1. Donald says

    Maybe he’s a grower. I would not mind finding out. On the other hand as long as it works I don’t really care how big it gets.

  2. stan says

    Sometimes reading a blog feels like watching those dreadful “confessional” parts of reality tv shows.

    Blogs=Reality TV on the Net

  3. Glen says

    Brad seems like an ultra hottie Boy Toy. There’s a sexy photoshoot of him getting his long hair totally shaved off in the latest V-Man magazine.

  4. jon says

    I normally really enjoy this blog, but I have to say this was rather mean-spirited. It’s clear that this young man is trying to make a new career for himself in real estate; so to put his business photo of himself next to the phrase “penis flasher” was frankly disappointing.

    While I understand this nude photo obviously existed without you putting it out there, I also feel that by juxtaposing the two images (nude pic and professional pic) could do terrible damage to someone who is trying to build a new career in the business world. And for what? For some laughs on a blog?

    Of course you have the right to display whatever you like, it’s your site and I generally love it-I think for me it was simply a question of taste.