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    I think Matt was only being vocal about not being gay to keep his family life from being impacted from gay rumors that have dogged other stars–Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt etc.

    When you’ve got little kids they tend to pick up on shit like that easily and it continues to mess with them during their childhood years–sort of like hearing a rumor that they are adopted. I think Matt knows there is nothing wrong being being gay any more than there is anything wrong with being adopted, but it’s best to nip it out in the bud.

    I think Ian Thorpe handled it best to just be flattered and move on. But, then again, you never know how the public would react to *that* kind of reaction.

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    Hmmmm….I don’t know why so many celebrities feel they have to defend themselves to the public that they are NOT gay. If they aren’t gay they aren’t gay. The public will believe whatever they want and rumors are only escalated after such declarations of sexuality anway.
    As far as celebrities suing others for saying they are gay and use as their defense “defamation of character”, this shows their own prejudices. Can I sue someone who says I have blue eyes when in fact I have brown eyes for defamation of character?

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    Are there are any gay celebrities denying they are heterosexual to defend thier familes? or suing because the children they are raising with thier gay lover will be scarred by such rumors?

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    Ian Thorpe gave the perfect answer for someone who is homosexual and doesn’t want to come out yet and not look like a hypocrite in the process. Say everything but: “I am not gay.”
    Matt LeBlanc, however, may be just “taking a bullet” for his family’s sake. Sort of like, “I’m not currently participating in gay sexual activity, therefore I am not gay.”
    I think his past includes more than one pair of male lips around his -what I hear is quite large- schlong.

  5. Morris says

    Like I’ve always said, if everyone who is gay or has ever had a homosexual experience turned purple tonight, we’d have a lot of purple friends in the morning….

  6. Morris says

    To the guy who said this:

    Well let’s hope that doesn’t happen. I like people colored the way they are!

    I wholly agree. It is essential to accept people the way they are, but down where I come from (Alabama), the phrase Colored People rings an uncomfortable bell. Might you consider rephrasing?

  7. Bluecoyote800 says

    I think this is a load of rubbish. I don’t Matt is or has ever been sexually involved with a guy.

    I reckon this ‘driver’ guy was just really p****d off at Matt for some reason so made up this story. Yes he may have passed a polygraph test but it’s been discovered lots of people have been successfully lying on them nowadays!

    Now lots of people think it’s true because he appeared on the cover of a gay magazine a few years before Friends but like many other starting out actors you tend to accept anything that is thrown your way. If you remember he also did a few porn movies before Friends. That doesn’t make him a sex addict. Just because he appeared on the cover of a gay magazine does not mean he’s gay! It just means he needed some money!!! Its not like he did any nude photos or anything.

    I myself am gay so believe me it would be a dream come true if Matt came out but c’mon people be honest…has anybody ever gotten a gay vibe from him???

    Personally I think that this driver should be SO ashamed of himself for starting all this when Matt and his wife have just discovered their daughter has a brain disorder.