road.jpg Experts gasp as museums thin out their art collections: “History will make a fool of these museums. It always happens. Often the things that are sold are based on inherited prejudices that will be overturned in the future.”

road.jpg SNAPSHOT: The evolution of the Canon logo.

Whitebroncoroad.jpg The art of traffic control in L.A.: “Its surfaces carefully painted and inlaid with sensors, its intersections programmed from afar, the Los Angeles road network is not unlike an immersive, 24-hour experimental film set. It is a counter-Hollywood, constantly filmed – a paparazzi for empty concrete – and its main actors are the surfaces of roads. All of this is overseen by a rotating staff of technicians who sip coffee and watch for “incidents” in secure, air-conditioned control rooms. “

road.jpg Study: Optimists are born in May, pessimists in November. “The scientists think the difference in outlook stems from the effect that daylight hours may have on dopamine, a brain signalling chemical, and early brain development of the foetus. ‘The differences are not significant enough to predict individual differences, but they do point towards factors that influence a person’s development.'”

Posted October 26, 2005 at 12:30pm ETC by Andy Towle
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