Jon Stewart Rips Don Lemon's 'Blizzardmobile' and Cable's Snow Hype: VIDEO


The Bilzzard of 2015 provided a plethora of ways for cable news people to humiliate themselves on camera and king curator Jon Stewart last night took a look at how the NYC forecast was not only a huge FAIL for politicians but for reporters like Chris Hayes and Don Lemon, who chose to do their coverage from behind the wheel of an SUV/"Blizzardmobile".

Watch the hilarity, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Giorgio Moroder Reveals He’s Working With Gaga On Her Next Album

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.39.52 PM

In an interview with Popjustice music legend Giorgio Moroder revealed that he's working on Lady Gaga's next album and that he's working with several popstars on his own untitled album. Moroder, who worked with Daft Punk on their recent album Random Access Memories, revealed his next album is entirely composed of features from several different singers including popstars Charli XCX, Sia and Britney Spears. Moroder discussed Spears' song and is thinking of adding another singer to sing the bridge on the song; Popjustice recommended Lady Gaga and Moroder revealed that he's currently working with her on her next album and hopes that she'll feature on his next work as well.

Said Moroder:

"I was supposed to be in the studio with her a week ago, but I got a cold. I’ll see her when I’m back. I have about five or six tracks, just basic ideas. Drums, keyboard, bass. I’m going to be surprised, I think – I don’t have a clue about the way she’s recording. Will she play the piano? Will I?

"...This is for her new album – that’s the intention. I was hoping that maybe I can convince her to have one of the songs for my album. If I could convince her, well that would be incredible."

As for Moroder's own upcoming tracks, Popjustice called the track with Sia, Deja Vu, a "melodramatic, string-laded pop explosion of such devastating intensity that the crater it leaves will be visible from space," and Charli XCX's Diamonds a "noisy, clattering megabanger." Moroder refused to reveal the full name of Spears' song on the record but did reveal that he added new aspects to it that is "not on the original," indicating that the song isn't entirely new. 

Said Moroder:

"It's more than just a remake...I added quite a lot of stuff actually-one melody in the chorus, which repeats, and one bridge. It's old, but I consider it a new song.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.44.59 PMSince Gaga was unable to meet with Moroder, Gaga's spent the weekend tearing up New York City with her best gal pals, posting pictures to her social media accounts of festivities from her best friend's bachelorette party. Gaga posted a video to Instagram of the bachelorette party working the poles at a pole dancing class and enjoying a cadre of male strippers in New York City. Although last weekend was fun and games for Gaga, she's also been hard at work on her next album working with Bad Romance and Poker Face hitmaker RedOne, Diane Warren and Nile Rodgers who also worked with Daft Punk on Random Access Memories. Also rumors of a collaboration with Adele spread like wildfire after Gaga posted a pic of the two hanging out together, leading some to believe that the two discussed possible collaborations with each other.

Moroder just released a single from his upcoming feature album featuring Kylie Minogue called Right Here, Right Now and is currently available on iTunes. You can also watch the visually striking music video for Moroder's song 74 Is The New 24, released in November, where the disco pioneer proves that he can still hang with the best of EDM even at the age of 74, AFTER THE JUMP...

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New Teaser For 'Wet Hot American Summer' Miniseries Released: VIDEO


The good news is that Wet Hot American Summer will get an eight-episode prequel miniseries set to air on Netflix this summer. The even better news is that the streaming service has confirmed that the majority of the original cast will return for this iteration (that includes Christopher Meloni, David Hyde Pierce and Paul Rudd). Plot-wise, whereas the original film took place on the last day of camp, the prequel will take place on day one.

Two other returning cast members are none other than Bradley Cooper and Michael Ian Black, who you may recall have a very memorable scene in the film that involves nothing but a tool shed and two pairs of tube socks. Let's hope these two get a lot more play in the new series.

Watch the new teaser and also revisit Black and Cooper's must-see scene, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NEWS: Jason Brown, Frozen Fractals, Nick Jonas, International Holocaust Remembrance Day

RoadNYT wonders, What's happening to New York City's skyline? "Get used to the rise of what are called pencil towers. There will be more, with a dozen or so planned in the next several years in mid-Manhattan, as the city’s silhouette yields to a new era of Slim Jim buildings with small footprints that build straight up, not out, as 432 Park does from a base of only 93 feet by 93 feet."

Brown RoadMeet Jason Brown, the new U.S. Men's National Figure Skating Champion.

RoadMelissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon reportedly cast in all-female remake of Ghostbusters.

RoadMeanwhile, Disney is said to be eyeing Chris Pratt to re-start the Indiana Jones franchise.

RoadRepublican Governor of Indiana Mike Pence wants to create a state-run and funded news network: "[It will] make pre-written news stories available to Indiana media, as well as sometimes break news about his administration, according to documents obtained by The Indianapolis Star. Pence is planning in late February to launch "Just IN," a website and news outlet that will feature stories and news releases written by state press secretaries and is being overseen by a former Indianapolis Star reporter, Bill McCleery."

