incredible story that could possibly help someone's son or daughter or grandchild's life not be as difficult as mine has been."

Speaking at the ceremony on Saturday, Herndon said, "Thank you for being a part of my coming out story. It's an honor to be doing my part for love and acceptance." 

Watch Herndon's rousing rendition, AFTER THE JUMP...


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LISTEN: Prince's New Song 'Baltimore' Released in the Wake of the City Riots


Prince's thought-provoking new track "Baltimore" inspired by the city's unrest following Freddie Gray's death has been released online, USA TODAY reports:

The serious subject matter is juxtaposed against a bouncy, guitar-based track, recorded at the singer's Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota with a vocal assist from Eryn Allen Kane.

The "Purple Rain" singer also hosted a "Rally 4 Peace" concert at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore on Sunday night, telling the crowd "You look around, and the system is broken...It's gonna take the young people to fix it this time."

Listen to "Baltimore," AFTER THE JUMP...

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Miley Cyrus Announces Launch Of Foundation To Support Homeless LGBT Youth

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.20.54 PM
(Photo via Instagram)

Singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus announced this week that she's launching the Happy Hippie Foundation to support homeless and LGBT youth reports the AP. Cyrus said the death of trans teen Leelah Alcorn and Bruce Jenner's coming out as trans spurred her to use the fame and attention she receives and re-direct it into a good cause:

"The position I'm in, I feel like I've got a lot of power. But so many kids don't feel that way. They're under their parents' rule.

"When you have all eyes on you, what are you saying? And that's what I had to ask myself a lot. It's like, I know you're going to look at me more if my (breasts) are out, so look at me. And then I'm going to tell you about my foundation for an hour and totally hustle you."

Cyrus generated media attention when she brought a homeless man as her date to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, where he accepted an award on the singer's behalf. In the AP interview, Cyrus revealed that not all of her previous relationships could be considered "straight or heterosexual." She declined to elaborate. 

Cyrus recently shot a series of music videos with other stars including Joan Jett and Ariana Grande to help raise funds for the foundation; the video with Joan Jett officially debuted this Tuesday on the foundation's Facebook page.

You can watch Cyrus' kill it with Joan Jett as they perform "Different," AFTER THE JUMP...

Miley and joan

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Irish Metal Band Sickened By Use Of Their Music In ‘Vile’ ‘Kill The Faggot’ Game: VIDEO

Kill the faggot

The lead singer with Irish folk metal band Cruachan has spoken about his horror on learning that his music was used in Skaldic Games’ “Kill The Faggots” (KTF), reports The Journal.

Keith Fay explained that he and his girlfriend Rachel Lally contributed their voices to Skaldic’s The Shelter: A Survival Story. They have since asked for their work to be removed after discovering that KTF was due to be included within the game.

Legal proceedings will b issued towards @SkaldicGames if they try release anything using @CruachanClan @AphroditeSent

— Cruachan (@CruachanClan) May 6, 2015

1016949_697236500341190_7163047000310582610_nFay said he agreed to feature both himself and Cruachan in the game because it “looked really interesting and it sounded awesome to have your band’s music in the video game”.

However, on Monday Fay began getting messages on the band’s Facebook page asking about their connection to KTF.

“My younger brother, who is also my best friend, is gay”, said Fay. “My girlfriend Rachel has been campaigning for a Yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum. It’s just so vile, I can’t put it into words. I told them we’re out – they no longer have permission to use my voice, likeness, or [Cruachan] t-shirt...All that has to stop.”

It's just been brought to my attention that a game featuring my voice as well as my girlfriend Rachel Lally (also music...

Posted by Cruachan on Monday, 4 May 2015

Despite the game featuring such lines as “you want to chop my weiner?”, “I just dropped the soap”, “transgender kill”, “AIDS carrier eliminated” and “straight pride”, Skaldic has claimed that it is not homophobic:

“The reason behind this particular game is because of how tired I am of people being overly sensitive and how easily offended people are by every little thing, especially with LGBT issues…

“I didn’t make this game to attack LGBT people personally, and no I don’t hate gays and think they should be treated farily [sic], but I made this game just to piss off those people that are way too overly sensitive, which includes straight people...

“Of course we don’t endorse killing or murder of any kind. This game was not meant to be taken seriously.”

The company has refused to issue an apology.

Watch a NSFW video test of the game, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Belle Goes to 'WeHo' in Todrick Hall's New Brilliant 'Beauty and the Beast' Musical Parody: VIDEO


Set around West Hollywood's gay downtown and its numerous businesses, Todrick Hall's parody of "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast stars YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger wandering the Santa Monica strip as the Disney princess in search of aspirations beyond her "little town."

RuPaul, Daniel Franzese, Ross Mathews, Lance Bass, Frankie Grande, and many others including Hall himself take the parts of the townspeople in Beauty and the Beat Boots, one of Hall's best parodies yet.


And don't miss Hall's mash-up of more than 70 Beyoncé songs in four minutes, or his other musical parodies like CinderoncéThe Wizard of Aahs, and Mean Boyz.


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Shamir Brings Inner Light to His New Ballad 'Darker': VIDEO


Shamir, the golden-voiced, Vegas-born 20-year-old soul pop singer whose debut LP Ratchet (out May 19) is one of the most anticipated of the season, just released a stunning new track and video called "Darker" which showcases the power of his instrument beautifully.

Because it doesn't get darker
Unless you expected to
It's just getting harder to contain the truth
You know it doesn't get darker
Unless you expect it to
It's just getting harder to contain the truth

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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