1. says

    Am I the only one who doesn’t care much about Gay Marriage?

    I won’t consider it any kind of victory. In my opinion its just business as usual. To me these gay/straight encounters with the constitution always appear completly useless… I look at it as a number of lonely guys trying to fit into the straight society/and or the democratic party.

    I’ve never viewed popular groups as a panacea. I will be pleased when we are individuals again. We used to trailblaze, and now so many of us just seem as exciting a yesterday’s old bread.

    I hope our “gay” youth coming up has some new ideas and creativity. I feel we should look away from our government and look to our own personal power.

    America and many American’s seem to have abandoned and failed each of us each and every day. It doesn’t appear to be, we the people for the people anymore, but we the religion for the religion.

    Perhaps this is what the Founding Father’s of our nation feared most. A polorization of religion. They saw that it would be disasterous to creativity and new ideas. As they say, you can’t stop progress.

    Perhaps, we as a people will someday have to pull ourselves out from under this wide ranging idiocy… our money will speak mostly… the almighty dollar is a better leveler than many a godly tune.

  2. Ralph Waldo Emerson says

    “Am I the only one who doesn’t care much about Gay Marriage?”

    Of course you’re not the only one! Haven’t you heard in your neck of the woods, there are other reactionaries out there similar to yourself, who not only don’t care about Gay Marriage, some of them are downright hostile to the mere thought of it.

    “I hope our “gay” youth coming up has some new ideas and creativity”

    I concur! Let those future gay youths come up with something, we can’t be bothered. Maybe they can think about what to do about those old folks with reduced benefits while they’re at it. I suspect that interests you even less than Gay Marriage. Granted,they’ll have enough problems to deal with, so what’s one more? With a crippling defecit they are going to inherit, I just hope the “almighty” dollar will be worth something.

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