RoadTake a listen to "Salted Wound," Sia's song off the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

RoadKim Kardashian says Bruce Jenner is on a journey.

B8S9g5ZIgAI3QUF RoadFrozen fractals all around: many witness snowflakes in the form of "perfect stars" during Blizzard 2015.

RoadAdam Lambert and Queen performed in Paris yesterday.

RoadNeil Patrick Harris dishes out some Oscar scoop that is particularly musical in nature.

RoadLeelah's Law needs your help: "There's a petition on the White House website, 'Enact Leelah's Law to Ban All LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy.' If the petition receives 100,000 signatures within the first 30 days, the White House will respond. Right now, the petition has 67,259 signatures, and needs 32,741 more to qualify by February 2. While it won't guarantee a bill or a law, greater awareness means greater possibility for action."

RoadD.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser meets and greets recipients of grants doled out by LGBT charitable group Brother Help Thyself at the D.C. Eagle: “I want to acknowledge the owners and friends and future patrons of the DC Eagle,” she said. “Let’s hear it for DC Eagle!”

RoadBroadway alum Kyle Dean Massey joins ABC's Nashville as "one of the most successful singer-songwriters in Nashville who also happens to be openly gay."

India RoadPresident Obama's trip to India re-imagined as a Wes Anderson movie.

RoadAdam Scott and Jason Schwartzman discuss state of the art prosthetic penises.

RoadSame-sex marriage could bring in $10.6 million for Mississippi.

RoadJared Leto may be off the market.

RoadNick Jonas talks to Rolling Stone about whether he's become a "new gay icon": "I don't know if I'd necessarily call myself a gay icon. But my goal in the last year was to expand and grow as a person and an artist, and embracing my gay fans was a priority. Some of my gay friends have thanked me for that, and that's a really good feeling."

RoadJonas will also be joining the cast of Ryan Murphy's latest TV show, Scream Queens alongside Joe Manganiello, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis.

RoadRemembering the "barely remembered gay victims of the Nazi concentration camps" on International Holocaust Remembrance Day: "It is estimated that between 5,000 and 15,000 gay men were detained in concentration camps under the Nazi regime, persecuted under Paragraph 175 of the German Criminal Code, which proscribed sexual acts between men. (In total, between 1933 and 1945, around 100,000 men were arrested under Paragraph 175, half of whom were sentenced.) While the Gestapo directive expanding incarceration beyond regular prisons was issued on April 4, 1938, gay men were among the first victims of the Holocaust to be rounded up and interned in concentration camps starting in 1933."

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Challenge To Nebraska's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Moves Forward As Judge Denies Stay of Lawsuit

Joseph_F._Bataillon_District_JudgeA federal judge has denied Nebraska's request to stay a lawsuit brought against it by seven same-sex couples seeking to overturn the Cornhusker State's ban on same-sex marriage. Senior U.S. District Judge Joseph F. Bataillon found that the U.S. Supreme Court's pending review of four same-sex marriage cases does not provide sufficient grounds for Nebraska to delay the lower court's consideration of a similar question. The Lincoln Journal Star reports:

The Nebraska Attorney General's office argued for a stay, saying that even if Bataillon granted the couples' request to allow same-sex marriages, the state would appeal the decision to the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and would seek a stay there.

But Bataillon said that was "at least premature, if not irrelevant" to whether he grants a stay. And he pointed out that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied stays in cases in circuits where same-sex marriage bans have been struck down.

In this case, the judge said the parties would benefit from a full development of the record, whatever his decision on the motion.

"Whatever public interest the state has is insufficient in light of the plaintiffs' showing of serious, irreparable and immediate harm," Bataillon wrote.

Attorneys for the couples argued that they urgently need the protections of marriage and "would suffer serious and irreparable harms should the court stay the proceedings until the Supreme Court issues its opinion."

One of the plaintiffs, Sally Waters, has cancer and her children will be denied critical financial protections if she dies before the issue is resolved. Another, Chrystal Von Kampen, a disabled Iraq War veteran, will be denied financial protections married couples are afforded until her marriage in another state is recognized.

Bataillon has set a hearing for February 19th.

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Owner of 'Attitude' Vietnam Arrested In Connection With Internet Gambling Operation

2z8vmmbIn addition to owning the Vietnamese edition of Attitude magazine, To Cong Hung is alleged to have run the website operations for 12bet.com, a multimillion-dollar gambling site based in Vietnam.

Police authorities in Ho Chi Minh City arrested 10 people including Hung last week in a crackdown of the website’s illegal activity.

According to 12bet.com’s records, the site handled almost 1 trillion Vietnamese dollars (about $47 million USD) worth of transactions last year connecting to sports-based betting.

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