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Shepard Fairey Designs 'Occupy Hope' Poster

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Artist Shepard Fairey has designed a new poster for the 99 Percent Movement featuring a protester in a Guy Fawkes mask, based on his iconic image of Obama.

(via think progress)

News: Martina Navratilova, Asteroid, Net Neutrality, Adam Lambert

Road Virginia Governor McDonnell ripped for celebrating Confederate History Month.

RoadMartina Navratilova diagnosed with breast cancer. Expected to make full recovery: "I cried. It knocked me on my ass, really. I feel so in control of my life and my body, and then this comes, and it's completely out of my hands."

BaldazzleRoadWould you "baldazzle" yourself? "Levine's latest work is a Swarovski crystal headpiece which he calls his best design yet -- and may give Jennifer Love Hewitt's vajazzle a run for its money. It includes 1,000 crystals that are painstakingly placed one by one onto his scalp."

RoadHe dreamed a dreamthe male, Taiwanese answer to Susan Boyle.

Road  Newly-discovered asteroid to pass close to Earth on Thursday.

RoadJanice Dickinson to OUT magazine: "The gays need more money. My gays need more money for AIDS and AIDS research. Elton John, pediatric AIDS -- we need to find a cure for AIDS. I’m obsessed. Here’s the deal: I love my daughter, she’s out there, Mother’s Day is coming, Mother’s Day to all you queers, but we need to find more money for AIDS. That is why I decided to do music -- to raise money for AIDS, more research, and the cure for fucking AIDS. Thank you."

RoadDiffering accounts of anti-gay hate crime complicate case of Brooklyn man who faces deportation.

RoadSt. Vincent's hospital in Manhattan to close. One of first hospitals with dedicated services for HIV/AIDS patients.

RoadFinal ruling in Malawi gay couple's case coming May 18: "The court is now awaiting written submissions from both prosecutors and defence lawyers for the two accused after the couple chose to remain silent. Khumbo Magwira a court official said the magistrate has warned the two parties that although he values the submissions, he will still make his ruling even in the absence of them."

RoadMTV casting for a new bunch of Jersey Shore Guidos.

Hope  RoadCourt rules against Shepard Fairey in AP "Hope" case: "U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ruled in favor of The Associated Press in most of its requests for evidence, including when Fairey's lawyers first knew the AP had asserted that it holds the copyright to a photograph the image was based on. He said lawyers must disclose relevant documents that were deleted or destroyed from Fairey's files and when the deletions or destruction occurred.

RoadAdam Lambert to mentor American Idol contestants next week. Twitter: "Even though I'm just at the start of my recording career, I hope to lend some insight as one who's been thru the Idol adventure. Excited!!"

RoadUK conservative party leader David Cameron urged to explain party's stance on gay rights.

RoadJohn Amaechi slams Cameron: "As a black, gay man (amongst many other things) I was horrified that the only remotely brown face of Conservative power - and one ostensibly in charge of our societies ‘social action’ couldn’t even spit out words in support of equality. “I can only conclude, that should Cameron and his remarkably un-evolved group take power that LGBT people will be a big part of his ‘great ignored’."

RoadThose Hamms: Mad Men cast and crew perform Bye Bye Birdie.

DolceRoadHercules presents luscious slabs of Dolce & Gabbana (site nsfw).

RoadWinona Ryder's comeback begins again.

RoadConstance McMillen does come from the meanest town in Mississippi. Classmate: "IAHS is one of the top schools in the state and I’m proud of that, and I’m proud that we took a stand and just said you know what? forget it, we have just as much right as you do to have a party for ourselves. So we did, and now we’re getting flack because poor Connie’s ego got a bit of bruising. She’s playing the lesbian card to prove she ALWAYS gets what she wants. This time, we didn’t just let her."

RoadJane Fonda not proud of her plastic surgery.

RoadFCC loses big in net neutrality case: "The ruling basically tells the FCC that it has no authority to regulate the activities of internet service providers, just as the agency prepares to launch a nationwide broadband agenda."

