Bigots Fired Up in Crystal Lake, Illinois

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The Gay Games are headed to Chicago this summer and some in that city’s suburbs want nothing to do with them.

The Crystal Lake Park District Board reversed last week’s vote that would have barred the 2006 Gay Games rowing competition from taking place in the conservative Chicago suburb. Board President Jerry Sullivan was absent from the town’s first vote, so it was held again, angering many of the bigots who showed up at a contentious Park Board meeting to speak their mind. (Video)

Sullivan’s explanation for his vote was cool and rational: “I have the responsibility to look at each proposal before the board with the same objectivity. When something is well-organized and meets our criteria, we as a board will embrace it.”

Crystal_lake_bigotSome Crystal Lake residents just don’t want gays in their town. Perhaps they’re worried that the lake will get cooties or something.

Resident Jeff Beebe (pictured here) spoke forcefully against allowing the Games: “This is a request with an athletic event with the title Gay Games. I oppose it, totally against it.” Unfortunately, for his sake, he wore an outfit that made him look gayer than Jack Twist.

The City of Lakewood and the City of Crystal Lake still need to vote on the Games, and I’ve got a feeling we’ve not heard the end of this.

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  1. Ian says

    The bigotry of American’s never ceases to amaze me. What rational is given by these bigots who oppose the games? None. “I’m against it”, “this is B.S”, “I opposed it”. Does noone ask why???

  2. Brian says

    No we don’t usually ask why. We already know why. And we know that people like that do not respond to reasoned arguments.

    That’s the problem with bigotry based on religious convictions. If the problem were simply an erroneous opinion, then that would be one thing. Opinions are easily changed by offering credible evidence. Beliefs on the other hand… those are a different thing entirely. It’s hard to change a belief.

  3. sloppyd says

    you know, a lot of my family lives/lived out in crystal lake (mysel;f included).
    it is a horrifyingly boring place to be- and waaaay the fuck out there.
    it would be blessed to have the gay games. freakin’ blessed.

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