road.jpg Bigoted Methodist priest back in the pulpit after suspension for barring a gay man from joining his Virginia congregation.

road.jpg Gay vets marched in last week’s Veteran’s Day Parade in New York with little incident except for a brief conflict with a parade official who asked the group to hide its rainbow colors.

road.jpg I realize this is late notice, but Oprah this afternoon will revolve around the moment that gay men realize they’re gay. Robert Trachtenberg, who edited the book When I Knew, will appear along with other guests.


  1. Jeffrey Todd says

    Let’s hope she doesn’t mock the brave men that come on to tell their story like she did with Terry McMillan’s gay ex husband… Or the way she condescendingly spoke to her very gay make up guru when she gave him collagen injections…

    For a woman who is so righteous, and who is so beloved by gay men (Me included…holla), she often marginalizes gay guests and makes innappropriate commentary that triggers the audience to laugh and make the guests uncomfortable. She becomes very biased when she doesn’t back a guest, she tends to really cut them short…

    like when Omarosa came to accuse Heidi (of the Apprentice) of using the “N” word… Oprah immediately sided with Omarosa and didn’t allow Heidi to even respond… (yea, Heidi isn’t gay, but she looks like a drag queen… and Omarosa, need we even GO THERE?)

  2. Wayne says

    Jeffrey, Terry McMillian’s husband deserved everything they dished out to him! The man is a gold digger, married her for the money and then slept with anything with a dick! Terry is no winner herself…how could she NOT know this fag was a fag?? And Oprah should have questioned that fact. But to say that she made him feel uncomforatable? I believe he did that all to himself.

  3. Leland says

    I have come to believe that “Oprah” is Swahili or some other African language for “phony pompous pig.” Despite pro-gay statements over the years, and enough very select same sex loving friends to qualify her as a fag AND dyke hag, she is a part of the problem not the solution or, among other things, she would NEVER have taped, let alone showed three times, the show on the downlow with that “I’m not gay” creepazoid peddling his own book with one outrageous, homophobic comment after another. I DREAD seeing this show today, if for no other reason than OF COURSE Ms. Carson Herself is one of the guests. They also booked one of the Point Foundation scholars, a young woman, and I believe her mother, too, so perhaps some dignity will shine through. As for Jeffrey, he could be a serial killer and that still doesn’t justify his bitch ex using the “F” word and then saying, as such people ALWAYS do: “you can’t say I’m homophobic because I have gay friends.” Well, honey, let this White Boy stand beside my Black friends while I call you the N-word and see how cool you still are.

  4. MIkey D says

    Well I’m watching Jeffrey Todd and your wish has not been granted. It’s far better than her past shows about gay people but the comments that she made about Carson were inappropriate. So what if he looked like a girl when he was young? And did she have to keep saying it over and over again.

  5. Leland says

    Uh, who WISHED that it would be bad? At least she’s being consistent with the comments about Carson as she often seems to have a HUGE hangup about feminity in men as her attitude is that if a man is gay he’ll demonstrate it in at least SOME nelly way if you just pay attention. Nate’s wrists must twirl like windmills when he’s off her set, I guess. As for the show spinning off the book “When I Knew”–as I recall Andy is one of the subjects, so why wasn’t HE invited?

  6. Donald says

    I love this book. I bought it as soon as Andy promoted and have read it over and over again. It is touching & sad & funny & uplifting & affirming & really wonderful. Not to sound patronizing but I thought Andy’s contribution really summed up the way I felt during those years of yearning and discovery.

    As for Oprah – I am no fan of Oprah. I think she is a vulture who exploits people and picks off the flesh of the weak. I think all her talk is pretty but the show really is about making people say “thank god I am not like that”.

    I don’t care I enjoy Carson (maybe because we grew up in the same area)and all the Queer Eye Guys. It is mindless fun and sometimes after a long day and getting home late I want to unwind my brain for a little pixie dust speading.

  7. says

    Why didn’t she have her decorator on? He’s on the cover of OUT.

    I thought she did a good job with the topic. And I’m sorry, but Carson did look like a girl. I think she just kept saying it out of disbelief, as in “Wow, you’ve always looked like that!?”

    And if I were Amanda, I’d dump that Anne Hesch girlfriend of her’s. Just me.

  8. jeff says

    Oprah’s a big ol’ dyke. Why shouldn’t she “good” with the gays? She’s been sleeping with her “best friend” and employing a beard for nearly a decade. Has everyone the housewives of America sold.

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    I hope Amanda does dump that twit.

    You guys can talk about Robert Conrad’s ass and jaw line all you want, but I knew I was gay the minute he took his shirt off.

  10. Wayne says

    Yep, The Wild Wild West did it for me too! WOW! ABC needs to find a way to market that…so many gays and all from the same show! Robert Conrad was absolutely HOT!

    I didn’t care for the Oprah show at all…and that poor girl needs to dump her “girlfriend” AND her mom! She has two younger sisters that have now seen the way mom reacted. If either of them is gay they will never come out to her now. She called her own daughter a dyke and told her she was going to hell!!

  11. Adam says

    As a United Methodist minister, I can say that for many of us, this decision is a serious setback to the openness that most of us experience. Each church and each pastor makes decisions about what is appropriate, but one pastor can hurt the entire denomination, as in this case. I have had homosexual church members (who hasn’t?) and church members have been very welcoming. Let’s all work and pray toward greater inclusivity.

  12. HarvardinNYC says

    I was so disappointed in the first half of the show. Why not include some guys who didn’t fit the stereotype? Maybe one of professional athletes that have come out, or the Wall Street bankers, or Doctors or Lawyers. Show the next generation that there are many amazing guys who happen to be gay.

    Amanda’s part of the show was much better. She was amazingly articulate for an 18 year old. She is so much smarter and emotionally mature than her mother and her girlfriend. She will definitely be hugely successful.

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