road.jpg British Columbia man convicted of manslaughter gets six years in prison for beating death of gay man.

road.jpg Why you won't see a Scissor Sisters/Madonna collaboration. Additionally, any confusion of a Scissor Sister with Andrew Sullivan is purely coincidental.

road.jpg Elton One takes off. I can see red tail lights headed for Spain.

road.jpg Gainesville, Georgia in a tizzy over high school's gay/straight alliance.

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  1. Just to keep the facts straight...so to speak, this High School is in Cleveland, Georgia. Gainesville, Georgia is in Hall County. They don't call it "White County" for nothing. Good luck finding anything but beer and wine in some areas. No liquor any where on Sundays.

    Posted by: Mikey | Feb 8, 2005 1:55:40 PM

  2. Has Madonna expressed an interest in the Scissor Sisters?

    Posted by: stan | Feb 8, 2005 2:03:06 PM

  3. ::shiver:: My cousin, during her freshman yeard, had the "pleasure" of rooming with a girl from Georgia. The girl thought nigger was an okay way to refer to african americans or anyone of color.

    Yes, she was blond, blue eyed, big breasted and a moron.

    Posted by: Rob | Feb 8, 2005 2:36:56 PM

  4. You go, Kylie!! Keep those Sisters to yourself!

    Posted by: cafegogo | Feb 8, 2005 9:07:37 PM

  5. not to mention Jake Shears is still trying to out Robbie Williams again and again and again...let it go jake...he doesnt want your meth-out ass

    Posted by: Music Videoz | Feb 8, 2005 9:17:44 PM

  6. can you out Robbie Williams anymore?

    Posted by: Rob | Feb 8, 2005 9:35:05 PM

  7. as person who has lived in Georgia for the last 13 years (unfortunately) and now goes to UGA (which is only about 30 mins away from Gainesville, that is FUCKIN HILARIOUS!!!!! believe me when I say that the people out in White County are probably crazy ass conservative, W sticker wearing, gay hating, poor white trash, and this is expected. i am from metro-atlanta and we had a GSA at my school. people from north and south of Fulton county are county and ill-educated. just dont judge ALL of Georgia by the actions of the few.

    Posted by: nick | Feb 9, 2005 1:19:02 AM

    I live in White County Georgia and its a dry county the only place to drink is helen and its well helen. Im not with gsa and dont want it in school because thats like not school stuff.Im not gay and I dont want to go to school and deal with that so yeah. We are not ill educated. We have people in my grade that have been in the 1100 club since 7th grade. Im not a redneck and dislike most who are there. I wear slayer and Offspring shirts to school so look up stuff and get more info before posting. Thanks

    Posted by: PegLeg | Feb 16, 2005 6:28:55 PM

  9. One more thing

    What the hell is this web site I just read the links on the side and this is one gay ass website

    Posted by: PegLeg | Feb 16, 2005 6:33:48 PM

  10. So, pegleg, whatcha doin' at what looks to you like a gay website? Oh, you wear Slayer t-shirts...this proves you are educated? Hey, the gay kids have to deal with you, so what's your problem? Are they hitting on you or what? Yes, please don't judge all Georgians by the actions of a few goobers. I live in Helen, my kid's in the GSA, and I don't need to look up anything to know that you are a self-righteous jerk.

    Posted by: Katie | Feb 28, 2005 1:54:11 AM

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