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Last Emperor Documentary Looks at Life of Valentino


Valentino: The Last Emperor, about the life of the Italian fashion designer, opened in New York this week. Much of it focuses on his business and romantic relationship with Giancarlo Giametti, who says they've spent a total of two months apart since they met. The documentary will open in Chicago, San Francisco, and L.A. in the coming weeks.

Stephen Holden wrote, in the NYT: "Watching the movie is a little like gorging on chocolate and Champagne until that queasy moment arrives when you realize you’ve consumed far too much." Here's a T Magazine piece on it.

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News: Brian Urlacher, HIV, Sasha Fierce, Napping, Vladimir Luxuria

road.jpg Christian right launches 'Protect DOMA' site designed to build opposition in minority communities to the repeal of the Defense Of Marriage Act: "All of the photos and quotes on the main page are from black and Latino people, including the notoriously closeted Mexican-American actor Eduardo Verastequi. Funded by the Alliance for Marriage Foundation, the site's list of their board of directors is a who's who of black, Latino, and Asian religious leaders, as well as one Muslim imam. The logo for the Hispanic Evangelicals Coalition is on the main page." Divide and conquer, indeed.

Loroad.jpg You never know when there's a security camera around.

road.jpg Obamafy yourself, become a Fairey.

road.jpg Sasha Fierce does the "Single Ladies" moves for Meredith Vieira...

road.jpg Obama team denies it will delay repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": "An Obama transition team spokesperson, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the decision on how to approach repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which prohibits gays from serving openly in the military, would be made after more experts have joined the Obama administration. 'These decisions will not be made before the full national security team is in place,' the spokesperson said. The Washington Times reported last week that two people who have advised Obama’s transition team said the president-elect “will not move for months, and perhaps not until 2010” to repeal the 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell' law, which Congress passed in 1993."

Beckhamroad.jpg Napping boosts 'sophisticated' memory: "Indeed, scientists increasingly are focusing less on sleep duration and more on the quality of sleep, what's called sleep intensity, in studying how sleep helps the brain process memories so they stick. Particularly important is 'slow-wave sleep,' a period of very deep sleep that comes earlier than better-known REM sleep, or dreaming time."

road.jpg Don't get too close to Valentino. He may rub off on you.

Luxuriaroad.jpg Italian transgender former MP Vladimir Luxuria wins "Celebrity Island" reality show: "The 43-year-old served in parliament for two years as a member of the Refoundation Communist Party before losing his bid for re-election in April. Over the past six weeks Luxuria, whose real name is Wladimiro Guadagno, has been a star on reality TV, trying to survive living on the beaches of Honduras with other celebrity 'survivors'. In the end viewers picked Luxuria as their favourite. 'I admired his capacity to defy the prejudices of his companions,' said Giorgio Gori, the show's producer."

road.jpg Iran sees rise in sexually-transmitted HIV: "Sexually transmitted HIV infections are on the rise in Iran and the Islamic Republic is setting up telephone hotlines to help fight the problem, a senior official said in comments published on Tuesday. Injecting drug users are the main risk group in Iran, which is on a heroin smuggling route to the West from Afghanistan, but officials are also concerned about the number of people who are infected with the AIDS virus through sexual contacts." Well, Ahmadinejad knows who he can't blame.

road.jpg Former South African President Thabo Mbeki's crimes against humanity.

road.jpg WHO researcher: HIV could be eliminated within decade "if all people living in countries with high infection rates are regularly tested and treated."

road.jpg Britney Spears announces first dates on tour....

Urlaherroad.jpg Brian Urlacher's wife demands the Chicago Bear stop painting their toddler son's toenails and dressing him in pink: "The mother, Tyna Robertson, threatened to block Urlacher from seeing the boy if the beefy linebacker kept up the alleged effeminate antics."

road.jpg Hate vandalism at Skidmore College in upstate, New York: "An upstate college is investigating a possible hate crime after anti-gay sentiments and other vulgarities were written outside the school's Center for Sex and Gender Relations. Skidmore students say the vandalism is the latest in a series of similar incidents at the private liberal arts college in Saratoga Springs."

road.jpg Former Project Runway finalist Daniel Vosovic has four roommates, and they keep their Lower East Side apartment very clean.

road.jpg British police officer fired over anti-gay emails: "Norfolk police said Graham Cogman, 49, had been dismissed after a misconduct hearing yesterday. He faced disciplinary action for sending emails to colleagues quoting biblical texts and condemning homosexual sex, police sources said. He forwarded details of a group offering to 'cure' homosexuality, the sources said."

road.jpg So is he or is he not?

