Jamie Bell: “Me Gay? That’s Absurd.”


Contact Music reports on all-grown-up Jamie Bell and the rumors he’s gay that have been trailing him ever since he moved in with Billy Elliott director Stephen Daldry after shooting that film. Daldry’s now married with child.

Bell told someone (CM unfortunately never lists their sources) recently: “People can think what they want. But I do find all these rumours about whether I’m gay weird. And on a personal level, it’s a bit odd to be talking about it.” On Daldry: “He’s a friend and mentor. He got me where I am today. I don’t think our relationship’s weird and I wasn’t expecting to get so much attention from it. He’s a great person to learn from.”

Bell stars in this month’s King Kong.


  1. Daleed77 says

    Jaime is a very nice person that seems to have a good head on his shoulders. But he is not gay. I guess the other team gets some good ones sometimes.

  2. Grant says

    Too hot to be gay!? thats ballocks he may not think it now but you wait…..he will
    and all the good looking people are gay why do you think its becoming more common lol

  3. calvin says

    i cant stop smiling whenever i watch scenes with him and his bestfriend in billy elliot. i think i love him. haha

  4. Thomas says

    He’s one of my close friends in the acting industry and he claims NOT to be a homosexual. He knows many people thinks he is but he’s not. And yes even I myself though that too, but I guess I was pronounced wrong. (Hint: Green Day’s “When September Ends” music video) He really is a nice guy.

  5. Golspielad says

    I have met Jamie Bell in the past, before I met him i kind of thought he was gay, but after meeting him I think he isnt gay, he is the most down to earth guy you could meet.

  6. nathan says

    what the fuck u mean – “he isnt gay, he is the most down to earth guy you could meet.”?????? being down-to earth don t atomaticaly make u straight! nor does being fit! im fit – im a porn model, for chrissakes – but im gay. and im not all poofy and camp either – im a fuckin scally. so there

  7. Louie says

    He’s only gay tuesdays to thursdays then straight the rest of the time 😛

    Seriously, what’s all this “he’s too nice to be gay” or too “fit to be gay.”

    Do you know how offensive that sounds?

  8. CK says

    I agree Louie (and with others that commented similarly)… those comments are offensive.

    Those saying he can’t be gay because he is ‘too fit’, ‘too nice’, ‘too down to earth’ and ‘too (insert any number of other niceties here)’, must have their heads shoved so far up their asses they are permanently in the dark.

    I am all those things, AND gay…. actually, maybe not all those things… if I was ‘too nice’ I would not say this to those offensive morons: Fuck you!

  9. Leanne says

    Jamie is sooooo cute. So whoever says he’s gay, better go in the corner and die, rot and go to hell!!!!

  10. Hannah says

    You are sooo hot the only two problems is you do rated R movies and your too old to be my boyfriend. Bye.

  11. Cass says

    He’s fuckin Hot!!! As far as the gay comments, anyone usually accusing anyone of being gay usually have some sort of homosexual tendencies/secrets of their own.

  12. Nigel says

    Listen guys (Or Gals), what is happening here is that the gay guys are fantacising, the girls are doing the same !! At the end of the day, Jamie is adorable, lets leave it at that. I Personaly would love to F *** his arse off and then let him do the same to me.
    His ( And other celebs private lives) should be just that PRIVATE !! Leave the Babe alone

  13. Emily says

    You people are such idiots he’s NOT gay omfg!!!!!!!! Alright. And if he is or not he’s always gonna be hot no matter what. But I still think that he’s not.

  14. Willow x says

    Omg,, hes nt gay hes gt a fhkin girl frend! x
    As If,, Leev Him Alone,, Hu Tha Fk Wud Care Anyway? x
    Hes Fit An All =P Lol x

  15. Frank says

    Uh oh…. has this blog been attacked by teen girls? Are they going to ruin Towleroad the way they’ve ruined the West Village!?!? HELP HELP!

  16. Matthew says

    Last I heard, women don’t look at a guy’s stomach and nipple shot. If he isn’t gay, he knows his audience. He looks okay. Pretty eyes.

  17. Francis says

    He’s clearly gay, or just a very insecure heterosexual. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have responded like this, somewhat hostile and very defensive. Straight men secure in their sexuality don’t answer like this. Wonder if Jamie has matured from this.