Dancing Fools


Some English-challenged Ukranians tried to explain what they were going to perform and then did a strange acrobatic routine that bore no resemblance to any of the other dance auditions we had seen.


Lythgoe: What was that all about?


Sanchez: So the incredible strolling Ukranians do what they do best and just…walk around looking confused!. Are they aware they didn’t make it? Who knows!?! [tee hee! Aren’t idiotic foreigners funny?!?]

Finally, the (ouch) DVR moment of the night came when a backflipping dancer crashed into and shattered a glass table. He may have been terribly hurt (though he wasn’t) but the camera man was more interested in laughing than helping.



So You Think You Can Dance? was more entertaining than I thought it would be. Given the alternative summer programming it definitely has a leg up on the competition (har har).