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Nevada Anti-gay Activists Claim Ninth Circuit Assigned Specific Judges to 'Influence' Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

NinthThe anti-gay Coalition for the Protection of Marriage is asking the Ninth Circuit to grant an en banc rehearing in the case challenging Nevada's gay marriage ban - with the coalition's lawyer, Monte Stewart, claiming the federal appeals court picked specific judges "in order to influence the outcome" of the case.

Same-sex couples were able to begin marrying Friday following last week's Ninth Circuit ruling by a three-judge panel overturning the state's gay marriage ban. 

Buzzfeed reports:

Reinhardt_berzonOne of the reasons he asked for the rehearing, he claimed, is the “high likelihood that the number of Judges [Stephen] Reinhardt and [Marsha] Berzon’s assignments to the Relevant Cases, including this and the Hawaii and Idaho marriage cases (which we treat as one for these purposes), did not result from a neutral judge-assignment process.”

Stewart wrote that the claim was the result of “careful statistical analysis” by Dr. James H. Matis.

Stewart went further, writing, “The appearance of unfairness is not a close question here. Even without the aid of professional statisticians, a reasonable person will immediately sense that something is amiss when one judge out of more than thirty is assigned over a four and one-half year period to five of this Circuit’s eleven cases involving the federal constitutional rights of gay men and lesbians, another to four of those cases, and both of them to the momentous ‘gay marriage’ cases.”

Read the ridiculous petition below via Equality Case Files

PHOTOS: Marriage Equality Comes to West Virginia and Nevada

(photo via twitter)

With West Virginia Attorney General announcing he would no longer be defending the state's gay marriage ban in court and Justice Anthony Kennedy clearing the mix-up that inadvertently put a hold on marriages in Nevada, two more states were added to the marriage equality column yesterday. 

In Nevada, State Senator Kelvin Atkinson [top right] and Sherwood Howard [top left]  became one of the first same-sex couples to obtain a marriage license in Clark County. You can also check out the pair's wedding proposal we featured on the site yesterday HERE

In West Virginia, meanwhile, Casie McGee and Sarah Adkins [pictured below] became the first gay couple to be married in Cabell County.


More photos (and video) from marriages in other counties across these two states, AFTER THE JUMP...

[bottom photo via Facebook]

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Gay Marriage to Resume in Nevada After Anti-gay Defendants Drop Appeal of Ninth Circuit Ruling

Las vegas

Marriage equality has now returned to Nevada after yesterday's Supreme Court mix-up that inadvertently put same-sex marriages in Nevada on hiatus. 

Justice Anthony Kennedy's order staying the 9th circuit's ruling overturning Idaho's gay marriage ban contained a clerical error that included the Nevada case - an error that opened the door for anti-gay defendants in the state's case to file separate motions with the Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit seeking to prevent the decision from going into effect. 

Today, those defendants have withdrawn their motions. 

Said Lambda Legal Staff Attorney Tara Borelli, via press release:

"Finally, the confusion has ended and the Ninth Circuit's decision is final and fully in effect. While the trial court will enter an order in the case finalizing relief, nothing prevents marriages from beginning immediately for same-sex couples in Nevada."


Gay Marriage Proposal Of The Day: Senator Kelvin Atkinson And Sherwood Howard - VIDEO


Nevada state senator Kelvin Atkinson has proposed to his partner Sherwood Howard at a Freedom Nevada event celebrating the striking down of the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, reports CNN.

Last year, Republican Atrkinson came out during a debate prior to a vote repealing a constitutional provision passed by voters in 2002 banning same-sex marriage

Atkinson said that his proposal “just came out...I proposed to him on stage in front of everyone.”

During his speech, Atkinson called Howard on to the stage to propose: 1007TheCenter12_t653

“Woody I know it has been six years. They haven’t always been great, but we have been great partners and as a lot of you know in a lot of my political work [you are] the one person that I trust the most, to be there with me, to be there for me, to be that confidant, to be my friend and my partner, so I’m saying it in front of everybody, will you marry me?’

The couple have been together for about 6 1/2 years and planned on getting married, but didn't want to do it in another state.

Despite the good news, yesterday we reported that same-sex marriage in Nevada is once again on hold after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued an order stating that his stay of the 9th Circuit's ruling only applies to Idaho.

Watch Atkinson's proposal, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Same-Sex Marriage Once Again On Hold In Nevada, 9th Circuit Rescinds Mandate In Idaho


After Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy issued an order earlier today stating that his stay of the 9th Circuit's ruling yesterday only applies to Idaho and not to Nevada, it seemed that same-sex couples, who were originally slated to be able to get married today starting at 2 P.M., would once again have the opportunity to marry. However, in a series of tweets sent out by Clark County (which encompasses Las Vegas), it appears that same-sex marriage is once again delayed in the Silver State:

The issuance of #marriagelicenses to same-sex couples is on hold due to pending motions in the courts #Vegas #9thCircuit...The #9thCircuit is currently considering whether to recall the mandate to the District Court requiring an injunction...#Vegas #samesexmarriage...Our #MarriageLicenseBureau had expected to begin accepting marriage license applications from same-sex couples today at 2 p.m. #Vegas...It is unclear at this time when we will be able to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples #Vegas #9thCircuit

As mentioned in the above tweets, the 9th Circuit is also considering whether to recall its mandate issued yesterday that same-sex marriages must begin in Nevada immediately following its ruling striking down the state's same-sex marriage ban. The court has, however, already rescinded its mandate as it applies to Idaho. BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner reports:

Subsequent to the second order from Justice Anthony Kennedy, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals recalled the mandate in the Idaho marriage case, per an order it filed Wednesday afternoon.

Additionally, regarding the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage’s request before the 9th Circuit asking it to recall its mandate in the Nevada marriage case, the court called for responses to that request by 5 p.m. PT Thursday. 

Las Vegas Tourism Authority Celebrates 9th Circuit Decision: 'Vegas Just Got More Fabulous' - PHOTO


No doubt posted in response to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling yesterday striking down same-sex marriage bans in both Nevada and Idaho, the Las vegas Convention and Tourism Authority took to their Facebook page to celebrate the expansion of equality. The group posted the above photo of the iconic "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign, modified with a hint of rainbow and captioned with, "Vegas just got more fabulous."

Now that marriage equality seems to be back on in the Silver State, Las Vegas does seem to be looking a little more fabulous after all. 


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