Las Vegas Chapels Refuse To Marry Same-Sex Couples - VIDEO


A number of wedding chapels in Las Vegas, including the Elvis Chapel, are refusing to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies, reports The Washington Post.

After a federal appeals court ruled that the ban on same-sex marriage in Nevada was unconstitutional, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority produced a full-page same-sex marriage ad with the tagline “Now you can say ‘I do’ to one more thing here.”

Despite a state public accommodations law prohibiting venues from discriminating based on sexual orientation, a local television channel found that several chapels are nonetheless refusing to marry same-sex couples.

Dolly Deleon, owner of the 24-hour Vegas Wed Chapel, said that her Christian faith would not allow her to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies:

“I would be a hypocrite if I said I’m a Bible-believing person and yet I would perform marriage that I believe is solely against God’s law.”

However, according to Tod Story of the American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada, wedding chapels - as opposed to churches and places of worship - are not covered under the Public Accommodation Law of Nevada. For-profit wedding venues that turn away same-sex couples can be charged with a misdemeanor. 

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Check Out John Oliver's Spot-on Animal Reenactment of the Supreme Court: VIDEO


With the Supreme Court not permitting the use of cameras during oral arguments, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver decided to devote "an incredible amount of time and an almost immoral amount of resources" to recreating the high court's chambers with real animals so that we can all finally have engaging and amusing footage when discussing our country's most important legal cases.

Ever wonder what Antonin Scalia or Ruth Bader Ginsburg would look like in canine-form when discussing the constitutional merits of gay marriage? Well now you can see for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...


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'Biggest Loser' Trainer Jillian Michaels Clarifies Comments About Being Uncomfortable With 'the Gay Thing'


Though she’s best known for whipping overweight Biggest Loser contestants into shape, Jillian Michaels (pictured above with her partner Heidi and their children) raised eyebrows last week after expressing that she wasn’t entirely comfortable with being open about her sexuality.

“Look, I wish I had some strapping football player husband,” she admitted in an interview with Health, explaining that she sometimes introduced her wife Heidi Rhoades as ‘her friend.’ “It would be such a dream to be "normal" like that, but I'm just not.”

Over the weekend Michaels reached out to People magazine in an attempt to clarify her statements which she felt members of the LGBT community had simply “misunderstood.”

"I attempted to shed light on how hard and scary it can be to be out,” Michaels told People. “That gay families get attacked and even small daily interactions involve others being 'shocked and disturbed' by the gay lifestyle."

"I was saying if along the way in my life that had been a choice I would have made it, but it's not who I am. Gay is not a choice. If I was ashamed of who I am, I would be in the closet. Considering my family was on the cover of PEOPLE magazine, I think I'm pretty far from that."

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Gay Marriage News Watch: ID, AZ, AK, NC, SC, KS, FL - VIDEO


AFER's Matt Baume reports on marriage equality arriving in Idaho, Arizona, and Alaska, new lawsuits in South Carolina and Kansas against those states' marriage bans, NOM losing its court battle over claims the IRS intentionally leaked their tax returns, and more. 


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Towletech v.128: Cinematic Reality, Smart Cuffs, Siding Spring Comet, Airborne Wind Turbines

Magic leap


A weekly round-up of the best tech, science, and geek-related news from around the web

Road Google is planning a massive push into the augmented reality field with a $500 million investment into Magic Leap - a company specializing in "cinematic reality" that claims it can deliver a more realistic 3D experience than Oculus Rift. "On Oculus Rift and pretty much every other virtual and augmented reality experience, what the viewer sees is flat and floating in space at a set distance. What Magic Leap purports to do is make you think you’re seeing a real 3-D object on top of the real world."

Road Check out this simulation that compares the spread of ebola to other diseases - illustrating how ebola kills more than other diseases, but spreads at a slower rate.

Road The U.S. Air Force's unmanned X-37B space plane returned to earth this week after spending 674 days in orbit. No details on its mission have been released by the military, but conspiracy theories have bounced around ideas ranging from "space bombing" to spying on the Chinese space station. Check out a CNN video on the mysterious craft below:


Road On Wednesday, Will.i.am unveiled the Puls, a smart 'cuff' that makes phone calls, plays music, and monitors fitness - just don't call it a smartwatch (he said so repeatedly). Microsoft, meanwhile, is also planning on launching a fitness band of its own in the coming weeks. 

HardyRoad Tom Hardy is reportedly in the running for the title role in Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.

 Road The Telegraph dives into the current age of the cyborg. “This is the frontline of the Human Enhancement Revolution,” wrote the technology author and philosopher Patrick Lin last year. “We now know enough about biology, neuroscience, computing, robotics, and materials to hack the human body.”

Road Terminator director James Cameron on why he's a proud owner of a 10-year-old flip phone: "Apple has enough people with their devices being tracked by the government. Every place you go with that thing they know exactly where you are. So you want to talk Skynet...Skynet has already won. Everyone is already wired to their computers."

Road Check out this faux-trailer for WALL-E, if the Pixar classic was a Christopher Nolan film instead (a la Insterstellar):


Road Biometrics company Zwipe is teaming up with MasterCard to create the world's first fingerprint-activated, contact-free credit card. 

Siding SpringRoad A mountain-sized comet known as Siding Spring charged past Mars earlier today at 125,000mph, and missed it by a little more than one-third the distance of the Earth to the Moon. Martian rovers were able to capture dramatic photos [such as the one to the right] of the passing comet. 

Road Popular Science looks at the possibility of using suspended animation in our future space travel - and what scientists still need to learn before we give the green light.

Road Game of Thrones casts Lost actor Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Mr. Eko) as a new, made-for-tv character named Malko.  

BATRoad The world's first airborne wind turbine will soon debut in Alaska and bring renewable energy and WiFi to Fairbanks residents. 

Road Someone (with presumably way too much free time) has built a functioning iPhone within the popular sandbox game Minecraft

Road An infographic on the 40 upcoming Marvel and DC superhero films that will be consuming your life from 2014-2020.

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Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Wedding Chapel Files Lawsuit Against City After Refusing to Perform Gay Marriages


The owners of a wedding chapel in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho have filed a lawsuit claiming the city's ordinance prohibiting discrimination against gays and lesbians is unconstitutionally forcing them to violate their religious beliefs by performing same-sex marriages. 

Hitching Post owners Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who are being represented by the anti-gay Christian litigation group Alliance Defending Freedom, claim that performing a gay wedding ceremony would force them to "condone, promote and even consecrate somehting forbidden by their religious beliefs and ordination vows."

The Spokesman-Review reports:

KnappAccording to the lawsuit, a man called the business Friday to ask about a same-sex wedding ceremony and was turned down. The Knapps are now asking for a temporary restraining order against the city to stop it from enforcing the ordinance. Violation of the ordinance is a misdemeanor punishable by fines and jail time.

“The Knapps are thus under a constant, coercive and substantial threat to violate their religious beliefs due to the risk that they will incur the penalties of jail time and criminal fines for declining to speak a message and perform a wedding service that contradicts their religious beliefs and ministerial vows,” the suit reads.

Marraige equality began in Idaho last Wednesday. 

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