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News: Iran, John Barrowman, Mexico City, Scott Roeder, Brazil

 roadMexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard promises to defend city's marriage equality law.

Twin  roadBruce Weber gets twincestuous.

 roadMatthew McConaughey dresses up for the beach.

 roadHillary Clinton does not see herself serving a second term with Obama.

 roadForthcoming gay social networking site Fabulis announces $625K in initial round of financing: “Is it too cute to say that this is ‘fabulis news?’ So be it. This is fabulis news! We’re one step closer towards fulfilling our long term vision of being the lifestyle brand that gay men around the world rely on to help them celebrate life.”

 roadCorporation announces run for Congress.

 roadFirst gay school in Brazil to teach course in drag.

 roadThe Afghan struggle with sexual identity: "The study, obtained by Fox News, found that Pashtun men commonly have sex with other men, admire other men physically, have sexual relationships with boys and shun women both socially and sexually -- yet they completely reject the label of 'homosexual.' The research was conducted as part of a longstanding effort to better understand Afghan culture and improve Western interaction with the local people."

 roadSex and the City 3 rushed into production because everybody's getting old.

 roadThe celebrity weeklies never fail to miss a note (so to speak).

Barrowman  roadJohn Barrowman cast in Desperate Housewives: "Creator Marc Cherry is keeping the plotlines involving Barrowman secret. However, The Daily Mail can reveal that he will be the show's main villain in the last section of the current season, series six."

 roadTulsa school board votes to keep gay book on shelves: "book that was challenged as inappropriate by the parents of a Union Public Schools elementary school student will remain on library shelves, the district's Board of Education ruled Wednesday night. The board voted 3-1 to keep the book, 'Buster's Sugartime,' which the parents said was inappropriate because it alluded to a same-sex relationship."

 roadMeghan McCain: Dad "coming along" on marriage equality.

 roadProvincetown man found guilty of beating gay tourist: "Aaron Caldwell-Rose, 18, of Provincetown, was found guilty in Orleans District Court last week in connection with an attack on Mark Perry, 51, of Miami. According to the police report, Perry was attacked around 1 a.m. on July 25 in the alley next to Marine Specialties after he left the Atlantic House bar. He suffered lacerations to his face, hand, arm and shoulder. He was transported to Cape Cod Hospital by rescue personnel where he was treated and released."

Roeder  roadScott Roeder convicted of murder in death of abortion doctor George Tiller: "The jury deliberated for just 37 minutes before finding Scott Roeder, 51, of Kansas City, Mo., guilty of premeditated, first-degree murder in the May 31 shooting death. He faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years when he is sentenced March 9."

 roadSean Faris joins the vampire crowd.

 road17-year-old charged with first degree murder in D.C. shooting of Maryland gay man.

 roadHuman rights advocacy groups in five countries launch campaign to pressure Iran over gay executions: "The five participating groups in the '346 No Executions' campaign, including the Iranian Homosexual Human Rights Council, are based in the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy and Germany. The campaign’s name refers to the number of executions carried out in Iran in 2008, according to the latest Amnesty International report. The campaign is asking citizens in each member nation to submit letters of petition to their foreign ministries requesting that diplomatic pressure be applied to the government of Iran to abolish the death penalty."

News: Kellan Lutz, Neo-Nazi, Albatrosses, Sean Faris, Falsettos

RoadChronicle: Gays celebrate acceptance in Annise Parker's victory.

Lutz RoadKellan Lutz to remake Marky Mark Calvin Klein campaign?

RoadBrian Wehrle, a gay man from Atlanta, has been missing since September. His car has been found in Chattanooga. "Wehrle, a 40-year-old land surveyor in Atlanta and owner of a farm two hours north, disappeared from his parents house in Carrollton Sept. 23 as floodwaters rose across North Georgia. He left behind money, his cell phone, medication and an overnight bag 'as if he was going to be right back,' Jeff Rolsten, Wehrle’s partner of 13 years, tells the Chattanooga Times-Free Press."

RoadPoor Megan Mullally.

RoadFlorida neo-Nazi to be re-tried. "The 23-year-old is accused of stabbing two people in 2006, killing one. He was a member of the American Nazis then, living in a compound on Teak Street surrounded by guarded fences and adorned with swastikas and rebel flags. The neighbor next door, Patricia Wells, had a black friend who sometimes visited and an openly gay son, which sparked the ire of the white supremacists next door."

