road.jpg SF gay nightclub Badlands to be held accountable for discriminating against blacks.

road.jpg Brooklyn gay bash attacker identified. Search underway.

road.jpg Efforts intensify to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Maryland Republican Gilchrest: “When this issue comes up, members who believe that gays shouldn’t be in the military are now more hesitant to voice their opinion. Many of us who feel the other way have come out of the closet, so to speak. A year ago, I would have been uncomfortable expressing my feelings.”

road.jpg Latest gay marriage battle lost in New Jersey. Court says “there is no basis for construing the New Jersey Constitution to compel the State to authorize marriages between members of the same sex.”


  1. Donald says

    The reason the good Congressman was uncomfortable expressing his feelings a year ago was because of the presidential election and re-electing GWB was more important than doing the right thing. God I wish there was a party that offered a third way in this country that had a chance to win or at least make an impact.

  2. Tipsy McSkagg says

    Why can’t a bar/nightclub discriminate against whoever they want? They do it all the time in Manhattan. I wish the race card would stop being used. It’s completely played out. Just go somewhere else where you’ll be more welcome.

  3. says

    The Badlands controversy has been quite a scandal here in SF and while you might think a nightclub owner should be allowed to discriminate, there are some other factors including laws he may have violated and that because the Castro is such a small area there are only a few clubs and Les Natali now owns or part owns at least three bars and one restaurant (currently closed) which, as the Castro is really only about 2 blocks long, amounts to quite a bit.

    There has also been a lot of controversy around the Human Right Commission process that found him guilty of discrimination. Les Natali believes that he was not treated fairly while it seems the commission gave him every chance to say his piece and he continually stalled for time and would not let any of his employees testify without his own lawyers coaching him.

    Even if Badlands has been discriminating, they are right about one thing, “And Castro For All” (a group originally named “Is Badlands Bad”, formed to demand the inquiry into racist charges) has been acting as a vigilante group and does not seem to care so much in a Castro for all as a Castro in their own politically correct image. (Last year And Castro For All managed to shut down a charity beauty contest with the the claim that it perpetuates stereotypes of gay men as superficial, which ended up costing Maitri, a hospice for terminally ill AIDS patients over $5000 which would have been raised)

  4. says

    The New Jersey case was a disappointment, of course, but the plaintiffs’ attorney was always operating under the assumption this would wind up in the State Supreme Court anyway, and an appeal is being put together as quickly as possible. I have read the decision, and I have to tell you it’s really not very intelligent. Basically their answer was, “Gay people cannot marry because the law says they can’t marry.” The dissenting opinion was extremely encouraging. It’s not over.

  5. says

    I wish the race card would stop being used. It’s completely played out. Just go somewhere else where you’ll be more welcome.

    How about all the gay people in the world who are discriminated against follow this same credo? Because this is exactly what people should do when you face injustice. Walk away. But the thing is, friend, after a while there won’t be anywhere left to go.