Ben & Jerry's Joins Supreme Court Amicus Brief In Support of Marriage Equality


Declaring that "love comes in all flavors," Ben and Jerry's posted a letter on its website Friday explaining why it had signed onto an amicus brief to the Supreme Court supporting marriage equality.

Ben&jerrys2“Often, it’s not enough to change the way you do business, or change the practice within your business,” says Chris Miller, Ben & Jerry’s Social Mission Activism Manager. “Unless you’re willing to stand up and advocate for the rights of others, not just here in our backyard but around the world, it’s often just not good enough.” [...]

“This is not just a concern of the gay rights community,” says Miller. “There is a broad base of support for a single standard across all 50 states that recognize same sex marriage.”

We’re proud to have signed onto an “Employers’ Amicus Brief.” That’s fancy lawyer speak for a formal legal petition asking the Supreme Court to review these latest circuit court rulings, and make a ruling that state governments may not act to hinder a business from treating all of its legally married employees in the same way. We’ve signed on with 30 other global and local companies who are fed up with a state-level ban on allowing a legally binding marriage, and all the benefits that go with it.

The ice cream maker has long been a supporter of LGBT equality, periodically releasing marriage equality-themed flavors such as "Apple-y Ever After" and "Chubby Hubbies"

You can visit Ben and Jerry's website HERE to read the full letter. And head over to The New Civil Rights Movement HERE to check out the full list of Employer's Amicus Brief signatories. 

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Jimmy Kimmel Again Tricks NY Fashion Week Groupies Into Raving About Non-Existent Designers: VIDEO


On another New York Fashion Week edition of "Lie Witness News," Jimmy Kimmel interviews groupies from around the world about non-existent designers like Chandler Bing, Betsey Ross, Bartles & Jaymes, Teddy Ruxpin, Antonin Scalia, and Phil Robertson - as well as their thoughts on the latest fashion trend: the "headless dress."

Said one fashionista after trying on this new look, "It feels a little bit like I'm suffocating"


And if you missed last year's hilarious video, check it out HERE


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FIRST LOOK: Chris Salvatore and Charlie David in 'Paternity Leave' - VIDEO

Paternity leave

Check out this first look at the upcoming Indiegogo-funded film Paternity Leave starring Chris Salvatore and The Cove's Charlie David that filps the whole idea of gay parenting on its head in a heartwarming and funny way. 

Here's the film synopsis:

Paternityleave3Greg (Jacob York) finds out that he's pregnant with his partner Ken's (Charlie David) baby. Dumbstruck by the news, their relationship takes twists and turns through hardship and hilarity, while we're left wondering if they're going to make it through the most unexpected and difficult period of their lives together.

Watch the first look video, AFTER THE JUMP...

And for more info and photos, check out the film's Indiegogo page HERE

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New Jersey Cop Files Lawsuit Claiming He Was Harassed, Discriminated Against For Being Gay


A gay police officer from West New York, New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against the city's police department alleging he suffered harassment, intimidation, and discrimination on the job due to his sexual orientation, 

The Jersey Journal reports:

Officer "Michael [Acosta, pictured left] is the first openly gay member of the department and he has been the victim, due to his sexual orientation, of constant threats and intimidation," said his attorney, Gerald Resnick. "Such discriminatory attitude on the basis of sexual preferences are not tolerated in New Jersey and especially forbidden by the New Jersey laws against discrimination."

The suit says, "It has been well known by members of the WNYPD and Antolos that Acosta is gay, lives with a partner" and is "the only openly gay police officer in the WNYPD."

Among the allegations in the suit is that [Police Director Robert] Antolos showed Acosta "his tattoos (one of which is a skull with two lightning bolts) and his lightning bolt key chain in an attempt to intimidate Acosta. It says Antolos stated that the "police department will no longer be run by one patrolman," while "staring at plaintiff in an effeminate manner.''

Acosta also claims he was not provided with overtime shifts available to other officers and that he was singled out for "baseless" internal affairs charges against him. 

Antolos and his police department must respond to the lawsuit by September 18. 

