Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1644

PORTLANDIA: Season 5 is almost here. 

ANDY COHEN: Spanks himself while on The Talk

JOE BIDEN: A supercut of his funniest moments. 

OOPS: Drug deal goes down during live newscast. 



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News: Gwyneth Paltrow, Beard Nets, Zoolander 2, Harry Styles

Road House Republicans have filed a lawsuit against President Obama over the Affordable Care Act. 

JailbirdRoad Gwyneth Paltrow throws shade at Martha Stewart with "Jailbird Cake" recipe. 

Road Check out this Vogue feature on the wedding of designer Joseph Altuzarra and New York real estate developer Seth Weissman. 

Road Sales of "beard nets" are on the rise as a result of more and more people sporting hipster scruff in the food preparation industry. 

Road FRC hate leader Tony Perkins says gay people are "excluding themselves" from the "divine and natural reality" of marriage. 

StewartRoad WATCH: Stephen Colbert's hilarious interview with Jon Stewart last night. 

Road A Zoolander sequel has been confirmed, with Justin Theroux writing and Ben Stiller directing. 

Road Tom Daley looks cute as a button at the Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park.

Road Harry Styles nixes rumors that he bought 1,989 roses for ex Taylor Swift to celebrate her new album. 

Road Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul gets a release date. 

Road Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson might be resigning from the force

Road Television streaming tech company Aereo has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy following their Jude defeat in a SCOTUS case brought by several broadcast networks. 

SDSS1133Road A mysterious space object has scientists puzzled as to whether its a black hole or an exploding star. 

Road Find out what critics are saying about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

Road A new Michigan State University study shows a bad marriage could literally break your heart. 

Road How to Get Away With Murder showrunner Pete Nowalk (who previously dished on the show's steamy gay sex scenes) chats with EW about last night's killer midseason twist.

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Jimmy Kimmel Takes #CutestSelfieEver With One Direction: VIDEO


The boys of One Direction stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to help Kimmel take the "Cutest Selfie Ever." Kimmel enlisted the help of the teenage heartthrobs, but the host felt the boys alone weren't cute enough; cue the reinforcements of puppies, teacup kittens, tiny ballerinas, stuffed animals, a unicorn and even Guillermo himself to capture the most sickeningly sweet selfie ever. 

Even Louis Tomlinson appeared in good spirits on the show considering he angrily tweeted a UK reporter last week for insinuating the singer is gay in a tweet the reporter posted. However, it was Niall Horan who decided to go diva this week, donning a tiara from Kimmel's prop box;

Watch the boys mug for the camera AFTER THE JUMP...

[photo via Twitter]

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Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss Star in Gender-Swapped Parody of 'Big' - VIDEO


Turns out Tom Hanks' 1989 classic film Big conveniently left out some of the moral and legal quandaries of pursuing a relationship with a magical child. 



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'Homophobic Attack' in Manchester's Gay Village Leaves Rugby Player With Broken Jaw


Manchester police are searching for a man (pictured above) in connection with a homophobic attack on Canal Street over the weekend that left a gay ruby player with a broken jaw.

Tom, 24, whose last name is being withheld, was promoting his LGBT rugby team, the Manchester Village Spartans, when the attack took place, Manchester Evening News reports:

Gareth Longley, spokesman for the Village Spartans, said: "We had been out on a recruitment drive that Saturday, and most of us were wearing Halloween outfits and had painted faces. We were just telling people what the club is about and trying to get new players and more support.

"When they walked into the Village a group of guys were making homophobic remarks at passers by. Our players walked up to them and everything calmed down and (the player) started chatting to them about the Spartans. One of the other group took offence and punched him in the face."

Det Con Louise Kelly, of GMP’s North Manchester division, said: “We believe this to be a homophobic attack and I want to make it clear that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated on our streets.

Tom, who had to have a metal plate inserted into his face to repair his jaw, says the attack has left him shaken:

“It’s affected how I feel about going out in the Village and the gay scene in general. I was attacked on Canal Street, which is supposed to be a safe environment. I’m also not able to play rugby for three months while the plates in my jaw heal.”

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Gay Saint Nick Jim Stevenson Melts Hearts In 'I Am Santa Claus' Documentary: VIDEO


I Am Santa Claus, the new documentary starring the WWE's Mick Foley, chronicles the day-to-day lives of four professional Santa Clauses with the aim of solving a Christmas riddle: "Whose lap is your child sitting on?"

In the case of Jim Stevenson (above left, with partner Alex), the short answer is as follows, according to the flim's KickStarter page

Santa Jim resides in Ft. Worth, TX and is the proud winner of "Mr. Texas Bear Round-Up," the largest gathering of hairy, overweight, homosexual men in the country. Although retired, he has seasonal work as a Santa. He is in a relationship with a Denver Colorado man 30 years his junior whom he calls "his special elf."

StevensonAccording to Fort Worth Weekly, Stevenson — who won Mr. Polar Bear at the Texas Bear Round-Up in 2001— also models bear erotica and does naked photo shoots for adult film companies when he's not entertaining kids as Santa. (Stevenson is shown at right in a photo from his Facebook page.)

"When I finally found out that there was any such thing as men who liked men, I knew that's what I had been all along," the 73-year-old Stevenson says in the film's trailer, which shows him kissing his partner on a merry-go-round. 

Whether intentional or not, I Am Santa Claus sounds like a recipe for serious anti-gay backlash (cue the pedophilia attacks), and The Mary Sue reports that there has already been some: 

Posts featuring homophobic messages spread to the film’s various social network sites. Some comments threatened Mick [Foley], some threatened Jim, and many used slurs that will not be repeated. The blowback got so bad that Mick announced a break from his personal Facebook page, the space where three-fourths of his friends are other Santas who have been incredibly supportive of the film.

WWE's Foley, an aspring Santa Claus who is the star of the film and has been supportive of the LGBT community, comes to Stevenson's defense against anti-gay critics: 

“I am a guy who used to go out of my way to make people dislike me for a career. But this is what puts people over the edge?” Foley said. “I hope people will watch the movie before judging and see the struggle to live up to the spirit and legacy of the red suit, to spread joy to others. They will feel the warmth from Jim.”

If there's ongoing or organized anti-gay backlash over Santa Jim, I couldn't find it online. In fact, the reaction among reviewers has been glowingly postiive. 

Iann Robinson at CraveOnline writes: 

The conservative crowd might bristle at a gay man involved in a film about Santa, but that’s their problem. Jim is incredibly likeable, a sweet soul with a delightful southern twang, and an affable demeanor.

StevensonposterThe site My Broken Fiat: A Catholic Mom's Journey includes a disclamer about potentially offensive content at the top of its review, but goes on to say this:  

Now I actually felt my readership cringe at the word "homosexual." Let me make very clear that Santa Jim, the rainbow-suspendered Santa who proudly displays his "Mr. Texas Bear Round-up" medals while parading through a homosexual dance-off, is not a horrible man hell-bent on infecting children with ideas of man-on-man love.  

In truth, he's actually my favorite Santa (after Foley) because you cannot help but feel the supreme and all-encompassing joy he gets from making others happy as Santa Claus. His personality is so genuine, loving and humble that you can't help but want to reach through the screen and hug him close.  

And Larry Gallagher writes at This Is Infamous

Jim comes off in the film as one of the sweetest human beings you could ever meet and it is impossible to not be touched by the sentiment he shows towards being able to mean something in people’s lives by dressing up as Santa Claus.

I Am Santa Claus, produced by Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me fame, had a limited theatrical release this month and is now available on DVD and iTunes. It will be available on Netflix on Nov. 25.  

Watch the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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