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Government Hits Married Lesbian Vermont Couple with Deportation Threat Over DOMA: VIDEO


Yet another married binational gay couple is being hit with a deportation threat over DOMA, WCAX reports:

Frances Herbert and Takako Ueda met in college and have known each other for 30 years.  They have shared countless dinners, laughs and tears.  "I knew that she was the one," Ueda said.

After college Ueda returned to Japan and started a life with a husband and new home.  But after a visit from Herbert in 1999, her life changed again. 

"When I die. When I put my one leg into a coffin, I don't want to regret," she said.

Ueda divorced and moved to the United States. The couple have been living together ever since and married last year. But in December -- another change. They received a letter from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which denied Ueda's request to stay in the county, a right granted to heterosexual spouses of different nationalities. Sadness quickly turned to anger. The letter states that because the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) defines a marriage as one man and one woman, Ueda had to go.

Watch their touching and infurating story, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hundreds of Students Stage Sit-In, Rally Around Bullied Bisexual Teen: VIDEO


Hundreds of students at Essex High School in Vermont came together in a show of support for Cole Peterson (pictured), a freshman who was beat up by two students because he is bisexual. staging an all-day sit-in last Friday, WCAX reports:

Students spent the day participating in workshops addressing bullying, creating signs to show their support and sharing their own stories of bullying and being bullied. "We've learned about terms for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, transvestites. We're putting out a strong message that they're just human beings and they're not something to be against," said Thomas Titus, an Essex freshmen.

Essex High School principal Rob Reardon says he'll handle concerns over classroom attendance next week. He stresses Friday's sit-in is just a start to tackling bullying behavior on and off school grounds. "The bottom line is, students have the capability and the power to stop this behavior -- because this is 24-7, through the summer, on weekends, as well as being here at school," Reardon said.

Watch a video report on the sit-in and interview with Peterson, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Navy Lieutenant Marries Partner at Midnight, as 'DADT' is Repealed


Navy Lt. Gary Ross married his partner of 11 years, Dan Swezy, in Duxbury, Vermont at the stroke of midnight last night, just as the military's ban on gays in the military was officially repealed, the AP reports:

Ross, 33, and Dan Swezy, a 49-year-old civilian, traveled from their home in Tucson, Ariz., so they could get married in Vermont, the first state to allow gays to enter into civil unions and one of six that have legalized same-sex marriage.

Ross wore his dress uniform for the double-ring ceremony that began at 11:45 p.m. Monday at Duxbury's Moose Meadow Lodge, a log cabin bed-and-breakfast perched on a hillside about 15 miles northwest of Montpelier. The lodge says it hosted the state's first gay wedding in 2009.

Justice of the Peace Greg Trulson proclaimed the marriage at exactly midnight.

"This is Gary's official coming out," Trulson said.

History being made in so many ways today. Ross plans on having a full career in the military.

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Historic 141-Year-Old Covered Bridge Swept Away by Irene Flooding in Vermont: VIDEO


One casualty of flooding from Hurricane Irene was the 141-year-old Bartonsville Covered Bridge, an historic landmark built by Sanford Granger, caught on camera as it was swept away by floodwaters. 


(via buzzfeed with a before and after.)

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Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin Presides Over Lesbian Wedding

ShumlinPeter During his gubernatorial campaign last year, Vermont Democrat Peter Shumlin told lesbian couple  Michele “Mitch” Beck and Ann Beck that should he be elected, he personally would marry them.

Now that's he's firmly in office, Shumlin has made good on his word, the Washington Post reports:

The first-term Democrat presided over the marriage Wednesday of 55-year-old Michele “Mitch” Beck and 56-year-old Ann Beck, of Royalton. Shumlin led the push to legalize same-sex weddings in Vermont as a state lawmaker in 2009.
He paid $100 to the Secretary of State’s office to be certified as a “temporary officiant,” donned a crisp navy suit and did the honors.

Congratulations to the Becks on their nuptials -- and thank you to Shumlin for all your support!


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