road.jpg For all Lost fans trying to figure out what Walt was whispering in the woods last night, he was saying it backwards: “Don’t press the button! No, button’s bad.” Now, figure out what the hell that means.

road.jpg Blog fourfour begins its coverage of America’s Next Top Model with a rolling crying count of the first episode’s tearful moments: “I’m legitimately interested in how many instances of crying bitches we can rack up by the cycle’s end.” (via cityrag)

road.jpg Move over, Barbie. Human Ken doll crafted from over 30 surgeries costing nearly a quarter million dollars.


  1. Darren says

    SCARY… that’s what it is.. SCARY.

    Obsession with vanity, and I do mean obsession here, not just looking at mirrors to make sure your hair is straight.

    He could have done something much more substantial with that money.

    It’s just scary.

  2. Kurt says

    OK, enough with the Ken-doll guy, and back to LOST – I think Walt’s whispered button warning refers to the button on the retro computer console in the geodome room. Y’know, the one with the ominous blinking green cursor. Oooo.

  3. Tiki says

    Kurt, I think it’s the computer too but who knows.. Do you think that was that walt’s ghost?

    I thought it was a great opener and am psyched for another season!

  4. JOE says

    Who’s that greedy f*ck of a plastic surgeon, with the morals of a toenail, busily injecting botox into the ruined face of this Body Dysmorphic Disorder sufferer? Ethics, anyone?

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