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Photo: 5,000 People in the Nude in Front of Sydney's Opera House


A carpet of 5,000 nude bodies forms "the base" of the Sydney Opera House in the latest work from photographer Spencer Tunick, shot during the city's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in March, SX News reports:

"Presented by New Mardi Gras, it was one of several installations captured on the day with images also set in the venue’s Concert Hall and neighbouring Royal Botanic Gardens. An extra installation took place at Lady Bay Beach the following day featuring New Mardi Gras members. Every participant will receive a limited edition print. 'We’re thrilled to reveal the premier image of The Base,' said NMG CEO Michael Rolik, CEO. 'Not only did the 5,000 participants enjoy a wonderful experience of taking part in a Spencer Tunick artwork, but the ideas of equality the image evokes are central to the reason we celebrate Mardi Gras.'”

Another image, shot at Lady Bay Beach in Sydney, can be viewed here.

News: Zeus, Charlie Crist, Moustaches, Blake Oshiro, Right Whales

 road Dick Cheney goes to Riyadh, mysteriously...

 roadGay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson writes letter to Pope Benedict.

Crist  roadFlorida GOP's official Charlie Crist portrait put up for sale on eBay.

 roadJames Franco dodges questions about his sexuality at Tribeca Film Festival panel.

 roadTexas Governor Rick Perry blames Gulf oil spill on God, not Halliburton or BP: "Perry questioned whether the spill was 'just an act of God that occurred' and said that any “politically driven” decisions could put the U.S. in further economic peril. 'From time to time there are going to be things that occur that are acts of God that cannot be prevented,' Perry said."

 roadRight whales fail to appear in Rhode Island waters.

 roadWest Hollywood City Council votes to boycott Arizona.

 roadACLU joins New Jersey's marriage equality lawsuit: "The brief cites the evidence that civil unions have not provided the equal protection the court promised in 2006, when it issued a ruling in the first iteration of this case. Since then, couples in civil unions have learned firsthand that an institution so poorly understood cannot actually protect their rights. Couples have found themselves justifying their relationship to those with influence over their lives - from their children's public school teachers to the administrators of county hospitals - who understand marriage, but not the separate new structure created only for them."

 roadArjan interviews Toni Braxton about her gay fans and bowling with Lady Gaga.

Bettywhite  roadBetty White and her harem.

 roadGOProud executive director Jimmy LaSalvia appears at Temple University: "The premise of my whole discussion and the premise of the existence of our organization is that HRC and the gay left don’t speak for everyone. Their priorities aren’t necessarily the priorities of everyone in the gay community. If the No. 1 issue for gay and lesbian voters was hate crimes and ENDA, then 1.3 million gay people would not have voted for John McCain, because he did not support those pieces of legislation."

 roadNew gay mag, Zeus, launches.

 roadProfile on NY LGBT activist group Queer Rising: “I would say our group is younger. People are just fed up, that's basically it. It’s people who are just fed up with the old lobbying and just sitting back and hoping that our rights will eventually come to us.”'

 roadGuess who's performing at the MTV Movie Awards?

 roadGuess who wants to sing at the VMAs?

Joe_namath  roadIt's Moustache May.

 roadTom Brady slicked up for the Met Costume Institute Gala.

 roadRicky Martin thanks gay activist and NGLTF communications manager Pedro Julio Serrano for all the work he does for the community.

 roadSpencer Tunick gets more people to strip again: "One thousand people took part in the installations on Saturday and yesterday, a tribute to L. S. Lowry, a former local, and painter of matchstalk men hunched against bleak industrial backgrounds."

 roadWeatherman: the forecast is, uh, penis...

 roadHawaii lawmaker Blake Oshiro came out of the closet shortly before the civil union vote: "Hawaii State Rep. Blake Oshiro has never before talked to the media about his own sexual orientation, but Friday he broke his silence, telling local ABC affiliate KITV he decided to bring up a civil unions bill for action in the House only the night before it finally passed. Oshiro said his being gay didn’t influence his decision to push the bill one last time, explaining he’s always been a vocal supporter of the measure." Video.

