Madonna Tour Rumors Swirling

The rumored theme of Madonna’s upcoming world tour is “a journey through time” according to sources at (btw, the CGI Madonna renderings on this site are a hoot). Apparently, the show will start off in the roaring 20’s and take a journey to the present, and feature classics from throughout Madonna’s career. Rumor has it that “Like a Virgin” is part of the setlist (though it’s not said what decade it will represent) and that collaborators on the tour include one of Madonna’s earlest producers Patrick Leonard, and also Joe Henry. This tour is supposedly loosely based on a musical Madonna has talked about writing. Dancing auditions for the tour were held last weekend. Madonna supposedly watched from a “secret room.” The tour is rumored to include 32 dates around the States and 15 in Europe. Steven Klein is said to be shooting the tour book.

In other news, “Easy Ride” is said to be the final single that will be released from the American Life album, likely including Peter Rauhofer remixes of “Mother and Father” as a B-side.

We will see how all this pans out.

Posted February 24, 2004 at 12:01pm ETC by Andy Towle
in music