road.jpg Experts gasp as museums thin out their art collections: “History will make a fool of these museums. It always happens. Often the things that are sold are based on inherited prejudices that will be overturned in the future.”

road.jpg SNAPSHOT: The evolution of the Canon logo.

Whitebroncoroad.jpg The art of traffic control in L.A.: “Its surfaces carefully painted and inlaid with sensors, its intersections programmed from afar, the Los Angeles road network is not unlike an immersive, 24-hour experimental film set. It is a counter-Hollywood, constantly filmed – a paparazzi for empty concrete – and its main actors are the surfaces of roads. All of this is overseen by a rotating staff of technicians who sip coffee and watch for “incidents” in secure, air-conditioned control rooms. “

road.jpg Study: Optimists are born in May, pessimists in November. “The scientists think the difference in outlook stems from the effect that daylight hours may have on dopamine, a brain signalling chemical, and early brain development of the foetus. ‘The differences are not significant enough to predict individual differences, but they do point towards factors that influence a person’s development.'”


  1. says

    what a crock. I’m the most optimistic person I know, and I was born on the winter solstice, which has the least amount of daylight time during the whole year. I’m sick of all these people saying I’m pessimistic. Why, they probably don’t have a REAL job anyway. I suspect a conspiracy against winter babies. Of course, no one’s going to listen to me. They never do.

    Hee hee.

  2. Mark C says

    The art of traffic control sounds like the kind of pseudo intellectual crap that always sets my teeth on edge. I have a huge downer on pseudo intellectual crap, probably because I was born in December.

  3. Henry Holland says

    Marc C, I’m going to assume that you don’t live in Los Angeles. Those people are *invaluable* even though the “sipping coffee” bit kind of undercuts that argument. :-) I love that the blog has a screen cap of the 2/5 junction near Dodger Stadium–I’ve probably wasted a year of my life in total parked on the freeway near there. The freeways are bad, but it’s the surface street traffic that’s gotten totally nightmarish in the last 10 years.

    One of the first things Mayor Villaraigosa did after the election was ban roadwork construction during rush hours (7-9 am, 5-7 pm). It’s made a difference. If anyone is thinking of moving to Los Angeles to pursue that actor-model-waiter career, please don’t.

    Count me as one of those gloomy winter born people (12/22). I think life is mostly pain, lonlieness and suffering shot through with short bursts of joy, but that’s probably because I think that life sucks, generally, not when I was born.

  4. says

    i’m all for museums giving up just a treasure or two to apply those funds towards their recurrent jillion-$ grabs for excessive expansions and vain wing-additions. on the same note, auctioning of one or two money items can finance a collection overhaul. art galleries can sell one cobwebbed storage-piece and buy heaps of contemporary art –valued investment and valued support. also, half-ass museums can allocate a percentage of funds from “fabulous” renovations towards the expansion and defining of collections. too much attention to packaging, and not enough to content.
    and that Chagall… sell it to hallmark.

  5. PSMike says

    After having been partnered with one for 14 years, I have 100% positive proof that greedy money whoring small dicked mama’s boy bastards are born in November. I cannot comment on his pessimism, however.