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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1105

VIRGINIA FOXX: North Carolina lawmaker condemns student loans. “I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that. We live in an opportunity society and people are forgetting that.”

COURTNEY LOVE: The reunion of Hole at an after-party at Williamsburg's Public Assembly for Hit So Hard, a documentary about former Hole drummer Patty Schemel.

MARK DUMAS: The only man in the world who can touch (and swim with) a polar bear.

ONE DIRECTION: The hottest boy band in the world hits Melbourne.

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Newborn Polar Bear Siku Kills with Cuteness: VIDEO


Siku, born last month at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Denmark, requires 24-hour care for the first year of his life because his mother did not produce enough milk to feed him. Three people are assigned the task of caring for the Polar Bear cub, who just may be the cutest thing you see all day.

"Siku" means "sea ice" in Greenlandic language, according to the park's website.



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Watch: Polar Bear Destroys Spy Camera


Those bears know a strange piece of ice when they see it.


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News: Matthew Mitcham, Ghana, Menudo, Fort Worth, Shakira

RoadSteve Jobs introduces new iPhone. Video.

Road Thousands of cyclists in AIDS/Lifecycle ride headed from SF to LA...

Crawford RoadConfidential with Chace Crawford...

RoadVIDEO: Woman goes on bottle-busting rampage in San Francisco liquor store.

RoadGay-friendly Atlanta restaurant F.R.O.G.S. Cantina hit by smash-and-grab robbery.

RoadMan charged in anti-gay attack in Brooklyn: "Police say Luis Newman, 43, threatened two men with a knife and made anti-gay comments as they were walking down Utica Avenue between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue in Weeksville. The victims were able to flag down police, who then arrested Newman."

RoadSecond member of Menudo comes out of the closet.

RoadAnti-gay protest held in Ghana: "Thousands of angry youth in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis have staged a massive demonstration against recent reports of gay and lesbian parties in the oil city. The demonstration on Friday June 4, is the first ever anti-gay protests in Ghana. The over a thousand protesters defied a downpour to register their displeasure as they went through the principal streets of the metropolis wielding placards. The demonstration was organised by the Muslim community in Takoradi with support from other religious groups and concerned citizens."

RoadRobert Pattinson attracting attention on the set of Water for Elephants.

Body RoadHe knows his shirt's not on. You needn't keep reminding him.

RoadThe NY Daily News celebrates the city's first official fake gay wedding. "It wasn't a marriage, but Elizabeth Rivera and Gelixa Ortiz Friday became among the first domestic partner couples to get a wedding-like ceremony in the city."

RoadEver wonder how she could afford that onyx mansion? She can't. Real New Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice and her husband are $11 million in debt.

RoadMale model fix: Cory Bond.

RoadFort Worth LGBT police department liaison, lesbian officer Sara Straten, praised for making progress.

RoadWill the Palin-heads propel Sarah to a presidential run?

RoadTAB: Crystal Bowersox has a secret gay past. "Crystal was a free spirit. She wasn't slutty, but if she found someone attractive, whether male or female, she'd give them a chance with her."

RoadWATCH: Shakira's new video for "Waka Waka".

Mitcham RoadMatthew Mitcham scores gold in China: "Mitcham was fourth after the first two dives but stormed home with a flawless new dive - an armstand-back double with a two-and-a-half twist - that earned perfect 10s from the judges."

RoadFIFA to ban distribution of condoms at the World Cup.

RoadNOM spending $200,000 on phone banks for California candidates.

RoadWhoops. Letter from David Blankenhorn to NY Times: "In a letter published on May 25 ('Testimony on Gay Marriage'), I incorrectly stated that I have never read anything written by the conservative minister George Rekers. In fact, in preparing for my report and deposition in the California Proposition 8 trial, I read one report to the court on a previous California marriage case written by Mr. Rekers, as well as a report to the same court taking a position opposed to Mr. Rekers’s."

RoadAustralian UFO likely the U.S. Falcon 9 rocket.

RoadPolar Bear shot and killed as American hunters cheer.

RoadRich Juzwiak at FourFour reviews the MTV Movie Awards: "It's amazing how this year's MTV Movie Awards managed to be simultaneously of its time and out of touch. You would think that something could either be one or the other, but there it was, vacillating like a fan and blowing different flavors of shit everywhere."

Polar 'Ice Bear' Melts in Trafalgar Square


Sculptor Mark Coreth recently carved one of his Ice Bears in Copenhagen (below) to draw attention to climate change. As the sculptures melt, they reveal the skeleton of the bears.

Said Stephen Fry of the project: "Polar bears and their habitat should be meltingly beautiful, not melting away. A forlorn bear on a shrinking iceberg may seem like an exaggeration of a complex problem but actually it stands as a symbol of how habitats are shrinking the world over and none more urgently than the beautiful and fragile arctic. Join me in supporting the Ice Bear Project and helping raise the temperature of the debate"

Today, Coreth sculpted one of the bears in London's Trafalgar Square. You can watch a feed of the London bear melting, AFTER THE JUMP...

(top image via twitter)


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News: World AIDS Day, Lou Sheldon, Sweden, Jack Mackenroth,


Obama releases World AIDS Day proclamation.



"Most wanted" celebs get portrait treatment.


I personally believe: Guess who's joining the next season of The Amazing Race?


Sweden to partially lift ban on gay blood donors: "Sweden will lift its ban on gay blood donors as of March 1, 2010, but will restrict donations to gay men who have not had sex with a man for a year, national health authorities said Tuesday. 'Men who have had sex with men will no longer be permanently barred from donating blood,' the National Board of Health and Welfare said in a statement released on World AIDS Day."


Adam Lambert caught flirting with Twitter follower.


Meryl Streep continues to be a goddess.


Serena Williams fined $175,000 for outburst at judge: "...if she does not commit another major offense in the next two years, she will have her fine reduced to $82,500. Even at that level, it would be the largest fine levied against a player for misbehavior at a Grand Slam."


Lou Sheldon, leader of hate group Traditional Values Coalition, signs the Manhattan Declaration.



Demonstrators to rally in front of Vallejo, California City Hall on Tuesday night in reaction to Mayor Osby Davis' homophobic remarks. Said Davis about gays: “They’re committing sin and that sin will keep them out of heaven. But you don’t hate the person. You hate the sin that they commit.”


Vodka in a pill?


Jack Mackenroth for Living Positive by Design.


Charles Durning to star in marriage equality courtroom drama: "Tony Award winner Charles Durning will star in the feature film An Affirmative Act, written and produced by Kenneth Del Vecchio. Jana Mattioli is set to direct, and the movie will premiere at the Hoboken International Film Festival in June 2010. The film is billed as the first-ever courtroom drama about the legalization of Gay Marriage. It will also feature Blanch Baker, Robert Clohessy, Justin Deas, Randy Jones, Costas Mandylor, Jackie Martling, and Tom Waites.



Meet Coldilocks.


Gay activist to run for senate in Phillippines: "Danton Remoto, chairman of gay group Ang Ladlad, is eyeing the senatorial post as he filed his certificate of candidacy Tuesday. Ang Ladlad is an organization of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders (LGBT). Remoto is running as an independent candidate but said he is open to alliances. He added that the group will urge gay parlors and some educational institutions to vote for him. 'If you don't vote for me, you will get ugly,' joked the gay activist." 


Mr. Big gets smaller.


D.C. Officials: student vouchers underwrite discrimination. "Two top elected officials in Ward 6 have written to Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill) opposing reauthorization of the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program (DCSOP), asserting that some students who receive the federally-funded vouchers attend 'seriously deficient' private schools or religious schools with discriminatory employment practices."


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