Valentino Wanted to be John Barrowman's Sugar Daddy


In the February 2008 issue of UK magazine Heat, Torchwood star John Barrowman reveals that recently-retired fashion designer Valentino once tried to be his sugar daddy, but Barrowman says he wasn't interested in being bought.

ValentinoSaid Barrowman: "I haven't had relationships with famous people! I've been approached by famous people, but I've said no. They wanted me for other reasons. As a trophy. And I don't want to be a trophy. I want to have my own trophies. Valentino courted me for quite a long time. I wanted to be his friend but I don't think he wanted a friendship. He sent me Rolexes. He gave me a 1959 Rolex but I'm not going to boast about how much it was worth because I actually took it to Christie's and auctioned it. I didn't feel comfortable keeping these things. When I was on his boat in the Mediterranean, he gave me this diamond cross with sapphires in it because he said he wanted to see my eyes sparkle against the sapphires as I was swimming in the sea. It's a different world. As you step aboard his yacht, you get a Bulgari watch given to you. I was 21 or 22 and he phoned me at the theatre where I was on and made it look like I was going to model clothing for him... he saw me in Speedos on his yacht but I've always stood by the fact that I've never slept with someone to get anywhere."

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Valentino Spits on Dolce & Gabbana on the Way Out the Door


Valentino decided to let his fellow designers what they thought of them prior to the presentation of his final collection in Paris yesterday.

GabbanaThe Telegraph reports: "Valentino Garavani was reflecting on his 50-year career and on his rivals when he dismissed Dolce & Gabbana as 'shy to begin with, but now rather arrogant'. The 76-year-old added: 'The problem with young stylists is that they all want to be famous straight away and then they all do the same things.' Valentino’s comments appear to have touched a raw nerve, especially as he only had superlative praise for other Italian designers. He went on to describe Giorgio Armani as 'revolutionary', Miuccia Prada as 'stupefying' and Donatella Versace as 'gritty and determined'. In return, Mr Armani sent a vibrant red dress down his recent catwalk show in tribute to 'the genius of Valentino', who made red dresses his trademark. Stefano Gabbana, 46, one half of the label that now has an annual turnover of over £700 million, said: 'Valentino has been having goodbye parties since last July. I’ve been working. To be quite honest, I don’t care what Valentino says about us.'"

Gabbana also believes a child should not be raised by same-sex parents.

No word on what Valentino thought of Karl Lagerfeld, who handled the retiring designer with kid gloves at a ceremony later at the Hotel de Ville, where Valentino was awarded the Medal of Paris by gay mayor Bertrand Delanoe.

Valentino Steps Down from Design House He Founded [tr]

Valentino Steps Down from Design House He Founded

ValentinoFashion designer Valentino steps down from company he founded in 1960, Vogue is reporting...

Said the designer: "My future will be filled with new interests and challenges. Some may be linked to fashion, as I have a strong desire to create and support institutions to promote the study of fashion design, and to preserve the history of the art of fashion. It will be a marvellous continuation of this amazing adventure that I had the privilege to have. Even as a young boy, my passion was to design, and I have been very lucky to be able to do what I have loved all my life. I realise the house that carries my name will go through some changes but I wish to think that the team of designers of the various lines - some of whom have been working by my side for many years - will make me proud of Valentino's products. My most emotional thanks go to the thousands of people in fashion, and to those the world over who have supported me all of these years. Finally, a special word of heartfelt thanks to my associates who have helped me make my work a success."

The designer will complete one more ready-to-wear collection and one more couture collection before bowing out.


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