Thousands Gather for Nude Photo Shoot at Sydney Opera House


Spencer Tunick attracted thousands to the Sydney Opera House just after dawn on Monday morning to form a nude "base" for the structure, in his latest live photo installation, the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

"More than 5000 people have gathered in front of the Sydney Opera House to be photographed nude in the name of art and diversity today...The artist asked his subjects to pose with their hands by their sides, up high above their heads, and even asked all couples in the crowd to embrace, before moving everyone inside to pose in the theatre. This is Mr Tunick's first shoot in Australia after visits to the United States, Brazil, France, England and Austria. The artist said the title of today's installation, Mardi Gras: The Base, referred to the sameness of individuals, regardless of their sexual preferences. 'Gay men and women lay naked next to their straight neighbours and this delivered a very strong message to the world that Australians embrace a free and equal society,' Mr Tunick said."

Getting to that messge wasn't so fluid, however. Added Tunick: "It was difficult to get the straight people to embrace the gay participants ... I was happy we got it in the second set-up."

Video (nsfw) at the SMH...

News: Snooki, Avatar, Spencer Tunick, Dictionary, Mary Landrieu

 roadManifest Equality is holding a big gay rights art contest for you creative types.

Pillar  roadAvatar Hallelujah Mountain: Chinese city renaming mountain said to inspire floating mountains in Avatar.

 roadPoltergeist psychic goes into the light.

 roadAnderson Cooper's new firehouse comes complete with brass poles.

 roadEx-lover stalks D.C. lesbian judge: "Days after D.C. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Janet Albert broke up with her girlfriend, the judge found her former companion unconscious in her attic, above her bedroom, with some food and an ice bucket fashioned into a makeshift toilet, authorities say."

 roadSnooki to work red carpet for Grammys?

 roadAmerican Prayer Hour organized to counter National Prayer Breakfast.

 roadeHarmony to settle lawsuit claiming the service discriminates against gays: "Under a proposed settlement filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, eHarmony will link its straight and gay Web sites and allow people to use both without paying double fees. Plaintiff's attorney Todd Schneider says the company also agreed to pay about $500,000 to an estimated 150 Californians to settle the class-action suit, plus around $1.5 million in court and attorney's fees."

 roadMatt Bomer lends his fierce face to Men's Health.

 roadWin a copy of Whitney Houston's 25th Anniversary edition.

Daigle  roadBobby Trendy and Big Brother cowboy-turned-porn actor Steven Daigle dress down for RuPaul Drag Race party.

 roadSpencer Tunick to create naked human base for Sydney Opera House.

 roadTell them to suck it: Parents in Menifee, California are working to ban the Merriam-Webster dictionary from school shelves because a student found the phrase "oral sex" in it. UPDATE: "The dictionary will go back to the classroom but the parents will be given the option to determine if they want their kids to have access to that dictionary."

 roadConservative journalists busted trying to bug Senator Mary Landrieu's offices: "According to the news release Tuesday and an affidavit by FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes, who is based in New Orleans, Basel and Flanagan attempted to gain access to Landrieu's office Monday while posing as telephone repairmen. The two men were 'each dressed in blue denim pants, a blue work shirt, a light green fluorescent vest, a tool belt and a construction-style hard hat when they entered the Hale Boggs Federal Building,' the release noted."

Utada  roadJapanese American artist Utada is pitching marriage equality baseballs into her audience at shows.

 roadRosie O'Donnell returning to stand-up in Palm Springs.

 road1977 gay documentary "Word is Out" re-released in NY. Michelangelo Signorile will be on Leonard Lopate tomorrow to talk about it.

 roadGays mock Yale admissions video.

 roadZsa Zsa Gabor's husband Frederic von Anhalt is running for governor of California.

 roadBoy Culture heads to the Lady Gaga concert.

 roadConservative UK leader David Cameron says schoolchildren should be taught respect for gays and lesbians: "The Conservative leader said that equal treatment for homosexual people should be “embedded” in teaching. Mr Cameron’s remarks, made in a recent meeting with party activists which emerged yesterday, follow a campaign by equal rights groups on the way faith schools teach children about sexuality."

