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Fred Karger's Campaign Site Was Shut Down Because It Criticized LDS Church

MormonTempleSo claimed Mr. Karger, the gay Republican candidate for the presidency, in an email to supporters on Friday. From the letter:

Terra Eclipse based in Aptos, California ... developed and designed my web site 21 months ago and had hosted it ever since. I spent tens of thousands of dollars with this company which specializes in Republican campaign web sites. So you can imagine my shock, when just two days before Christmas, Terra Eclipse sent me a terse email saying that it was dropping me in two weeks - just five days before the all-important New Hampshire Primary. What? Why?

Karger's pretty sure he knows why. In his email, he explains his various scrapes with the LDS Church over the years -- his prosecution of their secretive and illegal support of Prop 8; his launch of the website -- and whips out this letter, from Terra Eclipse:

While your campaign has every right to express views using tactics of your own choosing, our company also has the right to freely associate with our clients. In light of these actions, which not only appear to be completely irrelevant to a campaign for President of the United States, but also constitute an insult to and mockery of individuals of particular faiths, we are exercising our right to terminate your NetBoots account and disassociate with your campaign, as reserved in our Terms of Service (attached).

I invite you to contact our attorneys should you wish to pursue the matter further.

I wonder if Terra Eclipse would have been equally scandalized if another of their Republican clients used their servers to "insult" and "mock" LGBTs.

Anyway: In his email, Mr. Karger says he might just contact Terra Eclipse's attorneys, and he probably isn't bluffing -- Karger's always got a lawyer on speed-dial. In the meantime, he says he wants "the world to know" about Terra Eclipse's censorship, and he intends to spread the word among California Republicans as they gather for their semi-annual conclave in San Francisco this weekend.

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1065

KISS IT FORWARD: A PSA from Marriage Equality USA and Revenge Is that celebrates all love being equal.

NEW HAMPSHIRE: A recent rally by anti-gay Christianist opponents of marriage equality got an earful from a rightfully furious angry lesbian. You go girl.

HOMOSEXUALIZED: NOM rabbi Yehuda Levin lashes out at Bill O'Reilly for defending Ellen DeGeneres against One Million Moms.

ROMANIA: Threading the needle.

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Lawmaker Leading Charge Against Marriage Equality to Rally Supporters in New Hampshire Today: VIDEO

Rep. David Bates, (R-Windham), the lawmaker leading the charge to repeal New Hampshire's marriage equality law, has organized a rally today on the state house steps, the Union Leader reports:

Bates“This is a way to demonstrate support for traditional marriage,” Bates said on Monday. “Supporters of the law say a majority support the law. I firmly don’t believe that’s true.”

The rally is also being backed by Cornerstone-Action, one of the main groups seeking to overturn the same-sex marriage law. In an effort to counter Bates’ message, Stand Up for New Hampshire Families, the organization recently formed to fight the repeal effort, plans to have its own speakers at the State House.

The rallies sprang up over hearsay:

There was some confusion on Monday over which group was countering the other. Bates said that he had organized the rally to respond to one he thought was going to be held by Stand Up for New Hampshire Families, which in turn insisted it had no plans to hold an event.

The dueling rallies come as both sides in the debate maneuver ahead of a vote on the repeal bill, HB 437. No vote is scheduled for this week, but Cornerstone said in an email about the rally that one could come as soon as Feb. 15. Bates said he is crafting an amendment designed to win the widest margin of support.

Watch Bates testify and do a Q&A about his repeal bill in February 2011, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Rep. Jim Splaine Defends Equality

Picture 1
In an excellent editorial published today in the Sea Coast Online, gay New Hampshire State Rep. Jim Splaine demolishes one of the most common attacks on marriage equality mounted by bigots in his home state: That marriage equality was forced upon New Hampshire by shadowy outside operators, possibly from San Francisco:

3,722 people who call New Hampshire "home" — our neighbors and friends, co-workers and family members — [are] making a commitment to share their love and caring for one another in marriage. A pretty decent thing for the "Live Free or Die" state.

But there are those who want to go backward. They want to repeal marriage. And there's a myth being promoted by those who oppose marriage equality. They say it was "brought" or "pushed onto" New Hampshire by out-of-state interests. They know better, but in their advertising they feel that such an untruth (I could call it worse) is persuasive.

I can attest first-hand to the fact that no one from out-of-state — no organization or individual — asked me to introduce either the civil unions bill in 2007 or gay marriage in 2009. Nor did any organization, group or political party within the state. Those of us who love New Hampshire and wanted to stop discrimination in marriage fought for change.

New Hampshire's Republican-controlled state legislature will meet on February 17th to discuss House Bill 437, which would repeal marriage equality and invalidate the same-sex unions that have been sanctified in the state since January 1st, 2010. HB 437 isn't a matter of political expedience -- polls suggest that well over half of all New Hampshirites support equality, and that only about a fifth strongly oppose it. (Some New Hampshire legislators have gone to extraordinary lengths to alter this political reality, but so far to no avail.) Rather, HB 437 is the result of a genuine, gut-level dislike for the LGBT community, as may be divined from the image above, which is featured prominently at

There are reasons to hope that personal repugnance will be an insufficient political motivator in 2012. The New Hampshire Republican party is itself divided on the issue of marriage equality, thanks to the state party's strong libertarian bent. Unless they pull together a veto-proof majority, Gov. John Lynch pleadges to kill any anti-marriage legislation to cross his desk.

New Hampshire House GOP Releases 2012 Agenda Marriage Equality Repeal is Not On It

The AP picked up on a glaring omission from the New Hampshire GOP's 2012 agenda:

NhRepublican House Leader Rep. D.J. Bettencourt of Salem introduced the House Republican agenda Thursday. Bettencourt said the House was focusing on changes to economic and education policy that would bring job creators to New Hampshire and put citizens back to work.

Hot-button social issues like gun rights, immigration and labor laws were all absent from the agenda. The most noticeable omission was gay marriage, which is the target of several bills aiming to repeal it.

Bettencourt said the Legislature did not need to spend much time on gay marriage. "If their minds aren't already made up, it's something they're intimately familiar with," said Bettencourt of his fellow Republicans.

Governor John Lynch this week vowed to veto any marriage equality repeal bill that comes across his desk.

Certain Republicans have also said recently that fellow party members who lean in a libertarian direction may prevent a marriage equality repeal bill from passing. Last week I also reported that former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman had been lobbying GOP lawmakers against repealing the bill.

NH Governor John Lynch Vows to Veto Marriage Equality Repeal: VIDEO


In his State of the State address today, New Hampshire Governor John Lynch vowed to veto any bill that would repeal same-sex marriage.

Republicans planning to repeal marriage equality in New Hampshire better have a veto-proof majority if they hope to get rid of it. As Brandon noted over the weekend, that may be difficult for them to achieve. More worrisome is a Republican governor that would support repeal after Lynch steps down this year.


(via think progress lgbt)

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