RoadMore on Fire Island Pines and its new owners.

RoadSanta Rosa, California approves gay and lesbian retirement community: "Initially, there were accusations some of the opposition was fueled by homophobic opposition to a retirement community geared to gays and lesbians, accusations that eventually dissipated."

Manifest Equality: L.A. Art Show Showcases Fierce Allies, Art


Cropped animate mamnifestby 90 I stopped by the now former Big Lots on Vine the other night to check the progress of  Manifest Equality, an art show which is the culmination of an open contest focused on LGBT civil rights.  The organizers are Jennifer Gross, Apple Via and Yosi Sergant, who resigned as NEA director last fall, having served through Obama's campaign as somewhat of his "hipster publicist." All three are wired into the art and political scenes. Sergent brought Shepard Fairey and Obama together initially for the Hope poster, and this initiative grew out of the similarly structured Manifest Hope contest and show.



The pieces I saw -- by gay and straight artists, ran the gamut from kitsch to polemical, disturbing to banal, along with a few I can't get out of my head and will be back to have another look at once they're hung on the wall.




There's a private preview this evening for a small group of artists, collectors and media. It's open to the public with a schedule of events from tomorrow through the closing on March 7th. If you're in LA, it's worth a little effort to go by in the next few days. 


Saturday night, the space was simmering with activity. Organizers were moving pieces, strategizing traffic to the crowd pleasers, bars, and the bathrooms. Two guys were unselfconsciously focused on letter-spacing and leveling the two-foot high stencils near the ceiling that spelled "men", "equal", "endowed" and other words from the Constitution. Finding Roman Alonso, co-founder of Commune and "one of the hottest names in [design]" according a recent LA Times piece, with his sleeves rolled and paint roller in hand  doing his part to make the back wall look like a barn added to the "Hey, let's put on a show" feel. 

Amateur night, this is not. Picking 30 pieces from the hundreds submitted to show alongside works by established/invited artists fell to a masterfully constituted panel of judges including high-profile, straight and gay art world figures (Fairey, Lari Pittman, Ed Ruscha); Media reps; LA Times art critic Dave Pagel and Vogue's Senior West Coast Editor, Lisa Love; a senior curator from LACMA; the director of the Hammer; politicians on the inside (LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) and fighting to get in; and Rick Jacobs, founder of Courage Campaign which will get a significant percentage of proceeds — rising to 50% after costs are covered.



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Unwavering support like this has been a long time coming. It's nice to see MoveOn, which usually comes off as ambivalent on gay issues stepping up with Rock The Vote  to partner with national gay groups in support of the show. What? Straight allies who don't need to be taught or told how to be supportive? With initiative and passion of their own? Sounds like the way a "fierce advocate" might work. 

Some may not be ready for the 'age of Aqueerious' though. A friend told me he was trying to figure out the flier for Manifest Equality that someone handed him at the Farmers Market with his arm around a new guy. He looked up and a passer-by read his face and explained,

"It's a bunch of straight artists making gay-marriage art." 

And to some degree that is what it is...

...not that there's anything wrong with that.

Note: The first piece is Robbie Conal's.



Deviants Mash "Love Unites": Contest Attracts Hundreds

 Deviant Art's contest to mash the now familiar Shep Fairey poster "Love Unites" has attracted tons of entries.  A surprising number are worth a look, though as one might expect from Deviant Art and the open nature of the contest, others are not as well executed and a few are purposefully off topic, annoying or incindiary. But, just as love can unite, art can incite. Let us know what you think of the layers of issues here--from marriage equality to broader social justice and the fine point all this puts on fair use and ownership of images and creative work.

Towleroad Gallery: Mashing Equality 1


In case you missed it, some coverage of the  celebrity version of the contest with The Shepard Fairey Marriage Equality Project to raise money for FAIR (Facebook Page) .Movieline,Yahoo OMG! Access Hollywood, Greg in Hollywood.

