Matt Damon Gets Initiated

Matt_damonMatt Damon frolics with the frat boys. From Michael Musto’s latest column in the Village Voice:

“At Bronx Community College, they recently filmed a ‘Skull and Bones’ fraternity initiation scene for The Good Shepherd, which is about the early (and apparently very earthy) days of the CIA. According to an extra, Matt Damon ended up in a giant pit of mud with five other actors, who dropped their flesh-colored thongs, though Matt discreetly (and probably contractually) kept his on. A high point came when Matt wrestled one of the naked men in the muck as the paid extras egged them on. When things couldn’t get any more extraordinary, an assistant director yelled, ‘Cue the pee!’—no, I have no idea—which led to a yellowish flow from the rafters, complete with much behind-the-scenes fussing about the velocity and trajectory of the liquid (coming from plastic bottles, thankfully) onto the moshpit. I hear Bronx Community is now officially called Pee U.”

(via the wow report)

It’s All About the Uniform [tr]


  1. Jimmy says

    skull and Bones sucks…..that many american leaders have come from its ranks sucks…..that it is an elitist secret society is true and sucks……

    that their initiation takes place in mud pits with piss is totaly hollywood……


    their true initiations have already been video documented by some crafty kids who snuck cameras around to witness it all

    No homoerotic mud wresteling in the nude and golden showers…….

  2. ian says

    ^ Yes, I agree that they are a sinister bunch, and a lot of world leaders came from their ranks also ,not just Americans.

  3. says

    The mere fact that Damon has chosen to take a part in this project has me excited about it.

    Unlike his buddy Ben, Matt seems to be very careful about his personal and professional choices.

  4. HisHolynessDPope says

    “i think matt damon is hot and wish for a night with him”

    i’d shoot for three days at least but after that i’m reminded of Ben Franklin’s advice:

    “Fish, like visitors, spoil in three days.”