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HBO Reportedly Canceling 'Looking'; May Wrap Up Series in Film



Rumors began hitting social media last night that HBO's Looking won't be returning for a third season.

And while there is still no official confirmation from HBO, author and celeb interviewer Kevin Sessums had this to say on his Facebook page:

I had an email from my friend Jonathan Groff when I got home from my reading tonight at Books Inc. telling me that HBO announced today that it was canceling Looking but that it would film a movie of the series to air in order to wrap things up instead of leaving things hanging. This makes me sad but life - and television series - are about moving on at some point.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that this is all just hearsay.


"After two years of following Patrick and his tight-knit group of friends as they explored San Francisco in search of love and lasting relationships, HBO will present the final chapter of their journey as a special.  We look forward to sharing this adventure with the shows loyal fans."

Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking 'RuPaul's Drag Race' 07x04 — RECAP


I'm not sure tonight's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race qualifies as a shocking elimination, but it was certainly unexpected. 

The parody musical challenge really shook up our top performers. Let's have some puns these beats are sick. Check out our rankings of the remaining queens, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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What To Watch This Week On TV: Make Time For 'Kimmy;' Big Freedia, James Corden


Check out our weekly guide to make sure you're catching the big premieres, crucial episodes and the stuff you won't admit you watch when no one's looking.

— We’ve already recommended hunkering down for a marathon viewing of Netflix’s The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, but the new comedy is so charming, it’s worth repeating. The series, written and created by Tina Fey & Robert Carlock, is laugh-out loud funny and features one of our favorite new characters, Titus Andromedon, played to perfection by the multi-talented Tituss Burgess.


More series bid this season adieu, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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The DNA of A Transperson As Explained By Hollywood: INFOGRAPHIC

Screenshot 2015-03-19 15.42.56


Written into the DNA of nearly every movie about trans-identified people, writes Scottish comedian Avery Edison, are problematic misconceptions about who trans people are. Projects like "Dallas Buyers Club," "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," and "Transamerica" have done much to introduce the broader public to a variety of trans narratives. More often than not, though, these stories are plagued by shortcomings that seem to have become a part of the way that we conceptualize trans-ness.

In a clever infographic, Edison lays out some of the most common tragic trans tropes written into films and television shows dating back to the mid 20th century.

The tropes range from the emotionally depressing “strand of sadly putting make-up on in front of a mirror” to troubling “hereditary probability of homicidal impulses.” Scathing and funny as Edison’s observations may be, there’s a large grain of truth to them. What good is this new wave of trans-representation in mass media if its shot through with traces of old-school transphobia?

Check out Avery Edison's full infographic explaining the ways in which Hollywood tends to get trans-people wrong AFTER THE JUMP...

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The Gay Legacy of 'Glee'


When Glee ends its six-season run tonight with a special two-hour finale, its legacy will certainly be mixed. The show debuted in 2009 and became an instant phenomenon -- spawning hit singles, sold-out concerts, a reality competition series and a 3-D film. In the beginning, the fresh-faced cast and the delightfully wicked Jane Lynch drew praise for bringing Ryan Murphy’s twisted vision to life. It was a rare achievement, and still one of the only successful TV musicals of all time.

But even the freshman season was far from flawless. Wildly uneven tone and quality plagued the series, while tribute episodes and guest appearances weighed down the already cumbersome (and at times nonsensical) narratives. Glee could be great, but as the run soldiered on -- ushering its protagonists through graduation, college and beyond -- the great moments were further and further between.

What has been consistent, however, is the show’s celebration of individuality and commitment to its queer characters. Say what you will about the artistic quality of the work, but its impact on mainstream television cannot be denied.

See some of the reasons why Glee was a game-changer for gay teens on TV, AFTER THE JUMP

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Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking 'RuPaul's Drag Race' 07x03 — RECAP


Whew. After last week's weak leaf-blower mini-challenge and a bizarre flight attendant performance, this week really put the queens to the test. In pushing our Top 12, the gap between the older, more experienced queens and the up and comers began to widen, but not necessarily in the way you would expect it to.

See whose performance was as fresh as a Midsummer's Eve Dream and who was more of a Othell-oh No She Bettah Don't, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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