Protestors crash Speech by Polish President


Poland_lechProtesters delayed a speech by Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Berlin today, objecting to his administration’s “homophobic policies.”

Kaczynski first declared war on the gays by banning a gay pride march last year when he was the mayor of Warsaw. He thinks that tolerating homosexuality would mean the extinction of the human species.

Said Kaczynski: “I do not plan to persecute homosexuals or to hinder their careers. But there is no reason to encourage it because it would mean that mankind would slowly die out.”

I’m not exactly sure what Ronald McDonald was doing at the protest but if he meant to suggest that Kaczynski’s a clown, I’m all for it.


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  1. MT says

    How could mankind die out? He’s basically implying that straight people will either die out by the process of natural selection leaving only evolutionarily (is that a word?) superior gay people behind in a race to be perpetuated through artificial means or if we’re allowed to roam unchecked we’re just going to kill all the straight people on the planet and take over. We may be one of the most vain demographics, but even we aren’t into eugenics. That’s the Republicans.

  2. Patrick says

    I think what he means is that enough of the human race is insecure in their sexuality to handle a society in which it is acceptable to live your life with either a man or a woman.

    Since I think that is an incorrect assessment, I think that Lech might have something that he’s hiding – like a big ol’ boy crush on Pope John Paul II! Then again, he’s from Eastern Europe – and nobody can resist those boys.

  3. Tread says

    This is exactly what we should be doing.

    Good for those Berliners to have the balls to go protest.

    PS. Kaczynski came to speak here in Chicago (Skokie actually) and around 50 people showed up. Had I known the son of a bitch was going to be here, I would have also go. The major problem is there was absolutely no communication to people who wish to speak out against these shitheads. If I had the opportunity to receive some sort of notification (email or maybe text message) then I would go to these protests. There is no notification system.

  4. Robert In WeHo says

    Poland is a country who’s people remain under the grip of totalitarianism. They cast off Communism only to find themselves brainwashed and being led astray again by Catholicism. Poland’s new “President” is a doctrinaire despot just like our “President” and his Fascist Christian Nazi supporters are driving the Polish hate agenda against us just as they are here in this country.

  5. delb says

    “…mankind would slowly die out.” Brilliant. This man surely knows what he’s talking about.