Elton vs. Madonna

road.jpg Elton John lashes out at Madonna after discovering her nomination for “Best Live Act” by Q Magazine: “Anyone who lip-synchs in public on stage when you pay 75 pounds ($134) to see them should be shot. Madonna, best fucking live act? Fuck off. Since when has lip-synching been live? That’s me off her f—ing Christmas card list but do I give a toss? No.”

Liz Rosenberg responds: “Madonna does not lip-synch nor does she spend her time trashing other artists. She sang every note on her Reinvention tour live and is not ashamed that she was well paid for her hard work. Elton John remains on her Christmas card list whether he is nice … or naughty.”


  1. says

    What’s crawled up Miss Elton’s butt anyway? First she has her hissyfit at the Taiwan airport and now she disses Madge? Message to Elton: You need to get royally laid, girl. Lighten up.

  2. says

    it’s been common knowledge that she sings on her tours… you can tell if you listen to when she breathes etc… that it’s not canned music. It varies considerably.

    Elton’s just mad because she’s a better performer and can get away with charging more for a seat. Or maybe because Gaultier won’t design shit for him…

  3. gigi montage says

    I think Elton John is great, and his last album was a brilliant return to his peak form, BUT his anti-Madonna stance IS getting way tired. I recall he lashed out about “Die Another Day” being the worst James Bond theme EVER. I don’t think so, Lady Elton. I agree with the other person who posted, he needs to get severely laid. Where is David Furnish when we need him?

  4. cafegogo says

    Really, the Queen Mum – oops, I mean Elton John – really does need to get with the program. Watch any Madonna – oops, I mean Esther – concert DVD, and it’s PAINFULLY obvious that she’s doing her own singing. If only she would lip-sync.

  5. MDB says

    Madame Elton needs to get that stick out of her ass. On second thought, maybe Elton isn’t getting any and needs a big stick up his ass! Bitter old queen.

  6. says

    As great as the Re-Invention tour was, the truth is, “Vogue” WAS lipsynced, having had new “live” vocals cut for it. I think “Nobody Knows Me” and “Die Another Day” were too.

  7. Esso says

    I had seats in the pit(right next to the stage) for her show in Toronto…seemed that the vocals were pretty live to me…

  8. says

    I’ll say this for Madonna–at least *she* isn’t limiting her current repertoire to singing about dead chicks for Liberace’s old audience. YOW!

  9. Lou says

    Who cares what Elton thinks……… It’s Madonna! I paid 300 a ticket to see her. And it was Awesome. I would do it again, again, and again, if I could. Long Live the real Queen Madonna. Get over it Elton.

  10. Me says

    I think its the funniest thing ever…maybe madge doesnt lip-synch but its a good message to send to those who do “LIP-SYNCH AND BE SHOT” god bless good old elton. Haha i could just see him waiting outside the SNL studio with a shotgun waitin for ashlee simpson “WHAT DID I SAY BITCH?”

  11. I Love Elton John says

    You go for it Elton! Elton is a way better singer than Madonna anyway! Even if Madonna wasn’t lip-synching, who cares, Elton will always be better hehe!!! Luv Ya Elton ~~~

  12. Cheshire Cat says

    It doesn’t matter anymore. The greatest revenge was Madonna being inducted into the Hall of Fame. So she had the last laugh in the end. The joke is on Elton now, it was like 2 fingers up to him! and yes he’s rather bitter and all those 2 cent crap artists along with him that cheered him on at the Q Awards who could probably only charge £2 a ticket for their shows. LOL!
    Not a sign of Elton in the list of nominees for Hall of Fame either. Maybe people realise he’s just now a pathetic ugly boring old fart singing the same old tune over and over again on his old joanna.

  13. :) says

    I love elton and will always back him up…. even if he is giving someone a hard time….. i don’t know alot about madonna, but i do know that elton is right about lip-synchers, THEY’RE ANNOYING!!!!!! I can’t stand Ashlee Simpson, she can’t sing….. no wonder why she is always having problems with her vocal chords! LOVE YA ELTON!!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN CONCERT IN SEPTEMBER!!!!

  14. bily says

    OMG madonna is so better then elton so what if he has done more songs no one can match the voice of the queen of pop madonna

  15. Elton Lovaa Ashley says

    Ok, Honestly you think that Madonna is more talented the Elton? Are you kidding me. Lets see Madonna even try to play a piano like elton, and elton john can actually sing withought 20 takes in the recording studio. I havent seen Madonna been knighted yet. Ok elton has had more number one singles the the number of breathes madonna has taken. He has overcome so much and he is just so talented Madonna is just another idiot who cant carry a tune in a bucket. Elton Keep on Rockin! and by the way..calling him things like Miss Elton is just immature. Honestly half the people who say that are probably just bitter because there fruits themselves.