Neil RoadFirst look: How I Met Your Mother, the musical...

RoadPorn star twin Taleon Goffney gets three years for NJ burglaries.

RoadNew York Film Critics Circle announces award nominations: The Hurt Locker gets Best Film, Best Director.

RoadGay lawyer convicted of marriage fraud for marrying his same-sex Peruvian partner to a woman, seeks pardon and reinstatement.

RoadSean Faris loses his shirt for Men's Health.

Road"Thug" faces life sentence for UK knife attack on gay couple: "The attack at their home left one dead and the other fighting for his life, the Old Bailey heard. Frail Gerald Edwards, 59, was stabbed four times and died in the blood-covered flat in March. Chris Bevan, 56, also suffered 'catastrophic injuries' but escaped death when he fled and alerted neighbours in Page Heath Villas, Bromley, south-east London. He was stabbed and received open-heart massage at the scene after his heart stopped."

RoadFemale albatrosses incubating egg in New Zealand.

RoadCourtney Love loses custody of daughter.

Falsettos RoadBigots blow gasket as 50 show up for high school auditions for William Finn musical Falsettos, which features two gay couples, a straight couple, and a 12-year-old boy.

RoadThis year's offensive right-wing Christmas tune.

RoadCanada's Pink Triangle Press has its YouTube account suspended for posting inappropriate videos: "The videos featured footage from the Church Street Fetish Fair and the Northbound Leather Fetish Party. Notices sent by YouTube reportedly cited 'nudity' and 'sexually gratuitous' imagery. Xtra! Toronto said 'YouTube did not respond to multiple requests for comment' on the matter."

RoadKing County health officials: HIV/AIDS, other STDs on increase in Seattle.

RoadiPhone users urged to take down AT&T: "The mission (written as though dreamed up by Apple engineers) is dubbed Operation Chokehold, and it’s designed to encourage iPhone owners to use the most data-intensive apps for a full hour starting at 12 p.m. PST on Friday, December, 18, 2009. The ultimate goal being to bring down the network and 'send the message to AT&T that we are sick of their substandard network and sick of their abusive comments.'"

Sean Faris Gets Naked (and Wet) for Male Cancer


Joining Danny Cipriani and the British rugby boys from last week, actor Sean Faris shows some flesh for the Everyman campaign against male cancer.

See the full shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Fighting: Channing Tatum Puts Up His Dukes


So what's up with all these new fighting movies. Is it a trend inspired by the recent rise in popularity of Ultimate Fighting Competitions? I'd be inclined to think so. They all seem to be starring these pretty boys.

Here are some first shots from a new one starring Channing Tatum called, Fighting. I don't know, the photo kind of reminds me of Riff from West Side Story.

First Showing writes: "Fighting sounds a lot like Fight Club, but with a lot less imagination and Brad Pitt and a lot more realism. The cast includes Channing Tatum as the main character Sean Arthur as well as Terrence Howard, Brian J. White, and Luis Guzmán. Sean Arthur is a young man who scrapes up a living hustling counterfeit merchandise in NYC. With family tragedy in his past and his father keeping him at a distance, this outsider has little to motivate him. A chance encounter with veteran street-fighting coach Harvey Boarden (Howard) leads to a whole new career for Sean. The ensuing bouts get tough, especially with the criminal element horning in, so Sean gets tougher. He will fight to win, not only the prize money but also the unexpected new relationships that are strengthening him."

Since the plot sounds a bit tired, the least they could give us is some skin.


Can't we all just get along?

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Sean Faris Puts Up His Dukes


I was recently offered a peek at the trailer for the upcoming film Never Back Down starring Sean Faris which i'd probably describe as Fight Club meets Karate Kid meets The O.C. in Florida. Faris plays a newcomer in town who makes the mistake of mixing it up with a bully determined to make him look like a bitch. He then finds a Mr. Miyagi-style mixed martial arts coach in Djimon Hounsou. There's no gay element in the movie as far as I can see, except the fact that two Abercrombie-type twinks are flexing their sweaty chests and biceps for two hours while pummeling each other as a Calvin Klein underwear model looks on. And well, that seemed pretty gay to me.





Faris' rival is played by Cam Gigandet.





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