1. MT says

    It reminds me of a photo essay I saw in W a few years ago called Stranger in Paradise. It was all about these society ladies picking up a street kid and having some fun with him. You get the idea he was just an object to them as this guy appears to be to these men. Beyond the tittillation I think it’s a great ad. I’d love to know what the back story is.

  2. Jeffrey says

    I think it’s great… probably a take off of Nip/Tuck on purpose, with a hot, sexy, steamy, homoerotic spin… NICE!

  3. says

    Am I alone in thinking there’s no ambiguity at all in the D&G ad? The naked man is there for the pleasure of any man who wants him.

  4. says

    I’m flashing back to Faye Dunaway in ‘Eyes of Laura Mars’…

    Incidentally: it looks like there’s an inverse ratio going on. We see an increase in gay-targeted ads from companies like A&F – who blithely refuse to acknowledge such a thing as a gay man, even as they pay gay agencies to photograph gay models in gay lay-outs designed to turn the gay man on – as more and more headlines declare more and more opposition to gay marriage.

    But the D&G is just plain unforgivable. This is when the rich and chic really piss me off. Forget sports stars and actors coming out – can we lose this Final Days of Rome bullshit of the elite blatantly promenading gay sexuality, as the masses – in Old Navy – beat up the queers on the streets?

    I dare say I’m over-reacting. But I think the D&G ad is SUCH pretentious garbage.

  5. says

    there are more photos that are part of this series. You need flash to see some areas of

    It looks like the theme of the photos is that they are a “behind the scenes” view of photograhpers setting up models for D&G advertising photos. In the other shots, there is camera equipment and lights in the shots.

    I think the reference to the Nip/Tuck photo is probably intentional, but that photo is preseted as being an innocent result of the “behind the scenes” photo sessions.

  6. borut says

    The new D&G ads are inspired by Caravaggio’s painting. The motif here is supposed to be taken from “The Conversion of Saint Paul on the way to Damascus” (see it here:, where there’s a young man on the ground and an older one supposedly ogling him. I don’t really see the connection, but that’s what D&G claim in an interview I’ve read somewhere.

  7. Amanda says

    I know that the NIP/TUCK picture was taken by Anne Leibowitz. Who took the Gabbana picture? They look alike, but I agree with the other posts that there is no connection to the NIP/TUCK photo with the Gabbana

  8. fendi says

    i agree with peter that the whole thing is supposed to be a behind the scene look, of either a D&G photoshoot, any magazine fashion spread or even possibly porn “check out the hay as props, so porn ish”. However i believe the white haired guy is supposed to refer to someone..its probably their own male version of Anna Wintour haha.

  9. Ro says

    Love the pic as it shows no nudity as such as due to that it is sexy to me. Which magazine is this actual pic in?