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Transgender Woman And YouTube Star Found Murdered: VIDEO

Domonique Newburn

Transgender woman and aspiring actress Domonique Newburn was found dead in her apartment in the Fontana area of San Bernadino County. Prior to the incident, Newburn was best known as one of the three main characters in the YouTube docu-reality series Hollywood Houseboys, which chronicled the lives of three queer black men, who each had aspirations to make it in the entertainment industry. 

Newburn's ApartmentNewburn's body was found around 4:30 PM Tuesday afternoon, after neighbors had heard indications of some sort of domestic dispute and called the police. When officers finally arrived, Newburn's front door was open and she had already died from her injuries. The San Bernadino County Coroner told CBS 2 that the victim had "sustained trauma and was pronounced dead at 4:38 PM." 

Prior to the incident, neighbors say that Newburn was "quiet" and kept mostly to herself. They were also unaware of her status as a transgender woman. “She was very quiet, very nice and you just would never have thought something like this would happen,” said neighbor Ronald Jackson. Witnesses told authorities that they saw a "bare chested" man leaving the scene of the crime shortly after the alleged incident took place. They then report seeing the suspect steal Newburn's car, a black, four-door 2004 Mercedes C240 sedan with the California license plate 7AAY925. The suspect is being described as a Black man, in his late 20s to early 30s, 5 feet 8 inches tall, with an average build.

Watch CBS 2 report on the incident AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Newfoundland Man Attacked and Left For Dead


Late Thursday night, Patrick Blackburn of St. Johns, Newfoundland, was walking by himself when he was verbally harassed by a group of homophobes. "I heard a bunch of people behind me calling me a fag," he said in a YouTube video. “It didn’t bother me, so I just kept walking. I heard footsteps.” That's the last thing he remembers before waking up in the hospital. At that point, he had received 18 stitches, and suffered damage to his left eye as well as short-term memory loss. 

Shortly therafter, Blackburn took to Facebook and YouTube. Blackburn's Facebook profile photo still depicts him with bandages and an eye patch on his face. One status, which was posted the following day, read:

"Thanks for everyones concern, means a lot - Again Sheldon Steven Burke saved my life a jumping last night - I have short term memory loss - I dont remember NOTHING - a police report has been made on my behalf - I remember walking home seeing 3 guys and waking up in a hospital where the doctors said I lost a lot of blood and i came in unconscious - Battered and brusied and have a HUGE gash on my forehead - I was released shirtly after i woke up..Thanks to staff! Im in a lot of pain and I cannot answer anymore questions about police, hospital, or the assailants. I'm sorry when this comes back to me i'lll let you know. ALSO i could kill for some afraid to close my eyes."  

Blackburn FacebookAnother one displays two rather graphic photos of Blackburn taken just minutes after he was found bleeding in the street. “It’s really scary when somebody tells you that if you weren’t found 10 minutes before you would’ve bled out and died,” he said in his YouTube video, which was later taken down. 

Authorities in St. John are still investigating the anti-gay hate crime. Meanwhile, members of the city's LGBT community are shock and appalled. Noah Davis-Power, president of St. John's Pride, told The Star that: 

“I’ve always thought of St. John’s and Newfoundland as a whole to be pretty safe from that. You have ignorant people like anywhere does, but there’s never been any violence to such a degree towards our community.”

"It makes you wonder; am I going to get beat up when I go downtown if I dress a bit more flamboyantly, or if I'm holding my partner’s hand," he added in a statement to the Huffington Post. Meanwhile, members of Queer Ottawa have also taken to social media, announcing a fundraiser that will be helf this Friday in Blackburn's honor. 

Hot Guy Gets Public Body Wax At Toronto Pride: VIDEO


Anyone attending Toronto Pride may have gotten a glimpse of a once hairy man who was wearing nothing but sunglasses, sandals, and body wax strips that covered him over his entire body. Anyone who wanted to could pull any one of the strips, both removing his hair in that area and revealing a coupon for 25% off to Fuzz WaxBar.

Each strip also featured a cartoon face indicating the level of pain it would inflict on the brave model, in addition to humorous quips like "From bear arms to bare arms," "We'll take the monkey off your back," and "You'll walk a little differently." 

For those who were not fortunate enough to witness the publicity stunt (devised by marketing co. Lowe Roche) in person, feel free to check out the highlight video AFTER THE JUMP...

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YouTube Celebrates Pride with Its Biggest Gay Moments: WATCH


YouTube is celebrating Pride with some of its biggest LGBT moments in honor of Pride Month.

How many of these do you remember seeing on Towleroad?


The video is made to highlight special LGBT programming on June 27 and June 28  which includes LGBT themed playlists on It Gets Better, gay marriage proposals, coming out stories, and songs of acceptance.

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Chinese Gay Activist Detained for 12 Days Over Pride March: Video


A few weeks ago we reported on the LGBT rights march in the city of Changsha in central China for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia (IDAHO).

Today, Queer Comrades posted a video of the march to their YouTube account. The march, organized by Xiang Xiaohan, had over 100 participants from several cities and seemed to be well-received by those who witnessed it, though Xiaohan was was punished with 12 days of administrative detention by the local Changsha police for having organized the parade without obtaining Public Security permission.

Said Xiaohan after his release, "Next time they might detain me for 15 days. If that's what it takes to hold another event, then that's fine by me."

Watch the video of the march, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Some Inspirational Words to Start Your Day: VIDEO


I always like to start the day with a few words of encouragement. How about you?


(via reddit)

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