road.jpg Even digital memories can fade.

road.jpg The Gay Marriage Deception: In many states, marriage was the cover for far more insidious undertakings.

road.jpg Maxim the last refuge of the potent man?

road.jpg Post: No man-on-man action in Oliver Stone’s Alexander. “It’s clear from context and the way they look at each other that he’s the love of Alexander’s life. But while they share a few hugs, there’s no sex or even a single kiss.” Farrell does, however, finally go full frontal: “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but people weren’t gasping at it, either.”


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    People were not gasping at Farrell’s full frontal? And with all of his sluttiness and “I am all that attitude.”

    I am gasping at that! But.. DAMNIT!

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    As angry as the most recent open display of bigotry makes me, I see two good things coming from it: 1) the courts will strike down many of these acts, as they infringe upon clear Constitutional rights (of course, the neo-cons will say this is the work of “activist” judges again, but that line is getting old), and 2) the resulting exposure of what the people really voted for will make them think twice before backing such an act again (at least I hope it will–I should never underestimate the stupidity and ignorance of the average voter).

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    ..8 ..9 ..10

    I had to count to keep from pulling my hair out. It’s been said already, the ignorance! The media spin.. I’m so upset I can’t even think straight.

    The blatent disregard of the media — how can we change this? How do we educate these people?

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    Thank you for bringing this article to my attention. It’s disturbing, upsetting, and vital to what we are going to do next… and we have not yet begun to fight. – Alan