Life Portrait of Prince William Unveiled


The only existing life portrait of Prince William went on display Wednesday at a public gallery in London and has already been snapped up by an anonymous buyer. Said artist John Wonnacott: “He kept wearing fancy waistcoats. He used to turn up in some real horrors which I asked him to take off. I’m the one person who has painted him. I suppose it was rather a special thing. Every girl in the country is jealous of me.”

An interesting portrait, but certainly not a happy one.

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    I can’t imagine what inspired John Wonnacott to do this particular portrait, but it’s awful. It was actually done five years ago, and I can see why it’s being sold, and not hung in Buckingham Palace. The same image is repeated in his 2000 Royal Family Portrait, showing William, full body, in an awkward and unflattering pose. Wonnacott’s 2000 portrait of Prince Philip is equally bad, and frankly, a little scary.

    I guess once you get an appointment from HRH, you can crank out any kind of garbage you want. What surprises me, given his body of work, is that Wonnacott was chosen in the first place.

    God bless the Queen.

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