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WATCH: Gay Fraternal Twins Face-Off Against Gay Identical Twins

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YouTube personalities the Monastero twins, who happen to be gay fraternal twins, invited their friend Phil and his friends, the gay identical Mauro twins, to appear in their latest video for a special, friendly competition of gay fraternal twins vs. gay identical twins to see who knows their twin best. Watch both sets of twins discuss coming out to each other and their families, dealing with having crushes on the same guy and try to guess their respective twin’s favorite things in a fraternal vs. identical face-off, AFTER THE JUMP

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Ellen Meets Dad and Gay Twins Who Came Out in Emotional Viral YouTube Clip: VIDEO


Last week popular YouTube vloggers Austin and Aaron Rhodes posted a video they shot of themselves coming out to their father shortly after coming out to their 56,000 subscribers.

TwinsThe emotional video quickly went viral and has been viewed more than 14.5 million times as of this posting.

Ellen DeGeneres this week welcomed Aaron, Austin and their dad to her show. After hearing the twins' story, Ellen spoke with dad, who told his side of the story:

"When they called I knew they were crying and something was wrong. As a father you just feel it. What's wrong? I could hear it coming from them, their voices. When they told me, I just felt as though, the only thing  came through me was 'I love you both. I love you both unconditionally. You're my children. I can't undo being your father and I don't want to...' I really feel like now there's a weight off both our sides. Now I feel like we can talk about anything. I was very proud of my boys."

Ellen praised his reaction:

"That is the right thing to say ... 'I love you both'. Even if you don't fully understand it right now there are ways to understand it and time will help with that...I can't tell you how amazing it is for you to just love them and accept them."

Ellen also gave the twins a special gift to help them get settled in L.A..


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WATCH: Twins Come Out To Their Dad In Emotional YouTube Video


Popular YouTube vloggers the Rhodes Bros. (Austin and Aaron respectively) decided to start 2015 by kicking down the closet door and coming out. Said the brothers on their YouTube page, "we think it is time to finally just be ourselves. We hope by our actions today you can finish watching this video feeling encouraged and inspired."

The brothers' video shows them sharing the news with their nearly 56,000 subscribers and then calling their Dad to tell him. The confession takes an emotional turn that will no doubt remind many of their own experiences coming out and hopefully inspire others to do so as well.

Watch for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...

You can also check out the coming out video of another set of twins, the Monastero brothers, HERE.


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Gay Twins Release Follow Up Q&A Video After Filming Their Coming Out to Parents : WATCH


Adam and Luke Monastero, the 21-year-old fraternal twins who came out to their parents on hidden camera last month, have released a follow-up video where they ask mom and dad a series of follow-up questions - whether they knew their sons were gay, if they want grandchildren, how they'll react when the boys bring over boyfriends and other questions asked by social media followers. 

Lots of love and acceptance in the parents' answers - just the way it should be. 

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Twins Come Out As Gay, Capture Parents' Reaction On Hidden Camera: VIDEO


Adam and Luke Monastero are fraternal twins. They are 21 and recently came out to each other. As neither of them were out to their parents, the guys decided the best thing was to come out to Mom and Dad together. The pair recorded a diary room style video before and after sharing the big news. They also secretly recorded the coming out itself including their parents' reactions. As Adam and Luke sit Mom and Dad down, Adam warns his parents that he and Luke have some "shocking news" for them. But as E! Online points out, the parents' response is nothing but supportive:

"You know what? It's ultimately your life," their mother said...

Luke explained he was afraid their sexual orientation would drive a wedge within their extended family, to which mama bear responded, "Well, you know what, Luke? If it does, hon, that's their choice. It cannot be your worry or your burden. You can't live your life for someone else...I'm just so glad you're not keeping it from us anymore."

Watch as the boys open up to their folks and later bask in the freedom of being out and proud, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Twins Raised by Two Moms are Key West High School's First Valedictorian and Salutatorian Sisters


Erin and Elizabeth Czerwinski were named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Key West High School in Florida this month, Freedom to Marry reports. They had grade point averages of 4.713 and 4.746.

They are the school's first sisters to take the double top honor, and they were raised by a lesbian couple.

Now, who was saying gay people can't raise children?


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