Australian Open Action with Kiefer and Baghdatis


Since we’re usually doting on Andy Roddick, I thought it’s time we “courted” some of the other players down at the Australian Open. Nicolas Kiefer of Germany beat Sebastien Grosjean of France to advance to the semi-finals against Roger Federer this Friday night.

Kiefer has racked up more fines than any other player for his “bad boy” conduct on the tennis court, getting hit for another $1,000 for obscenities during this match.

Kiefer2 Kiefer3
He hurled one of these rackets at Grosjean in the fifth set.

It has taken Kiefer 35 tries to get this far in a Grand Slam tournament.

Kiefer5 Kiefer6
A little prayer never hurt.

He just looks like a bad boy.

The other story out of the Aussie Open is Marcos Baghdatis from Cyprus. He made it into the finals after defeating #4 seed David Nalbandian. I’m not sure if Baghdatis has still got a ball in his shorts or if he’s just very excited at having come this far.


Naturally, the Cypriots went wild!


Posted January 26, 2006 at 2:29pm ETC by Andy Towle
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