Tons more entries on at the Deviant Art site  and don't miss the ones we pulled for a Towleroad gallery: Mashing Equality.

Correction (12/20): FAIR was the sole presenter. -mg

Celebs Customize Shepard Fairey for Marriage Equality


More than 80 entertainers and political figures including Julia Roberts, Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway, Mayor Gavin Newsom, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Pine, Jessica Biel, Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper, Lance Bass, Dave Matthews, Jared Leto, and Charlie Sheen have contributed signatures and/or enhancements to a set of "Defend Equality - Love Unites" original prints with a design by Shepard Fairey which became well-known during California's campaign against Proposition 8.

The project (undertaken in partnership with entertainment networking group HOMOtracker and its annual fundraiser ‘FallOut’) will go up for auction on November 10 on the website Charity Buzz and will benefit the grassroots marriage equality group FAIR. The group is also holding an event in West Hollywood on November 12 at which the prints will be on display.

The image above was enhanced by Virginia Madsen. Check out contributions from Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Marc Jacobs, Michael C Hall, and Cheyenne Jackson,

Continue reading "Celebs Customize Shepard Fairey for Marriage Equality" »

News: George Michael, Moon, Sonia Sotomayor, Iraq, Dinosaurs


George Michael denies split with partner Kenny Goss.



NASA probe takes aim at Moon.


D.C. police investigating man's death at "JO party": "The organizer of the men's parties, who asked that he be identified only as David, said the victim appears to have fallen on a cement floor in the basement of the house about 5 a.m. and possibly hit his head on a metal pipe or a brick wall. He said he does not believe the victim fell down a flight of stairs, as some have speculated in postings on Craigslist."


Gossip Girl ménage à trois in the works.


Chicago police officer Richard Fiorito trumped up charges against gays and lesbians, video shows.



Shepard Fairey and the art of the election to be featured in new book, Manifest Hope.


WATCH: Joe the Plumber's stand-up comedy routine.


Florida student teased for being gay breaks, assaults another student: "He said he had been teased for two days and that he was upset and lost control. He said he was sorry if he hurt anybody, but when he gets angry he cannot control himself and that it runs in the family, according to his Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office report."


David Beckham hangs out with his in-laws.


Spice Girls plotting reunion?

Iraq New York magazine takes a lengthy look at the danger faced by gays in Iraq.


Gavin Newsom struggling with fundraising in California gubernatorial bid?


Former Boston City Councillor sues police department, alleging gay bashing following sting over liaison with teen.


Sharon Lettman named Executive Director of the National Black Justice Coalition.


Largest ever dinosaur footprints found in France: "Imprints measuring up to 2 metres (6ft 6in) in diameter and stretching over a vast area of land have been uncovered near the village of Plagne, 30 miles west of Geneva, according to the National Centre of Scientific Research. In a statement, the centre said the significance of the prints could not be overestimated. 'According to the researchers' initial work, these tracks are the biggest ever seen,' it said."



Sonia Sotomayor begins work as SCOTUS justice: "in the two cases on the docket, she asked as many questions and made as many comments as Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. The only sign of her newness was that she at times forgot to turn on her microphone before posing a question."


Backstage with Rufus Wainwright at last night's benefit for New York's Ali Forney Center.


David Letterman apologizes on air to wife and staff.


Tasmania to allow same-sex couples to register relationship.


Whitney Houston to join Desperate Housewives?


Dr. Erik Steele on marriage equality in Maine: "In the end, though, gay marriage is not about marriage or teenagers, and it is not even about gays as much as it is about us. Over the last 250 years, Americans have slowly chipped away the bias and ignorance used to deprive almost every American except wealthy, white men of equal standing before the law. The right of civil marriage for gays is about continuing that same march toward 'one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.' You cannot oppose it without betraying American values and the rights hard won for you by those victims of prejudice in almost every family tree who fought in their time for the rights we have in ours."


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