Crimean Prime Minister: Gays 'Have No Chance' In Crimea

CrimSergey Aksyonov, Crimea's de facto Prime Minister since its annexation by Russia in March, commented during a government session Tuesday that sexual minorities "have no chance" in Crimea and "we in Crimea do not need such people." Radio Free Europe reports:

Aksyonov said that if gays tried to hold public gatherings, "our police and self-defense forces will react immediately and in three minutes will explain to them what kind of sexual orientation they should stick to."

He said Crimean children should be brought up with a "positive attitude to family and traditional values."

Shortly after Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in a referendum that was largely denounced in the west, LGBT Crimeans came under the jurisdiction of Russia's anti-gay propaganda law passed last year, causing fear and consternation on the peninsula among the LGBT community. 

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DotHIV Top Level Domain Generates Funding For HIV Orgs One Click At A Time


dotHIV is the charitable top level domain that wants to generate funding for groups fighting HIV one click at a time. The “Digital Red Ribbon”, as the Berlin-based organization describes it, is designed to draw money from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) based on the number of clicks directed at domain addresses ending in “.hiv.” Every click generates a donation of 0.1¢ drawn directly from the $17/month registry fees that domain administrators pay for the ownership of their specific .hiv website.

“Imagine simply using .HIV as you use .COM. Each time you visit website.HIV, buy a ticket on movies.HIV, or shop at store.HIV, a small donation would reach HIV and AIDS projects,” explained co-founder of dotHIV and CEO of the TLD dotHIV Registry Carolin Silbernagl in a press release.

Silbernagl envisions major brands with a  demonstrated interest in raising awareness in the fight against HIV, like those involved in Product(RED), using dotHIV to generate money even when products aren’t actually purchased. Rather than creating entire websites that would exist in connection to a .hiv top level domain, administrators would be able to have the .hiv address immediately redirect a web browser to their primary domain to the same donation-creating effect.

dotHIV opened registration up to brands last week and saw immediate adoption from a number of high-traffic websites. Amazon, Instagram, tumblr, and LinkedIn have reportedly registered their respective .hiv domains, joining thjnk.hiv, a collaborative domain shared by POZ magazine and the German ad agency thjnk.

“Worldwide, approximately 35 million people are living with HIV. Worldwide, 2.5 billion people use the Internet - .hiv unites them all.” said Ina von Rosenstiel, dotHIV’s managing director. “Companies and organizations over the world can use .hiv as their ‘Digital Red Ribbon,’ as a symbol of solidarity and one that contributes to organizations helping people living with HIV.”

Watch dotHIV’s introductory explainer video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Married English TV Presenter Admits To Affair With Another Man, Drug Use

Paul ross

English television and radio presenter Paul Ross has revealed that for the past year, he has been cheating on his wife with another man, reports The Huffington Post.

Ross is the brother of television and radio presenter Jonathan, who in 2011 revealed that his daughter is gay.

Ross told tabloid newspaper The Sun that he first met former teacher Barry Olivier when he visited a dogging site near his home, to watch other couples having sex.

He also revealed that he regularly snorted mephedrone when he was with Olivier:

"I tried it. Then I got this immediate euphoria... What I didn’t know then was that it makes you feel like you are in heaven when in reality you are actually going to hell."

The affair came to an end when his wife Jackie became suspicious of her husband's whereabouts, and tracked his phone using an app on her iPad.

Jackie has pledged to stand by her husband, saying,

"I’m not wiping out a 14-year relationship for six months of madness, I’m not. Because I know he loves me. I know 90 per cent of Paul is a good man. He’s a good dad. I feel the sex was part of the mephedrone package, I don’t see it as a gay relationship, I see it as part of the drugs. I’m not letting that vile little gargoyle destroy what we’ve got.”

Describing himself as an addict, Ross is now seeking counselling for his addiction to the class B stimulant:

“The person I have been over the last 14 months isn’t someone I recognise. I have done things I didn’t even think it was possible for a human being to do. I have started counselling for my drug addiction. I have had two sessions already. I can’t believe how stupid I’ve been. Jackie has been amazing through this. She is such a brave woman and she doesn’t deserve what I have put her through.”

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Mexican State Of Coahuila Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage: VIDEO


By a vote of 19-1, the Congress of the Mexican state of Coahuila has voted to legalize same-sex marriage. The vote came down yesterday and, as Rex Wockner reports, Coahuila is the first Mexican state to legalize same-sex marriage through its state legislature: 

CoThe new law, which alters more than 40 parts of the state's Civil Code, takes effect in one week.

According to reports, the law says, "Marriage is the free union with full consent of two people, which has as its objective to realize community life where both [people] seek respect, equality and mutual aid, and make in a free, responsible, voluntary and informed way reproductive decisions that fit their life project, including the possibility of procreation or adoption." [...]

The law's "exposition of motives" says it "puts an end to the restrictions and limitations imposed on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, travesti, transgender and intersex community, which constitute a constitutional and international violation."

Same-sex marriage is currently also legal in two other Mexican states, the Federal District (which includes Mexico city) and Quantana Roo. Coahuila borders the U.S. state of Texas. 

Watch a Spanish language news clip on the new legislation approving same-sex marriage, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sam Tsui, Max, and Kurt Schneider Cover 'Bang, Bang': VIDEO


YouTuber Sam Tsui got together with Max and Kurt Schneider to cover "Bang, Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, giving the summer hit the boy band treatment.

Get ready for the boys to 'Bang', AFTER THE JUMP...


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Brazil Presidential Candidate Reverses Support For Same-Sex Marriage - VIDEO


Marina Silva, who is expected to oust Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil in an October election, has backtracked on an earlier promise to support same-sex marriage, reports Yahoo! News.

In May, Brazil authorized notaries to begin approving same-sex marriages nationwide.

Silva is an ecologist and evangelical Christian who holds conservative views on abortion and same-sex marriage.  Last Friday, her campaign team published a manifesto that included a direct pledge to “back proposals defending civil marriage.” However, the following day her team sent out a “clarification” removing the word “marriage” and asserting that she will “defend rights relating to civil unions between same-sex couples.”

Blaming an “editorial error,” Silva said the text published was not the text which had been discussed.

According to Telesur, the new version of the text also substitutes the objective of “eliminating obstacles to child adoption for homo-affective couples" with demanding “equal treatment to couples who adopt.”

However, Silva reiterated that she remains “committed to the defense of the lay state, defence of personal freedom and the respect of religious freedom. The lay state is there to defend the interests of all, the interests of those who believe or do not, independent of their social standing or sexual orientation."

Although Rousseff called Silva's government manifesto “adventurous, obscurantist, and backward,” the incumbent previously backtracked on a plan to distribute anti-homophobia kits to schools.

Watch an interview with Silva, AFTER THE JUMP...


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