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Cheyenne Jackson Marries Boyfriend Jason Landau


Cheyenne Jackson and boyfriend Jason Landau were married Saturday at a private estate in Encino, California. The newlyweds first started dating last October and announced their engagement back in February.

Wrote Cheyenne on Instagram: "M A R R I E D. Life is Beautiful"

The ceremony, described by Jackson as having a "woodsy" themed feel to it, was attended by some 200 guests - including fellow Glee actors Jane Lynch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson. 

"This means a new beginning for us," Jackson told People. "It was love at first sight and this is just the culmination of that." 

Congrats guys!

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Towletech v.123: Mars, Apple, 3D Printed Cars, Robot Writers, Windows 9, Chewbacca Dog



A weekly round-up of the best tech, science, and geek-related news from around the web.

Road Batman V Superman director Zack Snyder is having fun with his friendly Twitter crossover competition against Star Wars: Episode VII director J.J. Abrams. 

Road Space X founder and eccentric billionaire Elon Musk has long-term plans to "establish a city on Mars." No word yet if he's taking name suggestions yet. 

Road After two years and nearly five miles of driving, the Mars Curiosity rover has finally reached the base of Mount Sharp. One of the rover's primary goals now is to study the mountain's clay-rich lower layers that could reveal information about the planet's  past - a past that may even indicate signs of life. Check out a video on the milestone below:


Road Turns out the U.S. would rather side with the Galactic Empire than the Rebel Alliance. At least, everywhere except North Dakota (rebel scum...)

StratiRoad Clash of the Titans: Apple's newly unveiled iPhone 6 vs Google's Nexus 5? And how does the Apple Watch stand up against the smartwatch competition?

Road RIP iPod Classic

Road Check out the Strati - the world's first 3D printed car that just made its debut at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago.

Road The rise of artificially intelligent journalism. "Automated writing will soon be showing what it can really do, when it merges with another technological advance: individual tracking of billions of consumers, thanks to their purchases, internet browsing habits, mobile communications and such. 'One day President Obama explained to the media that if Americans made sure their tyres were properly inflated they could save 7% on fuel. This claim went unheeded because folks didn’t want to do the math. But in the future your favourite news website will explain things differently: it’ll know who you are, the make of car you drive and how much it consumes, how far you travel every week, the type of fuel you buy, and so on. It’ll draft an article specially for you, telling you exactly how many dollars you’d save if your tyres were properly inflated,' Hammond says. The same approach could be used in countless other sectors, from healthcare to politics. 'One day, there will only be a single reader for each article.'"

Road Apple CEO Tim Cook shares why he thinks TV is stuck in the 1970s in a recent interview with Charlie Rose below: 


Road A first look at the upcoming Windows 9 multi-desktop display. 

Road Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor says the American public should be more concerned about drones. "There are drones flying over the air randomly that are recording everything that’s happening on what we consider our private property. That type of technology has to stimulate us to think about what is it that we cherish in privacy and how far we want to protect it and from whom. Because people think that it should be protected just against government intrusion, but I don’t like the fact that someone I don’t know…can pick up, if they’re a private citizen, one of these drones and fly it over my property."

ChewdogRoad This adorable 'Chewbacca Dog' looks ready for next year's Star Wars: Episode VII.

Road 7 times Batman bent his "no guns" rule. 

Road Will advances in technology lead many of us to live in nomadic, tech-savvy communities? "Living in tiny but technologically advanced mobile houses, we’ll form ad-hoc communities with individuals who share similar interests, in a manner similar to subreddits. 'Mass digital nomadism will act a little bit like Reddit: agglomerating geeks together in proto-cities (gamers, psychonauts, artists, vegans, nudist, queers), and create super cool homogenous communities,' said Logomachy’s Guillaume Dumas, adding that this system would make it easier for individuals to find friends and potential partners."

Road PHOTOS: Patrick Stewart surprises child Star Trek fan who has life-threatening illness.

Road Audi is set to debut in the near future a semi-autonomous car - one that includes a system that drives itself in stop-and-go urban traffic. Wonder if it will also includes horn-honking and road rage simulation features?

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