News: Spencer Tunick, Bijou, Michelle Bachmann, Bullying, Otters


Washington Post calls for protection of Washington Blade's historic archives: "Every effort should be made to keep the archive accessible to researchers and historians." Closure raises questions...More from Gay City News...



Photographer Spencer Tunick seeks gays and lesbians for mass Sydney Mardi Gras nude shoot: “I want someone who is straight to lie peacefully naked next to someone who is gay. I think the act, not only making the work, but the act itself is a calming of the senses.”


If a gay man calls you an otter, is this what he's referring to?


Sirdeaner Walker and two other mothers urge Massachusetts lawmakers to pass anti-bullying bill.


Charges dropped in Perez Hilton assault case: "Black Eyed Peas manager Liborio Molina apologized to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton as part of an agreement allowing assault charges against him to be dropped, lawyers said Wednesday. 'I apologize for what I did on June 22 of 2009, even though you engaged in highly offensive comments ... I acknowledge that these kinds of issues should not be resolved through a physical response,' the apology read. Hilton told The Associated Press in an e-mail he was happy Molina had accepted responsibility for his actions."


The Insider goes on Levi Johnston's photo shoot.



Man found dead in Bijou theater in Chicago.


CREW: Michelle Bachmann's teabagger rally may have violated House rules. "Bachmann's site urged people to come to the Capitol rally 'and tell their Representatives to vote no' on the health-care reform bill. House rules prohibit members from using their sites -- which are funded by taxpayers -- to conduct 'grassroots lobbying or solicit support for a Member's position.' CREW also alleges that Bachmann and her allies may have violated other House rules by holding a rally without a permit. News reports suggest the event's organizer's made an effort to call it a press conference, for which a permit wouldn't be needed. But no questions were asked at the event, and in a TV interview beforehand, Bachmann urged supporters 'to come to Washington, D.C. by the car load.'"


Beyond Gay: Lesbian and gay man attempt to get it on in sequel to Humpday.


ChurchOuting: Site outs closeted Catholic priests.


The spy who loved him: Trial of gay spy and Macedonian interpreter/lover, to whom he leaked classified secrets, grips Germany. "Spiegel magazine reported that this included information obtained by British agents, and that K. revealed it 'in the bedroom' or by allowing his lover access to his laptop computer. The latter 'then intended to pass this information on either to people in the area of organised crime in Macedonia or to foreign intelligence agencies,' federal prosecutors said. For the defence, however, the two men are victims of a homophobic witch-hunt within the BND, which since the affair broke has reportedly been forced to sever contacts with at least 19 information sources in the Balkans."



Vman celebrates legendary male models.


Rosie O'Donnell: Partner Kelli Carpenter moved out two years ago.


Seven tips for dissolving gay unions.


Gay Philippine party Ladlad appeals to elections board for reconsideration.


Police use taser on 10-year-old girl: "According to a report filed by Bradshaw on Thursday, the officer found the girl on the floor of the house screaming and crying. She refused to follow her mother's instructions and the mother told Bradshaw to use his Taser. Bradshaw carried the girl to the living room and told her she was going to jail, according to the report. The girl was violently kicking, the report said, and struck Bradshaw in the groin with her legs and feet. The report said Bradshaw administered a 'very, very brief' stun with the Taser, put the girl in handcuffs and carried her to his patrol car. She was taken to the Western Arkansas Youth Shelter in Cecil."

1,800 Clutch Balls for Spencer Tunick in Vienna


Spencer Tunick, the master of the mass nude photo, hit Vienna, Austria over the weekend, photographing nearly 2,000 people in Happel Stadium. Tunick said he hoped to capture "the spirit of sports, the grand sweeping waves of stadium architecture and the abstract relation of the human form to modern structures."

No word on whether or not Austria's skin-lovin' national rugby team took part in the shot.

Two more shots AFTER THE JUMP (possibly NSFW)...

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